The designer and art director of the famed Puzzle Quest series are back in action in their new studio InfinityPlusOne and are looking to bring a new "combine-to-craft fantasy adventure" called Tiny Quest to iOS, Android and PC early next year. Details are a bit light on Tiny Quest, but as best as I can surmise, it'll use a similar combining mechanic as Triple Town [Free] but with a more fleshed-out narrative thrown in along with RPG-like mechanics. That's just based on the following screens and brief PR description, though, but if it turns out to be the case I'll be very excited for Tiny Quest's arrival.

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The launch of Tiny Quest is planned for February of next year, but InfinityPlusTwo will be soft-launching the game in Australia, Canada, Italy and Malaysia at some point in October. So there's not too long to wait for those adventurous soft-launch-downloaders out there. In the meantime I'll be looking forward to more information and hopefully a trailer for Tiny Quest to be released soon, and we'll keep our eye out for such things in the days and weeks to come.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Ouch, those graphics

  • cowtruck123

    Why can't they make something original instead of taking the core mechanics of Triple Town?

  • neku233

    Why couldn't they just make Puzzle Quest 3 or something similar that is all we want

  • bigghurt

    Probably because when they're studio dissolved they signed something which said they couldn't. Or it could be that every quest game they made after puzzle got murdered review-wise.

  • NickyNichols

    Are they keeping the Clash of Clans font?

  • ramon31

    Can't wait!!

  • RunningWild

    So what happened with Infinite Interactive?

    • Sirrian

      Hey RunningWild, Steve Fawkner here (the original Puzzle Quest guy). Infinite Interactive is still here, just with a new name - InfinityPlusTwo.

      We merged with Firemint in 2011, who got purchased by EA. We un-merged shortly afterwards and decided to reform under a new name (just to avoid any potential future legal issues).

      We've been working on creating and supporting Gems of War for the last few years, which is going REALLY well, and now we've got this new game, Tiny Quest, coming up... not really a copy of Tiny Town by the way for someone who asked further up... it's a bit different.

      • James Fox

        Hey Sirrian! I just signed on to say howdy, and I adore Gems of War. I am on those forums under PinkMooNinja.

        So, if your company developing Tiny Quest as well as Gems of War?

      • Sirrian

        Hey James, yes we are! And glad to hear you're enjoying Gems of War. Tiny Quest is quite a different beast to Gems, but we hope you check it out when it lands!
        We can't really announce TQ on the Gems of War forums, since we're doing TQ indepdently, and Gems is done with 505 games (it wouldn't be cool). But we'll certainly be tweeting & facebooking about TQ from our company page.

      • RunningWild

        Hi Steve. Glad to hear you and the team are still together. I was happy when I finally saw the Infinite Interactive logo pop up on the loading screen of Marvel Puzzle Quest but from what you've said - it appears you're not getting any loyalties which is a shame. I've followed you guys since the Warlords series and pray you still have the rights to that franchise. Great to hear from you.

      • Sirrian

        Well we still own the rights to Warlords & Puzzle Quest, so sequels to BOTH those are definitely on our list of things to do! For Marvel PQ we licensed out the PQ brand, so although we didn't actual create the game, we were involved in the design, and we DO get to share some of the success, which is great because the game has done REALLY well.

      • bob down

        I want the original puzzle quest revenge of the plague lord on my android device I would pay hundreds to have this as it's better then buying an iPhone

  • bob down

    They will never top there puzzle quest revenge of the plague lord