Ah, college football season. It's the best. Sure, the sport is run by a corrupt cartel exploiting young men's bodies for minimal compensation while everyone else gets rich, not to mention that the culture around programs is often morally reprehensible, where the players are often above the law because the towns and colleges put so much stake into the success of their football team to a fault. Still, there's something about the raw emotion of the sport, where tens of thousands of people pack into a stadium, and with this event being the biggest deal in town, combined with student sections fueled by the irrational hatred of a student body letting loose upon some poor saps who go to that other school, and the pure exhiliration of when your team pulls off a major upset against a hated rival, that makes the sport so worth it. Like, when my Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the #1 Longhorns back in 2008. The celebrations on the field and parties around the city will live in infamy. It was pure joy...and pure inebriation. A reminder of that fact is sure to disappoint David Sassen of Longshot Games, who graduated from UT, but his company is why we're talking about college football on TouchArcade. Namely, Longshot is set to bring an inriguing college football game to mobile called Bobblehead College Football. It's been available on Facebook, but a big update is coming to the game and releasing with the mobile version on September 1st. Check out the trailer:

While college football is tough to license nowadays thanks to NCAA lawsuits, there's the unique aspect of college football where running a team involves not just playing the games, but recruiting new players and constantly rebuilding your program on the fly. And that's part of what Bobblehead College Football aims to do, to provide that experience with detailed program-building and recruiting features. You can specialize your program, say if you want a powerful offensive line like a prime Big Ten program. Or if you enjoy the 62-59 games that happen each week in the Big 12, build out a spread offense and run that air raid. Oh, and if college football makes no sense to you, remember that the Big 12 has 10 teams, and the Big 10 had 12 teams, but expanded to have 14. Once that makes sense, college football makes sense.

But don't think that with the program-building structure of Bobblehead College Football that the game itself has been forgotten. There's all sorts of plays to run and execute in the game, with loads of options and customizations to be had. The team at Longshot Games boasts former EA employees who worked on several of their football games including NCAA Football games before the series was canceled. I've sunk a lot of time into the NCAA Football series, because it's so much fun not just to play the games, but to build up a successful football program of your own, and a mobile game like this could certainly scratch that itch for myself and a lot of other people. Pay attention to this game.

  • spsummer

    The trailer looks awesome. Hope the game is a premium title, then it's a must buy for me.

    • curtneedsaride

      Yeah, any building aspect always makes me hesitant. But Sproggiwood had a builder alongside the main game, and that was premium, so there's always hope!

  • ThePawn

    Can't wait to get my head in this game. Looks fun!

  • SmalHans

    Thats not football, thats handegg...

  • timmfox

    Looks awesome! Wreck 'em Carter!