The problem with super classic iOS games is all too often they get filed away in a "Great Games" folder on your iOS device which just grows over time. Add automatic updates into the mix, and it's a real great way to have no idea that those classics are still getting updated all the time. Well, today's a great day to dust off Temple Run 2 [Free] if you haven't played it in a while and give the new update a whirl. Like the previous update, "Frozen Shadows," the latest update adds a whole new area to run through.

It's called "Blazing Sands," and as you can see from the above trailer, you'll be running through canyons along side raging rapids and Egyptian-y looking statues while marauding vines are smacking you in the face... Which really isn't much of a surprise as vines in video games seem to be jerks almost 100% of the time. Of course there's new stuff to unlock too between new outfits and Blazing Sands artifacts. If you collect 'em all, you'll even get a swanky new hat.

Anyway, now that there's a unlockable hat to be had, I've got to get back to collecting stuff. You won't find someone more serious about getting video game hats than me.

  • Simon Mawson

    It's certainly good to have an update like this. The graphics and play are very much like the more recent Temple Run Oz game (hardly surprising I suppose).

    But the big 'but' is that this update is pretty monotonous. Sky Summit, the default map had three basic modes - running along paths, riding in mine carts and slooshing down the rivers. Frozen Shadows had two - running along paths and bobsleighing using a skull. Temple Run Oz has various interconnecting maps (4 from memory) and the balloon interludes which gave you time to rest.

    Blazing Sands is just the default - running along paths. So I can't see it has the same playability as its predecessors, even if it is better looking. What would be nice is if this map was regularly updated to open up new areas. Let's see.