It's a bit of an open secret that there's absolutely no shortage of bots, hacks, mods, tweaks, and many other things that fall inside of those categories for Clash of Clans [Free] and Clash Royale [Free] and Supercell's other games. The most popular ones that I have heard of do things like make you always active on Clash of Clans (so you only get attacked when your mandatory attack cool down occurs) which admittedly were a bigger deal before recent updates as well as the ability to "ghost attack" which amounts to continually re-trying an attack without that attack actually registering. I've read that quite a few top-tier clans do these kind of things to keep their win streaks rolling, as they can effectively brute force different attack strategies until they find one that works, then execute that strategy on the live servers. Oh, there's also all kinds of shady ways to get gems. I'm sure there's all sorts of other similar stuff out there like this, but, well, you get the gist.

clash of clans hack androidToday Supercell announced some new policies on safe and fair play. They're really pretty obvious and shouldn't surprise anyone, but basically if you're using any kind of third party software, abusing the in-game economy in any way, getting gems in any way other than buying them directly inside the game, or buying/selling game accounts, you run the risk of having your account suspended or even permanently closed. They've offered a bit of a warning for players who are doing these kind of things to knock it off, and it wouldn't surprise me if we see some massive ban wave in the not too distant future.

So, if you're cheating in any Supercell games, knock it off if you value your account!


    That's exactly the reason I don't play games like this.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Eh, cheaters are an issue in all online games. This isn't a phenomenon that's unique to Supercell stuff.

      • Dankrio

        He never said that it applies only to Supercell.

      • Eli Hodapp


      • fearlesskk

        Still, if you cry about cheaters, dont play any multiplayer game ever

      • Lawrence Kerr

        Great logic idiot

    • NeoZeitGeist

      I'm not surprised it becomes an even bigger issue considering Clash Royal had aspirations for e-sports and tournaments any kind of cheat that would allow you entry into those would pretty much kill their credibility as an even playing ground.

      I'm pretty much fed up with this happening and for players that pay money I consider it fraud as those who exploit bugs and holes in the system totally devalue anything anyone bought.

  • sivad

    But if they do that, how can I blame losing on cheaters.... Supercell is exploiting my lack of expertise...

    • ODMay

      How do you know if most of your losses wasn't from cheaters and that you might be a good player after the hacking is resolved?

    • Eli Hodapp

      There's always lag! The universal scapegoat for losing in online games since forever.

      • Wizard_Mike

        Don't forget blaming the controller! Or in this case, the touchscreen. "I dropped my troops right HERE, not over THERE! Stupid touchscreen!" lol

      • Eli Hodapp

        Quit giving me the DANG MAD CATZ CONTROLLER.

      • Sevyn


      • dancj

        Well in Clash Royale there are those games where you spend most of the time looking at a wifi symbol while you get destroyed.

      • Modjular

        That wifi symbol is the killer of dreams

      • ThePawn

        My excuse for not doing well is because the phone always rings while I'm playing. Lol
        I'm pretty much getting burned out on this game anyway.

    • Sevyn


  • NeoZeitGeist

    I'm not surprised though this becomes an even bigger issue when you consider Clash Royal is doing tournaments and is considering e-sports anything that allows cheats and exploits that would gain you entry into those would completely destroy their credibility that they can impose an even playing field where skill is the only thing that counts, not you ability to find the best bots,cheats,exploits.

  • Tallgeese

    Yaaaaaaaa, quit it with the AimBOT, people! There's no freaking way ya'llz could ever chaingun me from that distance when I was on a perfect slide with the flag! Ya'llz goin' to hell just like that guy from that Kotaku article who said he cheated just to be somebody. Yeah he somebody all right! EL DIABLO!

    • Tallgeese

      Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a pretty big secondary market for cheats for this... It's a pop. game where some players apparently have huge disposable incomes...

      • Tallgeese

        You wanna get to the top? You do it the proper old-fashioned way!

      • Tallgeese

        And by that I of course mean offline PK-ing.

      • hellscaretaker

        indeed there is i remove alest 10 a day spam links that are posted on our YT channel offer gems, cheats for both games.

      • Tallgeese

        thanks for confirming my suzpishuns! Now if I could only figure out Batman's secret identity!

      • Tallgeese

        also what you do and your callsign = hilarz!

  • ODMay

    The real players struggle to be better. Some hackers will create new accounts and finally witness what it feels like. Cheating surely don't prepare them for that. They're in big trouble.

  • Zach Portelli

    Supercell should ban themselves for making valks so damn OP

  • Tallgeese


  • PBSNellie

    This is why I stopped playing Clash Royale. I was losing matches that I shouldn't have lost to people who were leveled way below me. I'm not a great player but this game is not rocket science.

  • Dantrag

    About time although sadly two years too late...

  • orulp

    Supercell have promised before to stop cheaters, guess what, they never did a thing. Im not holding my breath this time.

    • Jakeopp

      This is a much more extreme step than they've ever taken before. I've been skeptical and critical of them for years, but I think there is a chance they are finally heading in the right direction here.

  • barefootdragon

    Stoked! Love Clashes games. Cheers Supercell.

  • DJ-PON-3

    Supercell can just tell xmodgames to stop it with the mods for their games...

  • Verdict

    I got so much loot last night with my bot

    • Jakeopp

      "Enjoy" it while it lasts...(ok I'm lying, I hope you get banned)

  • peaThere

    xmod is the whole reason I started playing clash

  • BermudaQuads

    Not be be too naive here, but what tools/cheats exist for Clash Royale (that impact the actual game play)?

    • peaThere

      none of the mods affect gameplay all it does show you what you can't normally see

      • taragon99

        Yea, remember that most decisions are made on the server side. Normally extra data will be sent to the client side to improve performance. Supercell could choose to change what data they send to the client to reduce what the users of hacks can see.

    • wsmith1213

      I'm running into a lot of players that seem to have an unlimited amount of elixir in Clash Royale and you're throwing 4 5 and 6 units that me three or four at a time which should be impossible

  • Stephen Barna

    Cheating isn't right in any game and personally not cheating makes the gaming experience much more life like and fun in Clash of Clans

    • WASDsimitry

      are you a moron? Life like? How many Peekas ya know? Let me Guess, your not a racist, your best friends a Bowler. Do you live in the Hog Rider section of town? Dumby

  • clashLover

    Supercell Fairplay initiative targets xMod/iMod users, not to Clash of Clans bots like Clashfarmer, Clash bot and etc.

  • Greg Dietzway

    The only reason I'm even here reading these comments, is because I have played 3 different games, where my elixer timer slowed to a crawl, within a minute left. And all 3 times, I swear the other player was laying down mirrored troops faster than the cards could shuffle. It was ridiculous. Granted, I have played probably 800 games, but it just seemed odd. Anyone heard of this?

  • Eros Elisio

    I always find hackers on clash royale its getting sooooo annoying! SUPERCELL FIX THIS PLEASE!

  • Lisa Gyory Riesland

    These hackers are very upsetting to my kids. As a parent, I'm trying to teach them good values and daily their Clash Royale games are hacked by cheaters. It's frustrating. What kind of loser goes around hacking kids games?