Snail Games, publishers of the action-RPG Taichi Panda [Free], which has been one of the more notable entries in a crowded hack 'n slash field, are set to bring more intense action to mobile very soon. They've announced that Taichi Panda: Heroes will be going into a closed beta test starting in early April for iOS and Android. Exact beta launch dates will be revealed soon, but for now, if you want in, you can sign up at the game's official site.

Taichi Panda: Heroes will expand on the original Taichi Panda by offering 19 different playable characters with the ability to swap between them at will. And all that varied character combat will take place in an open world with some impressive visuals with Snail's 3D engine. I'm looking forward to fighting an army of skeletons and giant demons with a team of warriors led by a panda, I must say.

  • Zendorphin

    Can't see where we sign up to the beta.

  • Anova

    Insta-subscription. I left tai chi panda as it get a little too heavy in chore tasks, but it was a fantastic game with great monetization and developers that stuck by it. Looking forward to its evolution.