Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99] developers have repeatedly said they aim for total parity between the various versions of the game. Today we got more evidence on how serious the developers are since they announced that MCPE will get command blocks, mods, and more as they work towards reaching feature parity as soon as possible. While those features won't be as powerful as on the PC for a while, according to developer Tommasso Checchi, they are hoping to make them just as powerful in the future. According to Jens Bergensten, lead developer on Minecraft in case you don't know, modding is a core element of the Minecraft community, so they definitely want to bring that feature to MCPE.

However, they first need to create a system that allows mods without modifying the application itself, and they are currently researching their options and hope to solve this soon. Official Mod support on the PC client has been a sore subject through the years, so we'll see how it will work out in MCPE

As for Command Blocks, the processing power of tablets is gradually catching up with that of most PCs, but the problem is Command Blocks require the player to type long and complicated text commands, something that's not easy to do on a tablet or phone. The developers are working towards adapting Command Blocks for touch and gamepad, so we'll see what will come out of that. And, we should be getting Resource Packs, which will be a nice addition to the game. So, that's all the news we have for now, but it's all quite important and point to a bright future for the game many of us love to play. Excited? I am, for sure.

[via CNET]


  • InTheAir

    Hope that it'll be possible to copy/paste text into command blocks, ever since the one command craze. And honestly, I see no reason to implement modding as it's possible to make fully fledged models (No bricks used) with command blocks and resource packs. I personally believe that at this point we should expand the fuctionality of commands accross all platforms so that the process of custom Minecraft worlds is made easier and easier.

  • jazzmic

    What I would like is Realms, I have lots of problems playing online with friends. I have tried some servers, but they don't support mobs

  • Valjoan

    I notice that there's a lot of bugs in de redstone department, some bacic redstone builds that I make don't work in PE and every update I check to see if they have fixed them hopefully on this update they take care or it cuz in my Minecraft standards this version its not playabl for me...

  • Gurney Halleck

    I'm looking forward to seeing how they implement these features in MCPE.

    • gonif

      I look forward to seeing IF they implement any of these features.

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    Af far as I can tell, once Microsoft bought it and built the C++ based Windows 10 version from the MCPE, this was the plan. It's not just bringing parity, it's meant to replace the Java-based PC version. It's just that they couldn't announce it all at once will have to have concurrent development until there is no reason to have the original around.