It looks like Nintendo's success with Miitomo persuaded Sony that the mobile pie is big enough to warrant jumping in for a bite (although I'm sure this move has been in the works for a while). Today, the Japanese company announced the formation of ForwardWorks, a new company that aims to "leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters" to iOS and Android devices. While Sony tried in the past to enter the mobile space, it did so halfheartedly in the form of PlayStation Mobile, an initiative that was shut down rather unceremoniously last year. This time around, though, Sony seems to be approaching mobile in a more traditional manner as its hoping to focus solely on those devices (sorry, Vita) and aims to bring its IPs to mobile to offer gamers the opportunity to "casually enjoy full-fledged game titles in the new field of the smart device market."


The company will initially release its products in Japan and Asia, but I suspect that if those games do well, they should be coming our way, too. Unlike Nintendo, which has said it plans to use mobile games to lure players to its consoles and handhelds, Sony seems to be looking at mobile games as an addition to its library rather than as a gateway drug of sorts. Of course, all this is speculations since we haven't heard any details about the actual games. We'll see what we shall see, I suppose. If you want to read the whole press release, go here. So, what games are you hoping Sony will bring to mobile? A God of War endless runner? A Ratchet & Clank matching game? The possibilities are endless.

  • YaoYao

    Take notes Nintendo.

  • meowthefox

    I hope to Satan they don't release a bunch of crappy Free To Play clones of their games. I haven't even touched anything Nintendo released on mobile, because they are all crappy free to play games.

    • ODMay

      Nintendo never released a mobile app from its brand yet.

    • fearlesskk

      Get your facts straight before spitting shit, nintendo as never releasedanything except the mii app which just released

      • peaThere

        didn't they come out with a Pokémon match game I believe....

      • Eli Hodapp

        The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are not the same thing.

  • PGGamer

    Kratos shall return!

  • scottsoapbox

    Well I hate endless runners and match 3s, so I hope they do something better than that.

    • CyberData4

      Real question is will mobile gamers actually pay for it? Dev work and content costs money.

      • Eli Hodapp

        If it's premium, no. If it's free to play, yes.

      • chief78


      • boydstr

        Pay for what?if I see a nice game in the AppStore I have no problem at all to pay for it I hate games where you die and pay up or have to wait some hours to play again there are some examples of FTP games "Fortress Destroyer"to name one that are oké but the majority is crap.

    • boydstr

      Yes i agree if they release God of War type of game I want a full GOW game but surely no endless runner,great news b.t.w

  • jsrco

    Patapon pls

    • fearlesskk

      Omg yes! Patapon was SOOOO epic

    • OrangutanKungfu

      Patapon is absolutely perfect for mobile. I'd throw in LocoRoco too - it's been cloned many times, but nobody's equalled the original.

    • Anotherkellydown

      Good call on Pata! Pata! Pata! Pon!

      • RHess00

        Pon! Pon! Pata! Pon!

      • Tallgeese

        noooo those are the only two I remember!

  • TouchMint

    People hoping it wont be f2p crap. Dont hold your breath the mobile market has proven its f2p / p2w or nothing. It would really surprise me (for the good) if we didnt get freedom clones of their good IPs

    • fearlesskk

      There a still good premium games out there. Dont get me wrong but if sony releases a premium game im sure it'll sell alot more than the unknown company publishing premium games

      • Eli Hodapp

        The cap for the success of a #1, chart topping, premium title seems to be about 6,000 downloads a day right now. Big companies like Sony aren't interested in thousands of downloads, they're interested in millions.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Yep, especially with them saying this is aimed at Asian markets. The difference is making tens of thousands per day with a paid app or millions per day with a F2P app in those markets.

  • sinagog

    A free-to-play Shadow of the Colossus could be interesting. You get charged a $10 IAP every time you shed a tear.

  • Rogue Calypso

    Crash Bandicoot please please please.

    • Gegoben

      You read my mind👍

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Unfortunately, Sony doesn't own Crash, and his current owners (Activision) haven't shown much interest in licensing him out or using him at all.

      • ZeeMonkeyMan

        Is that true?? I seriously didn't know this and have been wondering why on earth he hasn't made an appearance in so long!

  • Press2Play

    Dark/Demon souls ala enchanted cave / greedy cave.

  • b7718

    Crash Bandicoot anyone???

  • skylined87

    Uncharted dammit

  • Herman Van Boeijen

    My iPad needs a proper Katamary Damaci.

  • Talaen

    Sony won't want to give up slices of revenue to Apple to bring their existing games to IOS when they receive full value from people from buying from PSN on the PS3' PS4, and Vita. I would agree that you will likely see popular IP in hero collection games, town building, and the usual match 3 and endless runners.

    I imagine Sony will play this safe at first and not break the mold to gain some revenue and momentum, so more of the same for now.

  • Joe Welke

    Tekken. Gods, Tekken.

  • Sick of Labour

    I'd love some PS1 classics with MFi controller support. A bit of Ridge Racer, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, etc would be great.

    • GSport

      You can already play Ridge Racer on iOS.

  • DarkAdamm

    Does Sony have the rights to any good RPGs? The only one I can think of was Legend of Dragoon. I love RPGs on Ps1 and Psp.

    • delirium38

      They did publish quite a few like Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Arc the Lad, but don't know if the own the actual IP.

    • Agkelos

      Omg, Legend of Dragoon is one of my fav RPGs! Love that battle system! Hope they can bring it to mobile!

  • CyberData4

    It'll be trash. Mobile gamers aren't going to spend 30-40$ for a game. It'll be crappy freemium ports with tons of crappy microtransations.

    • Tallgeese

      probably not wrong tho...

  • TJF588

    So many requests for entirely not-Sony titles. But have we already forgotten the likes of 'Run Sackboy, Run' and...whatever the Ratchet & Clank one was?

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      Ratchet & Clank: Before The Nexus

  • ralph1933

    Quake 2!

  • G.R.

    Sony has been making good moves this generation. I trust them in bringing greatness to ios.

  • dalglir

    Shadow of the Colossus...

  • powlicious

    Since when are Match-3 and endless Runner Full-fledged Games? Wtf is wrong with you guys at toucharcade....

    • Tallgeese

      you forgot idle clickers!

  • MarsMachine

    Sonic on AppleTV is a great start, already on the no. 1 spot in Switzerland, so I think this might turn out well for SEGA if they keep brining quality ports to iOs and AppleTV. I hope they make bucket loads of moola & Nintendo joins them!

  • Anotherkellydown

    I'd like to see Little Big Planet (not a runner), God of War, and Heavy Rain.

    • nini

      They had a shot at a LBP runner already, right? Don't think they'll do it again but this is TA, bitterness springs eternal for F2P regardless of merit.

  • delirium38

    Let's get back to reality for a minute. Sony will not bring console quality games based on Gods of War, Uncharted or Last of Us to IOS.
    First of all if there was good money in doing that, every big company out there would be doing it.
    There were a few exceptions, Rayman comes to mind and we EA had some interesting titles a few years back, but right now FTP is the way to go when it comes to IOS and don't think it will be different for Sony.
    Secondly games like Gods of War need to work with touch controls, if not then the market for them will get a whole lot smaller. Maybe I'm the exception but being able to run a title crammed into a device that is not suited for is just not my idea of good fun.
    Wanna make a bet? Pretty sure one of the games will be a card game based on Uncharted and what about Singstar, Buzz or Lemmings? Those games would actually work on IOS, without getting tons of bad reviews of how they destroyed a great Game (Bioshock anyone?).

    • nini

      I don't think it could work, doesn't matter if they hit every damn target and couldn't do it better if they tried and even brought something new and awesome to the table. There'd still be something that core gamers won't like immensely because their homes are on buttons and keys, not touch screens, it'll never match what they want. Full experiences have been tried a few times by the big boys but most failed simply because the threshold isn't there, no critical mass of core gamers with the disposable income to throw at it to take it from dud to changing something. It can be done but then I dare to believe that F2P will not destroy trugaming like some cores do, always a sense of entitlement combined with feeling endangered even in times of plenty with those guys.

  • JohnZabbaMcLean

    I wish Sony would make a legit full fledged Mfi controller for iOS... And specific controllers for flagship android phones...I wish they would Discontinue the vita.. And make vita "hub" apps for both ecosystems.. In which you can purchase PlayStation game apps.. Maybe access your ps subscription and play online with buddies.. Buy Upgrades... Update controller firmware.. Buy More maps for games.. Etc etc.. It'd be dope if the controller had multicolored leds at the top that let you know when you're playing a PlayStation original game.. Maybe price it in the high end price point or maybe even ps4 mirroring. I think this would be a lot more economically viable for them and the profit margins would be pretty high.