If you like exploiting alien homeworlds for resources, and also enjoy the stuff Noodlecake rapid-fire releases on to the App Store, Dig Deep should probably be on your watch list somewhere. It's part of what Noodlecake plans to show off at GDC next week, but much like Super Stickman Golf 3, they're teasing it a little early with a brief trailer:

That's kind of where the details stop surrounding this game, but if Minecraft has proven anything, it's that people go nuts for mining. Either way, I feel like we're in for one hell of a week next week at GDC. Our schedule is totally jam packed, and our meeting lineup is filled with a ton of studios working on super rad stuff.

  • David Cupples

    Teaser is an understatement. This might as well just be a tweet. Why waste the time making a video of words?

  • curtneedsaride

    Well, now I know to look out for this one! Thanks. Knowing IS half the battle.