1000000 [$0.99] was an amazing puzzle game that absorbed months of my life, so when we heard there was a sequel coming, I was unbelievably stoked. You Must Build a Boat [$0.99] is better than 10000000 in just about every way, which Shaun goes into incredible detail explaining in his review.

Well, right now this block sliding puzzler is on sale for one US dollar. If for some insane reason you don't have this game already, I assure you there's nothing you can spend a dollar on today that will be better than You Must Build a Boat. If you do already have it, now is a great opportunity to convert your friends and relatives who might not have been up for the original premium price of $2.99.

That reminds me, I've got a boat I must build.

  • nonen

    If I didn't enjoy the matching mechanic of the original (sliding rows/cols), is this one going to be any better?

    • Hoodin

      It's more or less the same mechanic. If you didn't like it the first time, you probably won't like it now. That being said, this is one of my fave ios games of all time! I loved the first one and I LOVED this one!

  • Terry

    I don't buy games that look like NES games from the 80s on principle. I mean, nostalgia's nice, but we're flooded by it. Give me games that take advantage of the technology I paid for.

    • Hoodin

      Talk about judging a book by its cover! Lol

      • Terry

        What's wrong with that if you have to look at the 'cover' continuously? I just want games to take advantage of the hardware.

      • Tallgeese

        Well some of the minimalist graphics allow for you to fill in the graphics with your own mind (prolly the best computer). Kinda like the book version of the movie.
        .A super polished game can actually be glittery garbage, but being an artistic style it is open to like and derision. A game's visual style is just one of its aspects though.
        .Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV is a fantastic game in terms of gameplay but the art is dolphinately from the past (for better or for worse). Implosion is very pretty, but I didn't find the gameplay to be as enjoyable as VVVVVV's.
        .I usually like to see gameplay footage before I commit to things if I'm on the fence (ya, ladies, haha jk). I've been watching this game for a while and it's only a dolla so I got it, maybe one day I'll even play it!

      • Derrythe

        Sounds more like judging a book by its font. If the visual experience is unpleasant to someone, it makes it hard to enjoy the content.

      • Hoodin

        Right, but he didn't say he didn't like the look, or the mechanics, or the style. He just said he did it on principle! Meaning no matter if it's the greatest game ever made, unless it looks a certain way, he won't play it! Seems like your limiting yourself! Open minds, friends! 😀

      • Tallgeese

        Well I gave it a try even though I've certainly come to hate matching games. After playing this I still do...

    • jamesgecko

      On the other hand, this was made by one guy in his free time. Some developers are rad artists, but the overwhelming majority are not.

  • Tallgeese

    You're too late I've already killed him!!!

  • dancj

    I really thought I hated all match three games, but since then I've been completely hooked by both Guardian Sword and Swapperoo.

    I might have to give this a try.

    • Kiltedsheep

      You won't regret it - particularly at the current price!

      • dancj

        I'm trying. It won't let me

      • dancj

        I finally got it!

        And if anyone has the Starbucks app, the excellent Swapperoo is their free app.

  • Busta Uppa

    Is anyone else having trouble buying this? I keep getting "This item is currently being modified. Please try again later."

    • ludka33

      Me too.

    • dantymira

      I'm getting the same message

      • Tallgeese

        I gots it but that was haff hour ago...

      • Far_Out

        Same message---all day for the last 10hours

      • scottsoapbox

        Still can't buy it...

      • Tallgeese

        The original review had comments like this too, I wonder what's up with this game...

      • JeffreyCS197

        Finally was able to get it.

    • mc355

      Yeah. I'm posting 2 hours after your post, and still getting the same message. It seems whenever there's a price drop the App Store updates or something, preventing us from downloading for a while. Waiting sucks

      • JeffreyCS197

        5 hours out and I still can't buy it...

    • Busta Uppa

      Yep, looks like it's working now, I got it too! Thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one having problems there, guys!

  • skylined87

    Also Lumino City and The Room 3 are on sale for US $1.99 right now. You best bet I grabbed those! Already have You Must Build A Boat, and it is truly fantastic!

  • delirium38

    One of my favorite IOS games and a steal for 99 cents.

  • Themagicjesus

    Why is the title of the icon #YMBAB. Really? A hashtag? Looks awful

  • cbos0503

    I didn't really care for this or 10000000. I played and escaped the 10000000, and picked this up for a buck. I just don't care for the way the match mechanic works. It takes some getting used to.

  • Tallgeese

    Can anyone else not get past the "open 3 chests"/"survive for 90 seconds (with more monsters)" on level 2? I can't even do the "open 3 chests" by itself. I really think the things you match when not fighting should stack.

    • Tallgeese

      did it, apparently the trick is just don't bother looking at the top screen...