LogoAs you probably heard at the start of the show, we've got some BRAND SPANKIN' NEW MUSIC! It's by our own Nathan Reinauer and it's super sweet. If you want to download it, and do whatever with it, here's the intro song and the outro music. I love it. Aside from awesome music, there's a whole super-long podcast to back that all up, we kick off the show talking about I Keep Having This Dream [$1.99], Slide the Shakes [Free] and the crazy history behind Assassin's Creed: Identity [$1.99]. From there we shift gears to talk about Blackbox [Free], Epic Flail [Free] and Jared gets a quick mention in about how much he's enjoying Love You to Bits [$3.99]. We chat quickly about a few news stories, and then get into our GDC plans before closing it all out. As we mention in the show, if you like what we do here, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

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  • vicsark

    "Eli, Jared and Mike most of the time" lol lol lol

  • Spudboy

    Why I support TA via Patreon and you can too.

  • warpling

    Blackbox: “I don’t know it’s a weird game and the App Store is full of weird stuff so if you’re look for one more weird thing…I guess Blackbox is the thing…” Thanks guys XD

  • curtisrshideler

    Great discussion on Assassin's Creed. Helped remind me about the fun I first had with AC Pirates when I bought it for $7 or $8. I definitely got that much fun out of it before it went free to play. And if they have to charge $5 for the new one before they turn it back to free to play, then maybe our $5 here and there will help keep it being update for years just like Pirates. Sure, I dislike the current state of pricing and mechanics, but you guys make good points. I've already got $5 out of the new AC. I imagine they didn't see good enough IAP sales in soft launch and just need a bigger steady influx of cash upfront. Otherwise, it would've made more sense to keep it free to play.

  • vicsark

    Epic flail is pretty fun, in a Backflip Madness way. and it's cool to have another multi player game on the same iPad. Thks guys.