Mika Mobile are legends in the world of mobile gaming. After storming the top of the in the earlier days of the App Store with virtual button-fueled action games like Zombieville USA [$0.99 / Free] and OMG Pirates! [$1.99], they created Battleheart [$2.99], a beloved and genre-defining game that pioneered an ingenious line-drawing battle system that's been copied over and over ever since. They've also released well-received sequels to their two most popular titles in Zombieville USA 2 [$0.99] and Battleheart Legacy [$4.99]. They're a small husband and wife studio who don't release games often, but when they do they're worth standing up and taking notice of. So it's with great joy that today Mika Mobile sent over details on their next iOS game, a turn-based strategy game titled Lost Frontier.


As Mika Mobile explains on their blog, "Lost Frontier is a turn-based strategy game that takes place in a fantasy-western setting, where the Old West and the Occult mingle with a dash of improbable technology." They mention there being two major types of turn-based strategy games that they like, ones where you level up a constant set of characters and lose them permanently when they die like Final Fantasy Tactics or X-Com, and then those where you're constantly using up and losing troops and simply making more, like Civilization and Advance Wars. For Lost Frontier they're skewing more towards the latter type of strategy game, but peppered in with elements of the former by way of "living legends" which are special troops that you take control of yourself and level up and keep with you throughout the game. It sounds like a really cool hybrid.


Lost Frontier will launch with a "sizable" single-player campaign that's designed to introduce you to the game's settings, characters, mechanics, and 20 unit types. Beyond that they'll be offering a challenge mode which "assumes you know what you’re doing and provides a place to put your skills to the test." Then there will be multiplayer maps which will allow you to configure games with a combination of AI or human opponents from 2-4 players. The multiplayer will be local to start, but if the game proves popular Mika may try to work in online multiplayer down the line. Lost Frontier is on track for a release in spring, and I really can't wait for another new Mika Mobile game!

  • JCho133

    YES. A triumphant return to 2D too

    • Mika Mobile

      Yea, there's a crispness and clarity to 2D graphics that we definitely wanted to return to with this game after Legacy. Making 3D have any sense of charm was a challenge!

      • Modjular

        I think your 3D work had its own merit. I always appreciated how you didn't go for super-realistic 3d models, and kept it molded to a soft, cartoony style. Keep going with your tasteful artwork 🙂

  • cabuckn

    Maybe I can finally stop crying about Hero Academy now.

    • nezuja

      loved hero academy... it really is a shame the devs stopped updating it.

  • Tone1978

    Looks awesome!!

  • luckystrikeguy

    Insta add to watch list. Love this studio.

    • vicsark

      Same o/

  • rezn

    I'm all over this. I've been playing their games since the beginning. And I love the 2D graphics.

  • DanRiverBrew

    Ahhh!! Mikva Mobile! Shit up and take my money
    💵💵💵ID buy a chocolate covered turd of game if they were making it! Can't wait

    • Poo

      I see what you did there.

  • ste86uk

    Sounds good

  • SpaceTiger

    I would buy this instantly if it had turn based 2v2 over game center. After quitting Outwitters my friend and I are dying for a good 2v2 game. I'm eyeballing Warbits but this looks good too.... It just has the major drawback of no online multiplayer

  • gauthieryannick

    This will come just in time before Warbit's release. Risky Labs took too much time developing their game, others like Mika Mobile are coming in with fresher ideas...

  • mattohara

    brb, restarting battlehearts legacy

  • Jim Shorts

    Want this!

  • Schpank

    Mega chub...

  • genrou0

    Super excited to play a new Mika Mobile game.

  • mdthielen77

    Very excited about this. Especially since Wesnoth for iOS is no longer actively supported.

  • Jakeopp

    Battleheart Legacy is probably still my favorite made-for-mobile game, hopefully they see a lot of success with this title

  • Mark DeNardo

    Looks F U N

  • Exact-Psience

    I LOOOOOOVE Advanced Wars so much that im really happy it is Mika Mobile who will take a crack at the formula. Instabuying this s*** right here!

  • antoniojose

    If you want something close, i mean really close with Advance Wars, Warbits is the real deal (i´m on the beta). But this looks nice too.

  • Tone1978

    What a cool idea.. The Wild West aspect is such a fun world to have a game set in. Totally fired up. Mika is my fav dev for iOS by far. Games they make have a beauty polish to them. Only thing I would have wanted different is more content for battleheart legacy.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Yes! I love Mika Mobile!

  • gromitron

    Wow, Learned about 'Lost Frontier' and 'Warbit' in one post, they both look awesome. This is my favorite Genre, and the only reason I have a 3DS too (for Fire Emblem).

  • GiHubb

    Love Mika Mobile and will instantly buy this. Now give us Battleheart Legacy 2! The original
    Is still one of my all time iOS favorites! (even though the final battle was a bit too hard for its own good)

  • thestapler

    this looks and sounds fantastic!

  • y1chen

    Any update of this game?