We haven't had good racing games on iOS in some time (at least not the kind I like), so when I saw the trailer for the upcoming Street Kart game in our forums, I got immediately interested. The game looks very nice, but what's even more interesting is the fact that it's primarily a multiplayer game. According to the game's description, Street Kart aims to be the most competitive racing game ever made for iOS, and you'll be able to invite friends to race at the push of a button (they'll get a push notification when there's a race ready to go). There's even voice chatting for free while you race, and also push notifications that let you know when various events happen like a friend overtakes you in a league or beats your time on the track. I've talked in the past about how I want to see developers take advantage of mobile's ability to enhance multiplayer games, and Street Kart sounds like it's trying to do just that. Of course, trying and doing are often worlds apart, but I'm an optimistic person.

The game also has real time weather, which lets the game simulate a location's real-life weather. The weather is more than just a cosmetic addition since it can affect your tire choice and performance as well as engine power. The game lets you start as a cadet and move up to pro, all the while trying to get sponsors to kit your driver. The game sounds like a racer's bucket list, so I'm hoping that the developers manage to pull this one off. The game will be free-to-play and is currently in closed beta. If it sounds like a game you'd like to help test, go to our forums and sign-up for the beta.




  • one.sixty.four

    What makes this an MMO, that it has online functionality?

  • midgettosschamp

    Sounds interesting. I wonder if the Real Racing folks will be coming out with a new version of their simulation style racer (which is what this sounds like). I like games like Asphalt, but they can get so over the top that the game begins to parody the genre its in (500 mph jumps for more nitro can be fun but is pretty silly just like Tony Hawk games).

  • ovy 124

    Hope it isnt pay to win

  • Rothgarr

    When I think of a racing MMO I think more along the lines of something like Forza Horizons.

  • Shiro

    Ok now all we need is blue shells.

  • JohnnyB82

    You will never be in a race with hundreds of players. You will never be in a race with even 100. So if there is no massively multiplayer gameplay, how is this an mmo?