PatchworkThese last couple of months have been great for board game lovers, and it looks like the stream isn't dry yet. Next week we are getting another Uwe Rosenberg game, and this time around it's Patchwork, the quite popular quilt-making game. If you haven't played the game, you go against other quilters and try to build the most high-scoring patchwork quilt. As the game progresses, you buy various patches that you then try to place on your board as neatly as possible in a Tetris-like fashion. As the trailer describes it, Patchwork is puzzle meets clever resource management. It's a pretty light game (nothing like Rosenberg's Agricola [$6.99]), but many players really like Patchwork because of the unusual theme and the clever mechanics.

The port is made by Digidiced, which has recently brought us Le Havre: The Inland Port [$4.99]. The app will offer three different game modes, local play (either against 3 levels of AI or pass-and-play), Casual play (unranked online matches), and Ranked play (challenging online players in ranked matches). Patchwork will have cross-platform multiplayer, interactive tutorials (much better than just giving you a manual to read), a playback function so you can improve your play by watching others, customizable interface (appropriate in a quilting game), and more. The game will cost $2.99 and will be coming out February 24th for iOS and Android.


    Awesome!! I'm a very big Uwe Rosenberg Fan (I own 7 of his board games) and only just recently got Patchwork. My wife and I love it, so it'll be nice to have the option to play on our phones together in bed!

  • venasque

    Sweet I'm getting this for sure.

  • IpadGamer

    Sweet! This is an instabuy for me. We have the physical copy in our family, and it's a fantastic 2-player game.

  • ValentiaLyra

    This looks lovely!