Over on Android, Google introduced its Google Play Games service a while back, but the problem was that it was tied to Google+ and your identity through that. It's a rare exception to the status quo in gaming, where avatars and nicknames are the order of the day, even in Game Center. Plus, for some people, there's a group of online friends they might be comfortable being Google Play Games friends with, but not necessarily "here's my Google+ identity revealing my real photo, name, and email address" friends. But that's about to change, as Google is now introducing Gamer ID with Play Games, which lets you create a unique username AKA "Gamer ID" and a series of profile images to use, instead of your real photo and name.

This is starting to roll out today, but the complete rollout is taking a few weeks. Also, games will now be able to automatically sign in with an account. Since Android devices have multiple user accounts support on one device, it should be possible to sign in to games with accounts automatically that are still independent of other device users, but we'll see how that works. While much like Android gaming in general, this is a bit late, it does seem pretty cool. And hey: at least it's functional, unlike Game Center in iOS 9.

  • madreviewer


  • Based Xatu

    If you're having issues with iOS 9, backup your files and reset your phone. I had been having issues with it for months and after I did this, I've been fine.

    • cabuckn

      I haven't had any issues myself. But I did a recent reset about a month ago. That might have alleviated any issues.

  • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

    I call dibs on Fart.

  • Tuzzo

    I've never reset my iDevices since years and still so Game Center issues here. I also know that some people tried resetting their phones but still got this issue, so it's no real fix.

    It seems that logging out and back in to Game Center while offline and then going back online is a more efficient way to try to fix the issue.

  • YaoYao

    My iPad started having Gamecenter issues awhile ago. I've always been able to get it working again by:

    -disable wifi
    -restart device
    -once restarted go to Gamecenter, it should come up
    -hit the other Gamecenter tabs (Friends, etc.)
    -turn wifi back on

    It'll crap out again after a week or so, but it's fairly simple to "fix" it again.

  • delirium38

    Unbelievable that this issue hasn't been addressed yet.
    Is it that complex to fix or is there something else going on that prevents Apple from fixing this problem?

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Hahahaha GameCenter ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

  • Endscrypt

    Must be be damn lucky, but I've never had a problem with Game Centre on any of my devices.

  • snalki boy

    I have 4 gmail id connected with COC. I have created 2 gamer id using two out of four gmail id. But i can't create gamer id using rest 2 gmail id. But when i connect those 2 gmail id indivisually they sign in smoothly into my COC game.This time they don't ask for creating gamer id. It is signed in google+ accounts not in gamer id. I want to create gamer id using those 2 gmail id by which i can switch myCOC bases easily. PLEASE HELP ME.

    • Deval Shah

      Having issues to create game Id for two of my account where it dont prompt me to created and that stood up my coc game as I can't switch and play on those. Google helpdesk is other nightmare where they keep on asking u to try this/that but not let u write them and u give up after a while... Google please help fix it ..anyone has any idea on this?

    • Alastair Lyes

      Exact same problem with me, can't switch between my clash of clans accounts now, its the new update

    • Nathan

      What kind of device are you on?

      • Nathan

        Finally worked!

  • Colton Richardson

    Is there a way to find out the gamer id's you've had in the past? Cuz I don't remember the one I had that was linked to racing rivals and now I can't get access to that account which I've spent a shit ton of money on.

    • ํ—ˆ์‚ฐ

      Same issue.
      Anyone solve this problem?

      • Delcie Wildcat

        Just started having this problem a couple days ago, have 3 Gmail ID on 1 device and can't figure out how to switch between the 3 COC accounts now, stuck on 1 account atm ๐Ÿ™ can I not go back to the way it was before?

  • Mukund Nath Tripathi

    I have deleted my gamer ID, and cant get back my old game of COC