It's a story as old as video games themselves. Invaders from space are… invading our lovely planet and doing so in an inexplicably uniform formation. This of course allows our forces to fire back at them one by one, hopefully destroying the pack of aliens before they have a chance to continue on their march back and forth and slowly downwards until they touch down on Earth. Yes, this is the premise of Space Invaders, an all-time classic and one of the most influential games ever. Synaptic Gaps is paying homage to this iconic game with their upcoming release titled @mos (or simply atmos if your @ symbol is on the fritz). Basically, it's a Space Invaders-style formula mixed in with a fully 360-degre playfield and a ton of variations of alien attacks. Check out the trailer.

I really like that @mos embraces its retroness but still seems like a modern game. The 360-degree fighting reminds me a lot of one of my own all-time favorites Blue Defense: Second Wave [$2.99], which is a very good thing. @mos is planned for release on March 19th, and Synaptic is doing something kind of crazy by launching it for free as a limited-time launch sale. There are no ads or IAP in @mos, so when you grab it for free on launch day you get the whole enchilada. After that it bumps up to the still incredibly reasonable price of $1.99. So keep your eye to the sky for @mos dropping just about a month from now.

  • Spudboy

    To much going on. Would drive me insane.

    • 7lilwhitewolf7

      Binoculars, telescope, telekinesis, out of body experience, beam me up Scotty, may the Force be with you

  • indoguju

    honestly the graphic style not a fan.. looks like a mid 90s game the colour palette as well..either make it really pixelated or up to the times.. looks cool tho!

    • Design by Adrian

      Mmm... it's not retro, it's just not pretty.

  • zatoichi

    This is just like Blue Defense! from the olden days of yore on the App Store.

    • zatoichi

      Heh. Had to go download that again once I was reminded of it. Still a really fun game...if you don't mind the tilt controls. Really slick graphical style too. Blue Attack! is awesome too.