Following the success of their wonderful Epoch series on iOS, developer Uppercut Games spent a few years creating their 3rd-person adventure game Submerged for consoles and PCs. With the release of that last summer, Uppercut are back doing the iOS thing, and their next title looks like quite a departure from the gritty, sci-fi nature of Epoch. It's called Danger Dodgers, and the best way I can describe it is it looks like Land Sliders [Free] had a baby with The Incident [$0.99]. Maneuver a cast of wacky characters around an arena to avoid the many falling meteors. It's a simple premise but one that looks quite fun in the trailer.

To be honest, I'm growing kind of tired of these Crossy Road-esque huge-cast-of-characters-highscore-games, but Danger Dodgers looks like it takes things to a new level. The graphics are really really lovely, colorful and cartoony, and I totally dig the ragdoll physics when one of your characters gets smashed by a meteor. It's especially cool how they come flying towards the screen. What do you think, does the world have room for yet another Crossy-like? We'll find out on February 25th when Danger Dodgers hits the App Store for free.


    At first I was like...mmmm

    Then I saw them get smashed and fly up toward the screen in slow motion agony then I was like... lol πŸ™‚

    Added to watch list!

  • Based Xatu

    Next week is going to be busy.

    • Hoodin

      What else is coming?!

  • mr_bez

    "To be honest, I'm growing kind of tired of these Crossy Road-esque huge-cast-of-characters-highscore-games"
    Just stop making Crossy Road, JEEZ!

  • UppercutEd

    "Landsliders meets The Incident" is a pretty great description, actually πŸ™‚

    And I can totally understand the fatigue with Crossy-likes. To be honest, we lean heavily on the Crossy Road meta-structure because we really like it as a fair, non-intrusive way to do FTP.

    And the gameplay is of course nothing like CR, nor is our style, so hopefully people will get a kick out of seeing our rubbery characters get flung around the screen πŸ™‚