If you listen to our podcast, you're likely aware of my weirdest New Year's resolution ever: Play more Clash of Clans. I'm a little over four hours (as of this writing) away from my rushed Town Hall 10 upgrade in CoC, and playing that game has made me far more interested in that particular genre, largely to see what else is out there that might be better/worse/different/etc as everyone and their brother continues to try to cash in on Clash of Clans mania. The latest example of that is Dawn of Gods which is launching this week, and what it brings to the table that's different than vanilla Clash of Clans is a heavy coating of Greek mythology. Check out the teaser:

What's sort of interesting about this game in particular is instead of being limited to the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden hero units, Dawn of Gods sports a surprisingly vast array of gods, monsters, and other recognizable names from Greek mythology that act as hero units. There's 150 different units, and how recognizable some of the more obscure ones are will likely depend on how big of a Greek mythology geek you are.

As someone who enjoys the spectator sport of watching the App Store charts, it'll be fun to see how this game does. Developers over the years have found success in taking a popular concept and applying more appealing themes, but is that going to be the case here? I guess we'll find out when Dawn of Gods launches this week.

  • Zendorphin

    Can't wait for Dawn Royale. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  • KeKhan

    Ive been watching this games development and its got a great thing going. Despite what people think, CoC didn't invent the genre, and I'm always excited to see what new games do with it.
    This one looks great and has some unique twists, along with all the gods to collect puts it high on my list.

  • Modjular

    I'm not saying it will be a bad game objectively. The fact that they're trying to break into the genre that CoC dominates is a bad idea. These attempts always seem to assume that they'll immediately get the million players they'll need to succeed, which just won't happen when players are already invested in the top 3 games.

    At the very least, haven't they figured it out it's a bad idea just by looking at the dozens of other clones that have barely stayed afloat?

    • Tallgeese

      Maybe they don't cost a lot to make and maintain and they're are hoping to get people who are sick of those other ones (churn). Not my genre but I'm not a whale or a compulsive (well, not at gambling)...

  • shizzyfab

    Am surprised clash of clans clone games are still a thing,can't these people create a stand out game.I would like to see a megaman battle network mmo.

    • Modjular

      Was that the one on DS, with cards and stuff?

      • Tallgeese

        GBA then DS. And battles were turn-based on a grid with "chips" (or cards) so, yes.

    • KeKhan

      So you're looking for a megaman clone and complaining about CoC "clones"??
      CoC didn't invent the genre.
      I'm tired of human "clones" who just repeat the same drivel about "f2p sucks" and "this games a clone and I know stuff"....

      • Tallgeese

        I think he/she doesn't like this particular genre and would like to see this other one he/she does like. And I'd agree that F2P doesn't suck but I've tried so many that do, so it's more like free to play sucks* *rare exceptions apply...

      • Gamera Love

        this is so true.

      • Nick Teiss

        I so agree with you. I hate when people start talking about WoW clones as if blizzard invented the mmorpg genre

  • Tallgeese

    *Greek, Norse, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, and I'm assuming Mesoamerican religions/mythologies...

  • Ohnomnomnom

    I have tried this game already since it was in Beta and even if it is a CoC like, this game is really fun! I am pretty sure this game will be successful.

    Look at the top chart, CoC, CoK, castle clash, mobile strike etc...they are all in top grossing. Of course some developers want to have a piece of the cake. How many of them with fresh new idea can stay up to the chart for a long time? Summoner wars, maybe? It mostly stays with rts and puzzle game.

    Still one advice: Try this game ๐Ÿ˜‰