We were fans of Mimpi [Free] back in the day, as it was a gorgeous platformer starring a dog. I don't know what you want from a game besides that. What about a sequel? Well, Mimpi Dreams is going to do just that, as you control the eponymous protagonist again, this time traveling through dreamlike levels that tell the story of the game through their imagery. Check out the trailer:

What's cool is that the game is illustrated through SVG (scalable vector graphics), so the game's actually going to be well under 100 MB despite having hand-drawn graphics. Mimpi Dreams is going to come loaded for bear for iOS, supporting 3D Touch, Apple TV, and even the Apple Watch. This will be a multiplatform dog platformer, but iOS gets the game first, with a release on March 17th planned before the game hits desktop and Android as well.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    This looks cool. Hope it controls well. MFi controller support would be awesome!
    Playstation Vita looks like a tailor made platform for Mimpi, too. Just sayin :0)

    • http://www.svgimporter.com Jaroslav Stehlík

      MFI controller is supported. Hi from the Devs 😛

  • machine56

    Mimpi is an Indonesian words, it means dream..
    so the whole title is... dream dream...

    • http://www.svgimporter.com Jaroslav Stehlík

      That is correct 🙂 we like the idea that the dog is called Mimpi and we want to explain our non indonesian gamers that Mimpi will have a lot of dreams in the sequel.