After getting Monument Valley's soundtrack on vinyl, iam8bit is at it again, but this time it went for XCOM [$4.99], a very different game with a very different soundtrack. I'm glad we're seeing games getting the vinyl treatment lately because some of those soundtracks are simply outstanding.The double LP will feature the cinematic scores from XCOM: Enemy Unknown as well as XCOM 2 and will feature an "all-star roster" of composers, Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo, and Tim Wynn. The audio has been mastered specifically for vinyl at the Telegraph Mastering Studio, and the records are 180-gram heavyweight vinyl that should make them less prone to warping (unless you decide to treat them like you treat your XCOM soldiers).


The art designer, Filip Hodas, has gone with the juxtaposition of Sectoid and human skulls, a smart idea since it manages to distill the franchise down to its most basic core - the fight to the death between humans and aliens. Now, in true XCOM fashion, you should be able to change the track titles into names of your friends, colleagues, and mortal enemies, the LPs themselves should behave unexpectedly just when you were ready to enjoy a track, and, perhaps, the LPS should have an ironman mode where you can only hear the LP once. That's the only way to really get the feeling of the game on LP in my opinion. You can pre-order the LP here for $35, and the estimated ship date will be Q2, 2016.


  • Qaioud

    Tragically, and after much soul searching, deleted this today - to make space for ff9....

    It's lasted long and well!

  • smiffee666

    ouch, i can feel the pain in that choice...but good choice!!

    • speedyph


  • islesfan

    Does the record come with matching hipster outfit?

  • gonif

    Most soundtracks get in the way. Even the best is too repetitive over long play periods. I always turn the music off on an app straight away. Having said that, one game whose soundtrack was so good I can still hear it in my mind after all these years, was the PC game "Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magica Obscura." Fantastic game with the perfect music accompaniment.

  • madreviewer

    I would buy it just for the cover