If you're a Grand Theft Auto fan, and haven't gotten a chance to play Liberty City Stories [$6.99] yet, then good news: the game is on sale right now for the first time, dropping from $6.99 to $3.99. This is a limited-time sale with the game planned to go back to $6.99 at some point. The game is also out on Android now for the first time, and on sale for $3.99 there too. So if you are on the dark side of mobile gaming, then go for it.

The game is a port of the PSP version, which was later brought to consoles, but is still a pretty cool dive into Liberty City after Grand Theft Auto 3 [$4.99] came out. And one can only hope that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is on the way, too. And hey, why not finally retool the San Andreas assets into a new San Andreas Stories game when the content to port runs out?

  • Anonomation

    I don't think San Andreas stories can happen though.

    • ysbert97

      "San Andreas Stories" was never released…

      • Anonomation

        I realize that, I was referring to the article.

  • Hoodin

    My favourite GTA game!

  • Kahdmus

    Does this use a PSP style control scheme or revert to dual virtual sticks like the others? (I finished this on PSP, but might play again with updated control scheme)

  • Niall Asher

    Dark Side of Gaming? Bitch please we have more and better games than you over here on Android. Side note: how are your iOS playthroughs of Half Life 1 and Doom 3 going?