Cats? And platformers? Two of my favorite things together as one? This is too good to be true! It is true though, and it comes in the form of Super Phantom Cat, an upcoming platforming game from Veewo Games. Super Phantom Cat is an extremely colorful game with a really neat art style, and while it doesn't have the same super old-school look it does give me a small Pix'n Love Rush [$2.99] vibe, another of my favorite cat-based platformers. (As an aside, I'd literally do anything for an update to Pix'n Love Rush on iOS, and I mean ANYTHING.) Another very cool feature in Super Phantom Cat is the ability to switch between quite a few different characters. Check out the trailer.

If you want a more direct look at Super Phantom Cat, Veewo has posted a full playthrough of the first level which gives you a good idea of what to expect from the game. It looks like the base platforming mechanics are super solid, there's some sort of weird storyline about a phantom world, and there's tons of secret areas to discover. Oh, and did I mention you play as a cat? I need this game now, but the bad news is I can't have it right now. The good news however is that Super Phantom Cat is coming out this Monday, January 25th, so there isn't too much longer to wait to live out my cat platforming fantasies.

  • djstout

    I am beta testing it and it's really a good game, highly recommended!

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Jared, I'm sooooo with you regarding Pix'n Love Rush. I have both the standard and DX versions, and still(!) check in a couple of times every week to see if they've been updated with recent goodies, like widescreen and MFi support, etc. Alas not πŸ™

    • Eli Hodapp

      Fun fact: I was really close to naming my cat Pix I love Pix'n Love Rush so much. Settled on "Pickle" instead which probably has a better ring to it with how much I yell it.

    • Jared Nelson

      Yeah man, DX is actually not too bad on an iPad since it plays in portrait mode and feels like a giant Game Boy. But the iPhone is where I loved that game most, and I just can't hang with the black borders. I believe that because it was developed by Pasta Games but published by Bulkypix, it would have to be Bulkypix that decided to want to update it and I doubt it would be financially worth it for them. However, maybe it'll turn out like Circuit Strike One which the original dev was able to get back from Chillingo and update on his own. I'll never give up hope!

  • paulkane

    This looks great. Thanks for the heads up. 🐱🐯🦁

    • paulkane

      OMG, that play through video!!😻😻😻

  • paulkane

    Had to watch the trailer and play through again. Some of the bad guys remind of the bad guys in Woah Dave. The power ups look awesome!

  • Aaron C

    Mfi Support?? πŸ™‚

    • Aaron C

      that would make this game purrfect.