Surprise! Remember when we reported earlier this month that FNAF World, the RPG set in the Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99] universe, was releasing on February 19th on Steam with mobile versions afterward? Well, it turns out that announcement was extremely conservative, as the game just released today, January 21st, on Steam. Yes, 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Surprise! You can pick it up now for $9.99.

What this likely means is that you can expect the mobile version well ahead of when you would have otherwise expected it. There's usually a few weeks' latency between the desktop and Android FNAF games, with the iOS version hitting shortly after the Android version. Don't be surprised if that's the situation here too, and you're playing FNAF World on the go yourself possibly even next month. What this does prove is that Scott Cawthon has to be from a bizarro game developer universe where all game developers beat their release date projections.

  • Kelsop23

    Instabuy for sure, going to wait for the mobile version and hold off paying $10 on steam

  • Themagicjesus

    Steam reviews say the game is awful. Looked pretty awful from the get go

    • Darkmeteor

      Yep, it's awful.

  • curtisrshideler

    I'd much rather play a retro looking FNAF RPG on mobile.

  • PGGamer

    Scott maybe a great guy but the mobile ports of Fnaf are all awful (except for the first) Half of the full animations are missing and he never updates the mobile ports. Sorry but, I think I'll spend my $5 somewhere else.

  • archie

    It's not awful it's amazing so don't pass judgmentu unless you've played in yourself

    • PGGamer

      I have. Why else would I say it's awful?

      • LordShad0wz

        What makes it awful? I really want to know.

      • PGGamer

        Full animations are absent, never gets updated, minigames are missing.

      • LordShad0wz

        Wow! I loaded steam up. Scott apparently has written a huge apology letter to everyone. Apologizing for leaving things out. For not listening and rushing things. Promising to make it right. Just wow. There's no way the mobile version is coming out soon. Just wow.

      • PGGamer

        Yup the reviews for FNAFW on steam are pretty bad. The peeps over there think scott rushed the game.

  • Lunicariave

    A+ gif usage.