screen1136x1136-172We've been posting quite a bit about Supercell's soft launched Clash Royale because it's an insanely good game. I'm currently level 6, fighting my way into arena 4, and this game has soaked up nearly all of my free time. It's simultaneously scratching most itches I have when it comes to mobile gaming, and I love that the session lengths are so short that you can squeeze in a game almost anytime. Things in the Clash Royale-iverse haven't been all puppy dogs and roses though, with some players having significant concerns with the game which Supercell responded to last night.

Chest timers are the first thing anyone who doesn't like Clash Royale jumps to as to why it (and other free to play games) are the worst. If you haven't played the game yet, progress is gated via winning chests by beating opponents, and these chest take a minimum of 3 hours to open. Chests contain gold which you spend to play games and buy individual cards as well as cards themselves which are (obviously) used to make your decks or (not so obviously) level up cards you might already have.

Supercell points out that you can play entirely for free (Which basically everyone in the soft launch is doing right now, because who has a New Zealand credit card?) getting the maximum number of unlocks and daily rewards with roughly an hour of total playtime every day. More importantly though, the game is balanced in a way to give players motivation to keep playing it long term, instead of just power-gaming, unlocking every card, and moving on. Supercell also mentions, " In addition, players interested in trophy pushing, or just experimenting with different cards, can still play as much as they want to! It’s up to you as a player and your individual goals."

screen1136x1136-173 screen1136x1136-174

Like any game with card mechanics, the balance and metagame that encompasses the whole thing will be constantly evolving. Supercell says "Players should expect some balance changes every month." They also point out an important fact that people often overlook when it comes to these kind of games: Any card can feel "overpowered" if it's played well. New players love to point out the Prince as a totally broken card that is ruining the game for them because it's the first epic card they might not have in their card pool. Here's the thing with the Prince though: It's a five elixir card that absolutely wrecks in the proper circumstance, but gets completely smoked out by any low-cost card that can get in his way to stop him from charging. Learning these strategies is all part of the fun.

Supercell has also mentioned that there will be no progress reset when the game launches worldwide, which makes hopping onboard with the soft launch feel even more appropriate. With much of your progress gated behind timers, the quicker you get those timers rolling the farther ahead you're going to be without spending any money.

Anyway, as mentioned, I'm totally loving Clash Royale, and I think as long as you approach the game with an open mind so the chests don't make you so mad, you'll similarly be squeezing in games all day long. Grab the game from the New Zealand App Store then join us in both the Clash Royale forum thread as well as the Clash Royale subforum, which I'm hoping picks up after the game launches globally.

  • frobadams

    This is a fantastic game. The game is so truly enjoyable and games are so quick, that I will often play a game even when my chests are full and my crown chest has already been unlocked. People will always find something to complain about. But it is an awesome game

    • Eli Hodapp

      Yeah, until you top out and reach the royal arena there's still a big reason to keep playing even if you're not getting rewards or chests. Reaching 1,700 trophies seems like a real accomplishment, so, I think I'll have plenty to do for quite a while. 🙂

      • Evolution888

        ive been playing f2p since day 1 of soft launch and ive hit that 1700 but fell back down almost instantly so now i hover between Arena 4 and 5 ... im just going to open chests and collect as many cards as possible

    • fearlesskk

      This game is completly unbalanced imo and im at 1500 trophies

  • tvp61196

    Yes! I haven't been playing too much because I was afraid that my progress would be reset. This is music to my ears.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Once you give people the ability to spend real money in something I think you've gone beyond the point of no return when it comes to progress resets. If you look at the Clash Royale TV or whatever, there's simply no way those dudes haven't spent a stupid amount of money on this game. I can't imagine the reaction if Supercell was just like, "Alright guys, we're hitting the reset switch thanks for playing!"

      • YaoYao

        I've seen some games reset after taking money by giving any spending players currency for whatever they had spent before the reset. Not a great system perhaps, but it ensures that real money spent isn't just lost completely.

      • Eli Hodapp

        That's true, I feel like Heroes of the Storm did that when it went from technical alpha to closed beta but Blizzard was always really open about what was going to happen. (If I'm remembering correctly, anyway.)

      • kellstrand

        I love me some HOTS.

      • xelasnewo

        I love me some blizzard

  • NOEN

    I still can't believe how good this game is. I was not expecting it to be this fun.

    • Carl Weathers

      everyone says that until they reach their peak trophy level. Then it's win 1 lose 1, until you decide to pay money.

  • sakara214ever

    Freemium Hater here.
    Make an exception and play THIS game NOW everyone.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drexiel

    I used to believe the Prince was OP when i started. Then the skeleton army came and wrecked the prince. The Witch also stalls him enough for your tower or archers to take him out.

    Skeleton army just sucks if theres a Valk around. Or a Skell bomber.

    What am i getting to? The balance is great. You are left to make your own strategy and for whatever you may come up with, you will find someone who counters you.

    If something feels op to me is the freeze spell. To an extent the rage spell. I feel them to be game winning spells because i have yet to find counters to them.

    • Levanax

      Tombstone is a brilliant counter for the prince. Times right it distracts him and the skeletons on pop chew him up in seconds.

      • Anonymous User

        The tombstone is just cannon fodder for the prince. It has no other purpose because it does no damage and has no health which is problematic since you have a card that's only purpose it to take out the prince.

      • Darren Hall

        It spawns four skeletons upon destruction, which do enough damage to take out a prince, a mini Pekka, a hog, or similar troop. It also is the cheapest building unit that can pull balloons and giants away from a crown tower. The units spawn slow enough, yet often enough, that a giant skeleton or Pekka has to walk all the way across the field to take it out. And it only costs THREE elixir, which means it's almost always a positive elixir advantage trade.

    • BrunoFehr

      The freeze spell only acts over deployed units, drop some new units over the spell and they will not be frozen.

    • Magma

      Yeah, I feel like the freeze and rage spell need to have a way to be countered. It really isn't that fair when you think about a raged up prince and half of your elixir gone to a witch, that is frozen.

  • Modjular

    I enjoy how I only have to spend a few minutes earning chests each morning, and then slowly unlock them throughout the day. There's almost almost always something to click whenever you check the game, so it's my perfect idle time killer.

  • Milotorou

    Im loving it too so far, like you i am lvl 6 in arena 4, i did spend 22CAD$ on the game, to support its development

    • Modjular

      Ah, Canada. Everyone told me to get a NZ account for the soft launches, but now I'm thinking Canada may have been more worth it.

    • Carl Weathers

      What until you reach arena 8. Then the game sucks

  • wClemm .

    Having a lot of fun with this one, but think there should be more incentive to play even if my chest and crown slots are full. Maybe just some coins on successful attack, or gems so I can speed up the chest unlock time. Right now I am paying two coins to play, but get nothing back even if I win.

    • Darren Hall

      You get experience playing the game, and you get to have fun.
      Do not fall into the trap that other Skinner box games have set for you. Flashing lights and shiny outfit upgrades are not "rewards", the experience of playing a well balanced strategic game is reward enough in itself.

      • Mats L

        You're right, flashing lights and shiny outfits aren't rewards. Although you must not have played this game, since it contains 0 cosmetic upgrades. Objectively better cards, with higher stats, ARE rewards (rewards that go against the idea of a "balanced" strategic game.) The side affect of ignoring the chest timers and continuing to play is that you push higher in trophies without getting any of the stat upgrades that normally come with it. You may win a match or two, and then the rubberband snaps you back down the ranks with a string of losses. Continuing to play without earning chests might give you the "experience" you so desire, but doing so will actively move you further away from well-balanced games or evenly-matched opponents.

  • irettillib

    Absolutely loving the game, but something needs to change regarding the freemium mechanics.

    Either remove the cost to play a round, add a small gold reward for winning a round, or allow the player to delete unopened chests.

    The cost to play a round invalidates the benefit of playing solely to climb ranks. It doesn't make sense. You likely won't be able to beat anyone a couple levels above you, meaning you quickly reach a point where you're just wasting gold hovering around the same ~50 trophies. That gold is needed to upgrade cards / level up and keep yourself competitive in each new arena. Being unable to earn rewards is one thing, but it doesn't make sense to punish the player for... playing the game.

    • irettillib

      I always forget TA doesn't allow line breaks in comments.

  • Xanthon

    I switched to canada on my actual account, downloaded the game and switched back to my home country and the gems are listed with my local currency. I bought them with no issues at all.

  • paintsplatterz

    If I make a Canadian account and download this, will I have to login to it again to download any updates for it? Also, when it releases in the U.S., could I re-download it from the US app store and save my progress?

  • Silthoras

    It is also available on the australian app store

  • Calbrea

    Give! 🙁 Why do you hate germany so much, Supercell? 🙁

  • ste86uk

    I enjoy the game and just wish I could play more at no cost even if it's for no reward I just enjoy having a few games here and there but don't want to waste my gold.

    I have the prince and he wins me games at times but like Eli said he is beatable and very easily really so I have to time his use just right.

    My most hated hero at the moment is the large bomb skeleton, I don't have him yet and it sucks how much damage he does when he makes it to a tower. Also very odd to me that his bomb kills flying units.

  • ffaust

    Main issue I have is the chest times and the way rewards are given. If you get into that in between lvl where they put you in arena 3 and arena 4 you can end up filling your chests area with lvl 3 rewards when what you need is arena 4 rewards. I was thoroughly frustrated at this point.

    Made it to arena 4, won about half the time and was unable to receive a decent reward because I had all lvl 3 chests still on timers, give me the option to delete them. After losing off and on in arena 4 I got pushed to lvl 3 where there was very limited challenge.

  • o0oJAKEo0o

    Why would you need a New Zealand Credit Card to buy gems? If that's your obstacle, you didn't get the game correctly. You should have changed your current App Store region/country to Canada or New Zealand, selecting none for your payment option and only changing the city/province and zip code, nothing else. Then get the game and change everything back to your US App Store settings. Including your payment info. If you follow those directions you can buy gems. Anyways, it is great game. 🙂

    • spedav

      I'm in the US and downloaded via the Canadian App Store, used the same method u described, and can't make purchases either. Shows prices in USD but the game freezes if I try and make a purchase.

      • o0oJAKEo0o

        Crazy. That's sucks. Maybe try to delete the game and reinstall

  • ffaust

    Is it possible to transfer your account to an American one after go live?

    • spedav

      Yes it is. All data will be kept per Supercell.

  • o0oJAKEo0o

    If anyone is a serious player, look up Mortality. We are currently number one in our locality. Lots of great people

  • Jigglypuff

    All leaderboard is Chinese as of now. RIP

    • John

      yup. absolutely foul and disgusting. they play to cheat.

  • indieus

    @hodapp:disqus Completly agree on the "just one more" feeling everytime I play regardless of if I win or loose. Matches can get nail-bitingly close. The 2x elixir at 60s is the genius design that does it for me really. The battles automatically gets intense and enforces player to get into the flow being a high speed tactation. More importantly it allows for come-backs. It kind of compensates the "fever/rush" mode you see in more casual titles.

  • saansilt

    You guys now have comms with Supercell?
    That is very neat if that's the case seeing a company as big as them acknowledging our lil island here.


    you should be able to sell your chests!!! am I right!!

  • bnagel1976

    I switched back to us store and it let me buy 500 gems for 4.99!!!

  • bnagel1976

    From Canada

  • Freedom83

    Clash royale is a fantastic game! I'm so addicted right now. I'm level 7 and just passed 2000 trophies today, i'm just wondering if and when this game will be released in other countries as well (so that we can buy gems). Do you have any news?
    Ps: as you said the prince is very easy to shut down (and in a very cheap way) so those who say that he's OP are probably noobs..

    • Carl Weathers

      Game sucks after lvl 7, doesn't it.

      • Freedom83

        I reached level 10 and then i decided to quit when i realized that it would have taken forever (or a ridicolous amount of money) to max out my deck.. And as far as i know many players made the same decisions, supercell's greediness will be the cause of their own ruin..

  • Brinzen589kill

    This game is so awesome I'm playing this all day. I would like it if you can open more than one chest at a time. Like if it was a builder in Clash Of Clans. Or to open a chest without having to wait. There should be a way to earn a key that way you can open a chest without having to wait 3,8, or 12 hours.

  • jay

    I love the game, i just wish the chest times were shorter.

  • James Johnson

    What I don't understand is how I'm being beat by level 3-4-5 players and I'm a level 6 and my cards are higher level too it's a load of crap! What gives Supercell?

    • Nick

      Skill at the game is more important than high-level cards, to an extent.

  • Jim

    fuk off

    • James Johnson

      Eat a dick!

  • Luke Burdon

    Getting close to level 5 and only got 1 epic (Skeleton army) i know epics are really good but i think everybody should get at least 2. Constantly fighting people lower than me that have baby dragons, princes, Skeleton armies etc. They can't all be people throwing money at the game. Still a great game though just really frustrating

  • joseph fajardo

    The game is fun but it's eating my patience. took me a while to get arena 4 but i did get it. Currently 1111 trophs. I do have a question though. Do you guys wait for the 4 chest slots to empty? I was wondering if that would be the best for us to get between giant chest, magical chest and super magical chest.

  • Prasanth Tata

    Will the cards of arena 2 unlock at arena 3. Like I didn't get gaint skeleton witch etc so many cards of arena 2. Is there any scope for those cards to be unlocked at arena 3

    • Danz Gordon

      No the epic cards are just incredibly rare.. everyone is given 1 or 2 from training camp and then from there youll just get the occasional one from regular chests.. if you lucky enough to find one in any arena it will be from that arena or below.. i still haven found baby dragon or skele hoard but had 5 goblin barrols FML lol

  • Coreola

    The game is AIDS. The worst MM I've ever seen (talking 20 straight matches of being lower level than opponent). 100% pay to win or just incredible luck on chest cards.

    • FattedCastle947

      Just keep playing the game. It's really not that bad if your into it. The wait times aren't bad and the amount of cards received does pay off. Iv only been playing 6months and I have almost every card in the game.

  • Akihiko Kutsukake

    Giant Skeleton and BB dragon is op as fuk. And X Bow needs nerf range!!!!!!!!!

  • deez nuts

    the match up system use to be good back in arena 2/3 once u get high the match ups are so messed up

  • Danz Gordon

    Im loving the game too. Played CoC from the start and after nearly maxxing th10 was getting boring grinding walls and trophy pushing for no reason. I havent spent a cent on this game and just made 1700trophys at level 6 with a very basic deck.. low elixer cost.. and still smash the occasional level 8 🙂
    People will always complain about F2P games but if you could unlock chests any faster, could u imagine how OP the full time, unemployed addicts and gemmers would be. Thanks to SuperCell we can all play and all have a fair shot. I like how troohy pushing has a reason now too, higher u get, better cards and cash bonuses..

  • Steven Green

    I love this game but it's bull crap when you lose you lose about 26-28 trophies but when you win you're only getting like 30 31 every time I get to Arena 4 I don't get a chance to unlock any of the new cards I always lose the first match and did lose like 2 more times and then I win and then I lose like three more times and now I'm back down like 983 what the hell fix this. Also the wait time on these small siver chest are ridiculous and u can only hold up to what 4 or 5 chest at a time. Grrrrrrr..... sometimes it feels like a waste of time

  • TheMiz Amy

    stupid game.. clash royale sucks

  • Wayne Cecil

    This game is so boring. Play for 2 minutes and wait 3-8 hours and play for another 2 minutes. It's just dumb in my opinion. Coc is much better.

  • Max

    I have been playing this game for just a couple of months now and what I'm seeing more and more often are players who spam the goblin huts and barbarian huts who just win by basically doing nothing, can you please make these a little bit weaker? I think we all can agree that there shouldn't be a 2 card win guarantee in this game.

  • Farrel Azana

    Can i Ask

    If i update clash royale but im not login, will it lose my progress?

    Answer to

  • Mr.Blix

    Supercell, you need to add a future to ban people out of your clan even if they left your clan, I keep getting people in my clan that are joining for 2 seconds and advertising for free gems.

  • edlyz

    i want complain becouse i just play long time but i dont get some card.... my friend play for short time but all card are unlock for arena 1234 ... this game not unfar...

  • Justino

    you this Game Is Just Shit Man I Lost 400 Trophies About An Hour Playing continues in The Hope For Winning All of My Enemy is Fucking Has very High Cards This game Really Pisses Me Of 1800-1400 In a Hour Crap is
    Really Not Fair At All

  • JapaneseRamenNoodle

    This game sucks. I liked it at first, but I lost 22 games in a row due to bad lag (not on my end -- I have gigabit) and idiotic matchmaking (playing people far advanced to me). Moreover, I didn't get troops that others received with regular cards. This SUCKED. I think that Supercell knows when we've purchased before and holds off on our cards to entice us to buy.

    I am still playing the game a bit, but I will likely stop playing soon. This game flat-out sucks right now.

  • Styles Galore

    Haha this game is GARBAGE , they allow players to drop down to lower levels and beat up on players just starting. You can be lvl 5 and play against a lvl 8 who has cards only available from higher arenas LMAO. ANYONE spending money on this game is a sucker. Also the Asian crowd mostly have elixer hacks. BEFORE you atart saying i'm racists or a bigot you need to know I identify them in this way because they use Asian characters for their names not english. It's fun but not really when you can compete.

  • Layne Combs

    Its a pretty fun game but I do have one complaint. They say it's balanced and everything but I'm level 5 and have been diligently opening chest after chest to find, ding ding! Nothing useful. People my level have lvl 3 Prince or lvl 5 valkyrie etc, while my best card is a lvl 2 witch my giant is lvl 3. My baby dragon is STILL lvl 1. Etc etc. Am I really this unlucky in the card pool or are people my lvl already spending cash on rare cards?

  • Matthew Kiss

    This game is a pile of shit i am a lvl 8 at 2550 trophys my highest is 2892 which this disgrace of a game wont let me surpass. Clash royale is completely pay to win and is completely rigged eg i play a hog deck with little anti air oh guess what ? Some fucking lowlife on 200 trophys less them me plays an all air deck with a fucking lavahound legendary card also the game deliberatley puts u against people with a lot higher lvl cards which u cant compete with live half the time i get put against gemmers with lvl ten commons and lvl 2 legendaries this is why the game is bullshit .the game puts u on losin streaks so u buy gemmes cos u think thats the only way u will progress when u go on winning streaks it is rigging the matches in ir favour so the opposition loses this is also so u will buy gemms cos u think u r uustoppable and in a gappy mood lastly dont buy this piece of shit gsme cos u will only smash ur phone screen 100 times like me and get extremely pissed off

  • Robert McLean

    Nothing much to say other than it is ridiculously rigged. I had to pay in order to surpass 3000 trophies and the game will not let me reach any higher, will just put me against people with decks that perfectly counter mine since it's rigged. 100% pay to win and rigged.

  • Billy Burrell

    Enjoy it while it lasts! Once you get to level 8 or 9 unless you spend a $1000 it's hard to advance any further. Not only that but seems like you get weaker. Level 5 and 6 players continually beat you when they don't have anything that should match me card wise. Used to love this game but now I hate it because of what they call "far play " rule changes. Your strongest card are continuously weakened for no reason. A level 5 or 6 person shouldn't beat me at the rate they all of sudden are. Game is bullshit!

    • Nora Octys

      I do agree: being level 9, I've just lost 10 matches in a row against levels as low as 6 or 5. Their cards are no match for mine and still, they outpower mine!
      Changing game support (my pad is in repair), I have noticed a convenient delayed troops drop in these rows of defeat, have you? Moreover, my opponent troops are dropped in answer to mine BEFORE mine have touched ground, and frequently, they move waaayyy faster!

  • Pilotpriya

    I have been playing only 3 days the game released.but till now i didnt get any legendary card,its ok ,it is cuz of luck.while i am battling why i am facing player who have three legendary card all the time.i have been trying to reach legendary arena to buy only card so that i can get more emotion at this

  • DEKU

    You have no idea how frustrating this game can get.... I went down from 2000 all the way to 1600. I took a break and the next morning I attacked five times. I lost four of them. I can't push back up. This game makes me want to smash my iPad.

  • Pvjfjfjvn

    For the tournaments, it says, for example,4 out of 50 people are in the game, i try to join, but it just says tournament full? Does anyone know why?

  • Adham Mansour

    I didn't get any super magical chest and my cards are two common and i am realy bored from having the same cards every time

  • Adham Mansour

    i didn't have any super magical chest and my cards are too common and iam realy bored from the same cards every time

  • Su Paricharn (Bryan)

    When you think their tournament is fair because of the level cap, wait until you see all the top players have at least one or two legendary cards in their deck. Legendary are the most broken op card they invented and can (virtually) only be obtain by paying a lot of money. The $40 super magical chest give about 40% chance of getting you one.

    • FattedCastle947

      Sorry to say, but you are actually wrong. Iv been playing 6months have spent no money at all on the game. I am lvl 10 and have 3 legendary especially. I also have all of the cards in the game minus 10.

      • Su Paricharn (Bryan)

        Not everyone is blessed by Supercell God like you. That being said, the comment I made was 3 months ago. When payfecta deck was op. Now they more balance.

  • Brian Mitzel

    It's sad how this game was great them you made SPARKY and ruined the whole game I will no longer pay to play a game that has a a OP item as sparky is.. You shouldn't have to have specific items to kill just one item it's a joke..

    SPARKY= skill-less people are really killing you!!!! Please nerd this item to only hit buildings or remove it or I and I know over 150 people who will quit this game

    • FattedCastle947

      Sparky is actually not that op'd. All it takes to remove a sparky from the game is a skeleton army or the squad of 3 minions. And maybe a zap if you have it. Don't quit because of one card. That's lame. Just adapt dude. It's really easy.

  • sremmy 159

    Wow ur level 6 in a3! I'm level 6 at 1948 on my second account!

  • Tyler

    Its a good game especcially with the new update but when i made a tournament i didnt get any chest for it and no gems for my first time doing it

  • Cool Cool

    My game just leterraly took away 200 gems from me i came home from school and i had 200 gems that had disssapeared. My ig is Kraken_ i would like to get my gems back bc they just disappeared and i am very mad and just would like the gems back i wont have anymore complains

  • Saubhagya Mohanty

    Wtf supercell.. I am playing from the starting of game... Still didn't get any legendary chest, epic chest, super magical chest.... Really irritating

  • David Klinner

    It would be truly enjoyable game were it not for the cheaters who spawn three 5 elixir, backed with two 3 elixir cards as back up, or better yet spawn two 8 elixir cards at the same time... truly infuriated about this as I love the game, and have spent money on it.

  • Pariwesh

    Every of my friends tease me why I don't have any legendary card not even some epic cards but every of my friend has so I also wanna have I am depressed of my
    Life I am a youtuber and I have pro used to upload a legendary vedio but how ....,. I think I am unluckiest person in this whole world

  • Pariwesh

    I havetold supercell many times that i am getting very much serious beacuse of legendary which i dont have any...... I will write a note where it will be written as if something happens to me it will be the blame of clash royale...m a utuber.... And no cards for vedio pls help me plsssss i beg nplsssssssss i dont even get any chests more tjan aiver and sometimes only gpld not ever magical supermagical gaint epic ,.. non pf them

  • Carole

    Love the game but its gotten to the point where so many cheats that playing game straight up just doesnt work. When opponents can drop so many high elixer cards and you cant it is not fun anymore. Playing less and less as cheaters take over.

  • Christian Zoldy

    another pay to win game lol the gaming world has gone to shit

  • Adrian


  • JoshuaPlouffe

    Why is it when i get smashed by a deck then i try and use it i still get smashed every time never fails to fck me over. Is this game that broken that it pairs you against impossible wins from time to time so you do inturn think about spending money? Ive hit 3000 trophies a few times now bit always get this huge loose streak that puts me back down again and cang get back up no matter what decks i try and use it almost seems like the game is setting me up to fail so i spend money. Anyone else experience this?

  • Raymundo Banda

    I think I must be crazy but I feel that there has to be a cheat code because I play and count elixir and I am sure the player I play gets more elixir then I do

  • roman reigns

    i hold 2nd position in a custom tournament but i didnot got my reward