This might sound odd, but I hadn't been paying much attention to Crashlands [$6.99]. I had read the inspiring story behind its genesis, and I knew it was some sort of crafting game. I knew the developer, Butterscotch Shenanigans, has always turned out quality games. But because I had initially pegged it as being something outside of my usual interests, my eye was off the ball. I'm glad for that, because it allowed me to approach this game without too many preconceptions or any sort of hype build-up. If anything, I wasn't sure if I'd like it as much as another reviewer might, since I rarely get deeply into games built around crafting mechanics. Crashlands had to win me over, in other words, and my biggest surprise is how fully it did so.

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Several hours into the game, as I was frantically weaving my way through angry floating squids and fire-belching rock monsters, trying to gather up enough essence to upgrade my latest pet without getting killed yet again, I knew it had its hooks into me, and it didn't take too much thinking to figure out why. I'm not sure whether to call Crashlands a crafting game with an action-RPG bolted onto it or an action-RPG with a crafting game bolted onto it, but either way, it's an incredibly compelling mixture of mechanics. It's also a design masterpiece, from the way it doles out its many treats in careful measurements to the way it streamlines a lot of the more irritating elements typically found in games with crafting systems. I could go on for days about any little bit of the game, and who knows? I just might. Let's see where this review goes.

The basic premise of the game has some jerk stealing a part from your spaceship, causing you to crash on a nearby planet. You'll need to repair your ship, but to do that, you're going to need some parts that can't exactly be found in the local 7-Eleven. You're given your first crafting station, told to gather up some grass, and you're off to the races. At first, you won't even have access to a weapon. Instead, you'll get your first crafting tool, a saw, which is automatically incorporated into your character's suit. Yes, you won't need to fish around in menus or swap out tools constantly in Crashlands. Whichever tool suits the job is the one your character Flux will use. And they'll never break, either, so once you have the tool you need, you'll always have it. With that saw in hand, you'll have to go find some wood, a task which will likely run you into the local wildlife for the first time. With no weapon to fight back, all you can do is try to stay out of their way, a job made slightly easier by the game using red markers to highlight the path of any incoming attack. So, only a few minutes into the game, you've already learned the behavior patterns of at least one type of enemy and how to evade attacks.

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It's not long after that you'll craft your first weapon. It might be a good one, or it might be a rather plain one. Crafting any gear in Crashlands will produce a slightly different result every time. Sure, it'll always be a Level 5 Hammer, but it could be a Satisfying Level 5 Hammer Of Coldness or an Excellent Level 5 Hammer Of Toxicity or any number of other variations. Old gear can be broken down to recover some components, so if you want to re-roll a gear piece to see if you can get a better result, it's not a total loss. Gear increases various stats, with the most obvious and important being your attack power and HP. Unlocking and creating new gear sets is basically like leveling up your character in an RPG. If you're particularly good at dodging and are extremely persistent, you don't technically need to update your gear, but it makes things a lot easier. Plus, it changes the appearance of your character, so it's fun to upgrade even from a simple visual standpoint.

With a weapon in hand and maybe even a bit of armor to cover yourself up, you're now ready to start taking on some one-legged hippos. That might go fine, but if it doesn't you'll discover how Crashlands handles death. You'll respawn back at your home point with low HP, with some of your most recent recovered materials lost. Make your way back to the point at which you died, which is helpfully marked on your map, and you'll get those materials back, plus a gravestone to commemorate the occasion. That's it. Oh, and whatever enemy you might have been trying to whittle down will be back up to full HP, which can be a bit of a bummer but isn't the end of the world. Having to march your way back and start beating down whatever you were trying to kill from scratch is enough of a punishment to make you want to avoid death, but the general leniency of the game means players of all skill levels will be able to move forward eventually.

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Your gravestone isn't the only thing that will be marked on that handy map. Points of interest related to any quests you have open will be clearly marked, and any teleporters you find will also be highlighted. If you want to travel to any of those teleporters, you can just tap them and you'll be there. You can teleport out from anywhere, provided you're not in the middle of a fight, so traveling far away from your home point is relatively risk-free. Go ahead and explore. Just keep an eye out for teleporters as you go to make sure you're leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind you. As for the quests, you'll get those from a variety of sources. Some of them are critical to moving the story forward and opening up essential new tools and items, while others are side-quests that offer up enticing bonuses but aren't required for progression. You can tackle them as you like, or ignore them and build a giant house if that's your thing.

Crashlands uses quests to slowly open itself up to the player. You can't craft any object unless you have a recipe for it, and while new crafting stations will come with a small selection of recipes, you'll have to find the rest on your own. The critical ones, like new tools, come from the main quests, while optional things like chairs, beds, special carpets, and so on can randomly be found while gathering resources. The optional items make for fun little rewards for players who are diligently collecting resources, but the game's core structure is built around the big things. It takes its time teaching you the ins and outs of each new toy, and every time you get a new one it feels like a major accomplishment, one that opens up even more possibilities. All of your active quests can be perused from your quest log, making it a simple matter to check what needs to be done at any given time. It's easy to lose hours of time following along the little daisy-chains of quests, even though from a gameplay point of view you can stop at any time without losing anything.

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There are lots of fun secrets, too. Every so often you'll get a rare material, or a monster egg, allowing you to create legendary gear or raise your own pet. Once you've hatched a pet and named it, you can bring it out with you to support you in battle, feed it to get some milk or other supplies, or upgrade it into a more powerful form by crafting it a fashionable accessory and equipping it. Having a pet makes combat a lot easier, too, since you can focus on kiting the monster while your little buddy takes shots at it. It's generally pretty easy to stay out of the way of a single enemy, but getting in your own shots or handling a group can get pretty hairy, so you'll be happy for the help. Beyond your first pet, however, getting an egg from an enemy is rare, so you'll either have to get lucky or put in some time if you're looking for a specific one.

The controls and user interface work really well. You move around by tapping where you want Flux to go, and tapping on any object will automatically perform the appropriate action or let you know what you need to have if you can't. There's a hot menu at the bottom of the screen where you can place items you want to access quickly, such as potions or bombs, and your map, status screen, and quest log are available at the press of a button. Crafting is as easy as gathering the necessary materials and tapping on what you want to make, while construction is done in a separate interface that you bring up by tapping a button. From there, you tap the item or material you want to place, then tap where you want to put it. If you place something incorrectly, simply tap it again to pick it back up and put it in the proper place. If you've got your eye on crafting a particular item that requires more materials, you can hit a button to track it and have those materials displayed on the side of the play area. Make sure to bring lots of grass floors around with you when you go out, by the way. They make handy bridges.

This review is going on a bit long and I'm probably getting too granular with my points, but I'm just really excited about Crashlands. It's unbelievably well-designed down to virtually the last detail, and I can't help but appreciate every little brush stroke. Pushing that all off the table for the moment, Crashlands is simply an excellent game that is a lot of fun to play. Every time I open the game to check something really quickly for this review, I end up playing it for another hour. It's the most enjoyment I've had with any crafting game, and is honestly one of the best games I've played on iOS. It's exceptionally rare for a game that has both open world emergent gameplay and a linear main quest to not drop the ball on one of those things or the other, but Crashlands nails it on all counts. Consider this one an absolute essential.

Editor's Note: Shaun specifically reviewed the iOS version of the game, but Crashlands will also be available on Steam and Android. We've been told that if you sign up and log in to your BscotchID, progress will not only be synchronized across iOS devices, but also other platforms.

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    Looks a little to nerdy for my taste.

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      Give it a shot!

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      This game is very mainstream with colourful art and streamlined mechanics. It's no SpaceChem.

      Serious suggestion, may I recommend the title "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" for you? It may be more along the lines of what you're looking for. It has lots of cool boys and shopping in it, so I've heard. Definitely recommend checking that one out.

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        you had me at cool sk8r boiz and shoppinnnnng!

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      Love the taste of nerd :thumbs:

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      Nerdy? It's a video game. You really should try it. Best mobile game I've ever played (and I've played a lot). When I'm not playing it, I look forward to the next time I'll have a chance to play it. I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

      • guozihe

        I feel exactly the same!!!

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      You are aware that you read a game review on a mobile gaming blog and somehow felt the urge to write your "opinion" on that review in a comment? A little nerdy in itself.

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    Progress syncing between iOS and Steam? Heck yeah!!!

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    I'm sold! Guess I'll be playing this after my exam Friday.

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    Downloading as we speak!!! I love these guys, and enjoy their style and humor. Can't wait to take a deep dive into this.

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      Pretty much this. Not a huge fan of crafting but will always support Bscotch and happy to do so.

      • Butterscotch Shenanigans

        Maybe we can change your mind with our take on it. 😀

      • Tychaeus

        BS, is there ranged combat?! See my comment above =D

      • Butterscotch Shenanigans

        Yep! Bombs and ranged gadgets.

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        THAT is a great point.

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        Haha, I bought it for iOS last night, but I ended up watching one of Netflix's two-star Van Dammes and Serenity again instead (needed hands-free, a wild non-punched nerd could've tried to ambush me at any moment). Not sure if I'll have enough time to play it (one of the reasons I rarely buy first-day non-sale things, no matter how good they look) but we'll see. Today I've got to find and shove some nerds into lockers for negging me! OH LOOK, IT'S YOUR OLD FRIEND, MASS TIMES VELOCITY, NERD!

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        Your take is awesome, btw.

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    Downloading now!! Cant wait to dive into this game

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    Beautiful game.
    (=^_^=) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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      Agree at some point. Using 'addicting' as positive as well as 'good time killer' seems a bit crazy for me as well..

  • mark

    "You move around by tapping where you want Flux to go"

    Just a side note that you hold down to continuously move in a direction, with the ability to steer the character by moving around, without releasing your finger.

    • Tallgeese

      good to know, thanks!

    • Shannon Hubbell

      Oh, I didn't notice that. Thanks!

  • Tychaeus

    The deciding factor here for me might be...that there is some kind of ranged combat..because I can't seem to find any images or video of ranged combat or weapons. If there is no ranged combat you guys may want to think about adding guns and other ranged implements in the future...I'm positive it would capture an entire population of gamers whom might otherwise pass on this interesting looking game. I myself, may end up downloading even if there isn't ranged combat, but it sure would seal the deal in an absolute kinda way if I could have a plasma gun or assault rifle at some point...and a space suit! GimmeAH mAh spess mehrihn armors and blasters! fallout 4 for the win...soooo....isthererangedcombatorwut?!

    • Butterscotch Shenanigans

      Yo, Tych! The combat is melee focused, but you can build ranged gadgets and devices like a flamethrower, bombs, a blow-pipe, and a whole bunch of other things. You won't be ranged 100% of the time, but rather attacking at range and weaving in to get in hits as well.

    • Ron

      You have a pet early on that attacks things and you also get throwable object (wrench-stun, bombs). Maybe more I haven't got yet.

    • Shannon Hubbell

      So far I have a wrench (that you throw at an enemy to stun them), bombs and a blowgun.

  • collider

    I don't throw "instabuy" around lightly... I mashed the link here without finishing the word cra..., held my thumb on Touch ID and never got to see how much it cost... (I'm glad they didn't do a $1000 version as a joke!)
    Been looking forward to this one for a while, I'm glad you guys were able to smack it into shape, all the while punching cancer in the face with your face!

    • Tallgeese

      Oh shipz, this is the cancer guy, from my tweets' feed?

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        Oxygen toxicity results from higher partial pressures of oxygen not oxygen fraction (concentration). Astronauts typically use pure oxygen with a scrubber when they're in their suits. 100% supplemental oxygen is also often used in emergency situations.

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        Oh, thanks, I actually did not know that. Sorry for correcting you.

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        No worries, I'd heard something like that before and was a little hazy, I needed to look it up anyways, thanks for giving me another reason to... Also, I guess, for destroying The World Eater.

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        Yeah, I made this account a while ago and haven't changed the name since.

  • hedgey

    Congrats to the developers! For Shaun to say, "one of the best games on iOS I've played." is a phenomenal achievement.

    How can resist not giving this one a go after reading that?

  • Tychaeus

    Wow...I can't even finish a comment b4 there are 4 more comments about how "I never instabuy....but today..." So...someone....please...isthererangedcombat? Zomg..IMAP just buy lol.

    • Butterscotch Shenanigans

      Combat is primarily melee but is augmented with a variety of gadgets, like bombs, blow-pipes, plague-injectors, laser clotheslines, and boomerang wrenches. So... yes? But not in a PEW PEW PEW sort of way. You're going to be getting your mitts dirty.

      • Tychaeus

        Oh ok, thanks for the reply...and anyhow...downloading now😅
        Keep up the good works!

      • AppUnwrapper

        Laser clothes lines?

      • Tallgeese

        HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN WRESTLING!?!? IN SPACE!?!? WITH LASERS!?!? You still have to grease up though...

      • Tychaeus

        I saw a reply somewhere to one of my rants about ranged combat and it was said there is a be had? hells yiss son, flamethrower initially, get some DOT going, then sword finisher FTW..still be nice to have a lazurs gun and masheen gun, but I will take and enjoy a flamethrower. I couldn't stop playing last night honestly I couldn't. My plan was to load up Crashlands and play for 30 or 40 minutes then get back to my fallout 4 campaign...fallout 4 got neglected and never loaded up =D

  • Tychaeus

    Hedgey....I know right? The comment from a reviewer alone warrants a download without even looking at a screen shot.

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    Apologize to your battery later.
    It's time to Butter Up!

  • starkiller969

    Congrats on the game butterscotch!! It's amazing

  • WoyBoy15

    The best birthday present ever would be to get this game for excited to hopefully get it soon

  • Tallgeese

    -The "inspiring genesis story" (not a reference to Wrath of Khan, well, maybe khinda...) that is Shaun's link "in the beginning" of the article is dolphinitely worth a read...
    -The blood dragon sounds pretty amazing (not a FarCry 3 DLC ref. or a That Dragon, Cancer ref. I'm assuming, as these are different devs), sorry, that's probably not the proper way to refer to the thing that's ... haunting/heralding for (?) you. I think Spock's "fascinating" probably does best. But I wonder what you think about it. And if this was a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits I'd be the guy that wants to see it but in order to do that...
    -I'm guessing it's in the game more than just metaphorically...? Well I'm getting it anyways so I should probably just di... "take the plunge."
    -Congrats on releasing the game, musketeers, and thanks for sharing your story. To many happy returns!

  • Herbert Derps

    Great game! (Once I figured out how to make a saw).
    I hope you guys make lots of money! Best wishes to you all!

  • the1truemichael

    Man this game is awesome, just spent the last 2 hours sucked into it, can't wait to play more tomorrow!

  • ste86uk

    I remember the story behind the game but never really followed the game much, this sounds awesome though and I'm downloading now as it sounds well worth trying.

    I don't usually do crafting games but after reading the review it sounds like I'll enjoy the way it's implemented and I do love rpg bits.

  • tubaros

    Well, Ive downloaded this one just based on the enthusiasm of the TA reviewer, so lets see if it gets its hooks into me. First play seems quite enjoyable 🙂

  • hil

    I wasn't that interested in the game, but bought it just because cancer is an asshole and the story behind the game moved me. And now I found out I was wrong, I AM interested in the game, I've tried it and I love it and can't stop playing.
    Great game!

  • JudasKain

    Read the story and wanted to support the game- good/bad. Lucky us, THE GAME IS SOOOOO MIND-FRAKKINGLY AWESOME! Insta bought and inst-addicted!

  • Ron

    Several of those screenshots are from an early version of the game before they changed the way the maps were drawn I believe.

  • Milotorou

    Wow, was about to buy from canada, i see it at 5.79$, when i click to buy it says "page is invalid", then app store closes.

    Then i open it again, boom, 6.99$CAD... Oh well price increase was to happen a day or another, just wish i pressed the buy button a minute before -_-. The game definitely looks like its worth my 7$ though...

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    I will gonna buy it now and you shall have my money, Butterscotch Shenanigans

    to the cancer: f*** you and f*** whoever created you

  • Bradley

    I get a serious Don't Starve vibe from the description of this game. How does it differentiate itself enough to make it worth the purchase?

    • Andrew Fretz

      Dont Starve is a survival game where just continuing to exist is an accomplishment, whereas with Crashlands you feel like you are progressing much more, getting stronger, building bigger things and even from the start, the menial tasks are very much automated. you tap once to hit a tree multiple times, you never have to tap on loot, it just automatically gets picked up. There are tons of improvements on the formula.

    • Rothgarr

      I thought the same thing, from the looks of the gameplay it's like a Don't Starve clone to me.

  • volo geddarm's quill

    I like it. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Terraria without vertical digging/building.

  • Repulsa

    Just wanted to say you can find some really epic recipes while exploring not just furniture I found a legendary glove recipe while randomly cutting saw grass. Getting a legendary item unlocked a new avatar for me to use with my BS ID 😀

  • crunc

    Is there any possibility we'll see a release on consoles (and especially the Vita)?

  • Rogue Calypso

    I am going to be obsessed with this game for quite awhile.

  • capncoad

    I just want to say that butterscotch shenanigans is one of my fav mobile developers, along with Beavertap Games. One of the only devs that doesn't make me cry in despair at the state of mobile gaming.

  • thebassman

    This seems like a perfect fit for Apple TV - any chance it's coming to Apple TV anytime soon?

  • curtneedsaride

    Got it this morning, like I do. Played it for a little while before work. Now I'm at work, writing about it because I want to be playing it instead of working. I think a bathroom break may be in my future. I may or may not be diving in or taking a plunge while on that break. There will be water.

    • Tallgeese

      OMgOMgOMgOMG Swirleeeeeeeee but it'll be a congratulatory swirlee! And then cake!

  • bcredonk

    This game is awesome! I'm totally obsessed with it. It is a little like don't starve but... More fun I feel like? There's no going insane and dying it's more like blowing a bunch of crap up and having a giant one legged cow stomp enemies for you. So good! First day purchase all the way. Haven't run into any bugs yet but I do get stuck in battle sometimes when I accidentally click on a resource while dodging an attack, it's killed me a few times

  • Schpank

    It's devs like Butterscotch Shenanigans that deserve the press and success, not the giant widget factories. The 'future of gaming' is still quality games...

  • Spudboy

    Okay okay I put in my Wish List. I already have way to many games.

  • raven1370

    How is this compared to don't starve.? I thought don't starve was I going to like this?

    • Tallgeese

      Fretz was talking about this above. From what I gather, Crashlands seems more towards the Diablo and Borderlands end of the spectrum, with combat and getting bigger and better armor and weapons taking more of a focus than surviving the night. They've also taken some of the tedium out of inventory management, looting, and crafting. At least, that's what I've heard...

      • Zangar

        Yes no surviving the first night, no annoying inventory to sort through. All the main reasons I don't like crafting games they eliminated and actually made a crafting game fun. 5 bucks is nothing for a game that is this well done. You won't regret buying it.

  • raven1370

    Thank you for your answers:)

  • geno11233

    I guarantee you can't help but comment on this post Tallgeese. If you do, I win.

    • Tallgeese

      You'll never beat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      • Tallgeese

        ...---t. You win this round, WIZARD!!!

  • Timmy2x

    I apologize if this had been asked already but after a quick scan I don't see anything anyhow, MFI support/planned?

    • Tallgeese

      Error - post attempt without link -
      Digging around_
      looks like it's been asked a lot on the forums, the only direct response regarding this question was on reddit 213 days ago.
      Paraphrase: At that time dev said it was being built for touchscreens and for keyboard and mouse, and they were mostly trying to get crossplay working and using a controller didn't work well/make sense (not sure if the game has changed enough since then, that a controller might work better...) but the dev account said if there was enough demand for it they might. Otherwise no current plans.
      end result_

    • Tallgeese

      3a - post attempt without link - post attempt without underscore
      Digging around
      looks like it's been asked a lot on the forums, the only direct response regarding this question was on reddit 213 days ago.
      Paraphrase: At that time dev said it was being built for touchscreens and for keyboard and mouse, and they were mostly trying to get crossplay working and using a controller didn't work well/make sense (not sure if the game has changed enough since then, that a controller might work better...) but the dev account said if there was enough demand for it they might. Otherwise no current plans.
      end result

      • Tallgeese

        critical error - double post - recommended actions: delete post - nuke thread - erase witnesses from meatspace registry - Corbomite Maneuver

  • tpianca

    I was playing Don't Starve just before this, and I have to say toady body wondering if those are similar: they are not. Only real similarity is that both have crafting mechanics. Surviving is not an issue in Crashlands, you can die numerous times - like in, say, Junk Jack X. The real deal is progressing, and following the storyline - and Don't Starve doesn't really work much on its storyline describe Crashlands better, think about an action game, such as Zelda, with a collecting/ crafting system. And it is awesome.
    I was a bit concerned about the art style they use - I played towel fight 2 last month and the art style really bothered me. Crashlands uses similar art style but it is more polished, so it doesn't look so gross like in towel fight 2, than it is ok for me. The only thing that still bother me now, for both these games, is: if the main antagonist is so strong and can teleport at will, why doesn't he finish the hero in the beginning of the game?

  • davidv

    Really fun game so far, just what I expected from Butterscotch Shenanigans. However one thing that really bothers me is the in game map. The controls are really awkward (no dragging on touch device?) and it doesn't look very good compared to the rest of the game (on iPad).

    • Ron

      I love this game...but I do gotta say I keep accidentally teleporting places when I forget I can't touch and drag.

  • OneirosSD

    Has anyone tried this on both iOS and PC? I know that you can share progress between the two but I'd still rather only buy it on one. Mostly wondering about the control scheme, which platform it works better on. I saw some minor complaints on Steam about the control steam being a bit too focused on mobile users, but that was a minor quibble in a still overwhelmingly positive response.

  • shapesforms

    i dont get u guys this game has the WORST combat i have ever seen in a game. i would give this game a 5/5 for tediousness and a 1/5 for fun and engaging gameplay!

    • flashbackflip

      Please elaborate! As i am on the fence here. From the description and review it sounds too casual but sooo much positive feedback..... yet i have to see even one bad review..

    • kshriner

      Totally disagree regarding bad combat. I enjoying learning each monster's attack style and modifying the way I deal with different monsters. The basis of combat is that each monster will show a red box or circle where they will attack, you have to get out of the red, then dart in for a few attacks, dart out of the red, dart back for a few attacks etc. I'm not deep in, (leather armors stage), but I've enjoyed the different tactics for each critter types so far. (One legged rhinos are a circle and you want to press just out side the circle the dart in for a whack or two, blue squids are a long box and you want to be near the end of their box where they will end up to get in a few whacks, etc..). I'm an older non-twitch style gamer (usually TB or slower games) and so far I'm really enjoying it!

    • scrotally

      I agree, I don't get it. I have a friend telling me that it's amazing and I need to buy it. I've watched a lot of video and it looks so boring to me. The environment and combat are so bland. Material collecting is one of my least favorite parts of an rpg and that seems to be the main objective of this game. Just don't think it's for me.

      • Nosnoj

        I can see how you might not like the look of the game (i personally like it) and if you just absolutely despise any crafting whatsoever then maybe you might be a little annoyed, maybe. A little. But it is so well designed in every way. The thing I hate about crafting games is the resource management. There is almost none of that here. It does all the tedious stuff for you. I have very rarely played a mobile game, or many other games on any platform, that had me hooked so quickly. Your friend is obviously a genius and you should listen to everything he says, all the time, even if it seems to be against your own interests. It is obvious he is just trying to make your life better. Crashlands has made my life better. Noticeably. I've lost 30 lbs. since I started playing. 4 days ago. Some other stuff happened too I think. So...don't play Crashlands if you want do want to die prematurely. And do if you don't. I think I said that right. Write it right? Wrote?

  • Dee

    Played it for 20 min so far and it's an extremely well designed game for touch screens. The cross save alone could make this bigger and better than don't starve pocket and all the other crafting games because it's not a lesser version than its pc counterpart!

  • Bosley McGillan

    Is this best on a tablet or phone?

    • muttso1o

      It play's best on pc ( at least that's what I tink)
      Then it is tablet, I tried it on my iPod 4th gen (Yes it works with older ios versions) and on my LG G4 the screen size is to small.
      So I would recommand Steam version, tablet ios or Android then phone. The beauty is that the cloud sinc can play on any device.

      • Bosley McGillan

        Thanks bud, I ended up playing on my samsung note 4, it's freaking huge for a phone but it was perfect for this game. I just got to the 2nd area so plenty of gaming left for me.

  • Max Williams

    I've been playing it loads, it's totes amazeballs, if that's not totally done now. Oh and also: NO IAPS AT ALL. The game you play is the best game they could make. How rare and exciting these days.

  • Will28S

    Have played a total of 8 hours! Can't put it down! Love it

  • fabell

    This game is basically the unholy baby of Sacred and Minecraft.

    Does it ever end? I walked north for like an hour and barely scratched the edge of the map. IS THERE AN EDGE??!?

  • Kai Zhuang

    I resisted this game for a month cuz almost nothing about it looked appealing to me. Collecting parts, building stuff, can't even kill stuff right away... booooo,

    Then I bought it on an impulse... a day later, I bought the Steam version so I can play on both my phone AND my mac.

    What an awesomely addictive game.

  • Nick

    Just wanted to come back here and say 20+ hours in I am still absolutely loving this!!!!!!!

  • FunkDoctaSteve

    does this have bosses?

  • Raphael Alexander

    This is not my type of game in the slightest and yet I am hooked and play it alot, it's a really great game.

  • digember

    Probably the best Android game. Crashlands is not a flagship game if this is what you expect, but definitely worth playing and spending hours.

Crashlands Reviewed by Shaun Musgrave on . Rating: 5