This week's game releases just went up a notch with the release of Star Trek Timelines [Free], a game from the developers of Game of Thrones Ascent. If you like Star Trek, then you are definitely in for a treat with this one since the game lets you assemble a crew from hundreds of favorite Star Trek characters ranging from the Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. So, as you can imagine, if you've seen a Star Trek character in any those shows, you'll probably be seeing them in this game, too. As I wrote a few months back, the game takes place in a universe where a temporal anomaly (or smart game devs) brings together characters, settings, and stories from all the shows mentioned above.

You, of course, will take the role of the captain and you'll assemble a crew to help you resolve various conflicts using the crew's unique skills and abilities (like Riker's amazing way of sitting on a chair). So, you could go with a crew of all your favorites, or you could actually try and assemble a crew with the appropriate skills.The game also has 3D ship-to-ship battles in both PvP and PvE modes, so if you've always wanted to show the world how you could kick Captain Picard's behind, here's your chance.

What I find even more interesting than the ship-to-ship battles is the developer's insistence that it's bringing to the game the core principles and viewpoints of Star Trek: optimism for the future, belief in progress and equality, and a love of exploration. Those are the themes that make me enjoy Star Trek more than Star Wars (sorry, Disney), and I'm hoping that Star Trek Timelines has managed to weave those themes together with addictive and fun gameplay. The game's out now for free on both the iPhone and iPad, so, engage (sorry, couldn't resist).

  • Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis

    There is only one thing that I love more than Star Wars and that is Star Trek.

    Also there is only one thing that I love more than Star Trek and that is Star Wars.

    • TopherW

      You sir, have just shown mean the meaning of life.

      • spron

        Nothing mean about is a great comment! 🙂

    • Adams Immersive

      There is only one thing I love more than stars, and that is triangles.

    • DanKetch

      You sir are a zen master.

      • Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiadis

        Thank you kind sir

  • Jerutix

    "The game's out now for free on both the iPhone and iPad, so, engage (sorry, couldn't resist)." Nor should you have, good sir. Now for some Earl Gray, hot and Star Trek Timelines!

    • Mintcake

      Well of course you can't resist. Resitance is futile.

  • porsupah

    Only worrisome factor, though, is that "free" price tag. I see IAPs for "Monthly Card Purchase" and "Stick of Dilithium" - how playable is it without becoming a money sink?

    • Anova

      Haven't tried it yet but happy to hear there's a monthly subscription. Of all the F2p monitizations I've seen so far I'm happiest wth this. It's actually fair, as long as I'm playing I'll buy the card and get enough premium currency to treat it like a premium game. If I stop playing a don't pay more. This also has the (hugely) important incentive for the company to keep the game fun for senior players. Not only Can I p,ay on get, but I'm happier buying IAP knowing the experience is about to wall out after 10 hours.

      • Anova

        Happier knowing it isn't going to wall out.

    • Noah

      You can play a couple of hours before you need to invest $1,000...

  • Alan Baldwin

    I can't say that I'm excited. I don't trust Disruptor Beam after Game of Thrones: Ascent, and all the technical issues it had.

  • Martymcsmartie

    I'm more excited than when Darmok and Galad were at Tanagra

    • Psac42

      One of the best episodes. Sooooo deep.

      • Xexist

        Shaka, when the walls fell

  • TripMX

    In April 2014, I, as well many other people had anticipated that this would be a truly new Star Trek masterpiece to rule them all. After watching the promotional video back then, we were pumped up for this game. Maybe we avid fans would finally be able to play a plausible large-scale Star Trek game for mobile!

    Now, over a year later, the game gets released...I JUST downloaded and played it today. I couldn't be more disappointed. The hopes to explore strange new worlds and control our our destinies using our own ingenuity and skill~...all crushed to shit with their modern business model. OMG toucharcade, I haven't been this pissed in a while! I deleted this game after 20 minutes trying to pull myself together touch by touch, just hoping that things would improve as I progressed through the game. The only notable things were the storyline and the psychedelic map; everything else has "MODERN BUSINESS MODEL" written all over it. Is this what they were working on all this time?! 65MB downloaded; 400+MB downloaded server typical card battler schematic, only everything looks like it's still in Beta! Gameplay-wise, well let's just say some old Sega Genesis Star Trek game could MOP THE FLOOR with this fucker! Hell, I'm starting to think that even E.T. (Atari) had more substance than this game! rant is complete; this is a mobile game, and its development was limited to that of mobile gaming platforms and current standards. My standards are simply too high for mobile gaming coupled with the fact that EVERYTHING I hoped for in this game simply got Beam'd away like noone's business. Dear iPad Air 2, is your graphics processor and RAM not enough to make a full-fledged Star Trek game?

    "I only do what I'm told no matter how fucked up the instructions are."
    -iPad Air 2

    In closing, Disruptor Beam, your game is ugly as hell, and so doth it run as such. I expect thine forthcoming updates to this netherchild of an app, so it is called, to bring about the truth of anti-aliasing. I expect thine updates to involve less comprehension with more suspension. I expect thine updates to fertilize the seed of your pockets whilst evermore drudgingly slapping true fans directly in the face. And notwithstanding, your ever recursive examples of how games should NOT be.

    "Never look a gift horse in the mouth", you say? Well, a FREE TO DOWNLOAD game, the horse if you will, isn't always guaranteed to not have a mouth full of shit...the point being, I should have saw (smelled) this coming, but subconsciously hoped for the best because I was stupid to think that Star Trek Timelines would be a good game!

    • Tallgeese

      This man has been to the dark heart of the mobile jungle and back...

      • Tallgeese

        I haven't tried it myself yet but Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator sounds cool.

      • eduo

        For an alternative check out Quinjet. Allows for the same, but over normal equipment. Set-up a crew of up to five with clear functions and assign functions to them in missions. Over multiple platforms.

    • Noah

      You can't experience the full game without first purchasing $1,000 worth of iAP. Trust me... it gets better.

      • Tallgeese


      • TeddyNYC

        Damn those greedy Ferengi app developers!

    • spsummer

      Awesome post.

  • YaoYao

    I'm having trouble seeing the dedication to the ethos of Star Trek, unless of course you're referring to the Ferengi. This game should have the Rules of Acquisition on all the loading screens...

    • Tallgeese

      Quark would be happy... Well, richer anyways...

  • Roadblocked

    I only played for a few minutes but it seems like it's basically marvel contest of champions with a Star Trek skin?

  • Taeles

    man this comments thread has some great ones. even more worth reading than the article 😛

  • DanKetch

    Hundreds of characters you say...I want Armas Skin of Evil!!

  • Krikaoli

    It is a little complicated... at least at first minutes... not very intuitive... I don't know if there is a settings option, I didn't find... The game is in Portuguese because I downloaded at Brazil's AppStore, but the translation is so poor I would prefer playing in english... I don't know if my iPhone 6S Plus is with some problems, but I heard some glitches at the sound and my device was very hot the few minutes I was playing the game...

  • Martin S

    I went in with the expectation that it would be crap. Seeing as Star Trek games usually disappoint and the F2P model that every game and it's grandmother is using is the spawn of satan. But keeping that in mind I kinda figured the F2P would mean: some currency I can make, some currency I can buy with real money and timers so I can't play as long as I want. And yeah that's pretty much what it has. Although initially I've been playing for some time without having to wait for timers, so far no paywall but I really haven't gotten that far yet. But I've been enjoying it, if only because of the Star Trek branding and the voiceover from John de Lancie.

    I get to collect some of my favourite characters while I watch some Trek episodes on another screen in the background. So it kinda feels like a collectible game. I have my mind set on some characters, I know which ship I want to cruise around in. The gameplay itself isn't very satisfying at the moment, it's basically numbers and dice rolls where the stats on your characters largely determine the outcome of the events. But so far, being as skeptical I am to the F2P model in general, this is something with a nice vibe and will be nice as a companion when you get the Star Trek cravings.

    So far I haven't found Janeway so I'm unsure if there is coffee in the nebula.

  • icecreamjones

    Looks really good, plays like absolute garbage. What a time/money sink, worst grind i've played in one of these in a while.