Dastan Games is releasing an odd little isometric shooter called The Light Inside Us this week on January 14th. The game has you controlling a group of sentient photons, which you can aim and fire at enemies. The game slows down to let you aim at your foes warping into battle, with aiming lines to help you get the perfect shot, particularly as you can use the environment to your advantage. Your photons are your health and your ammo, so wasting shots and taking damage is a very bad idea.

The game promises an intriguing abstract theme to go along with its more tactical gameplay than you see from most shooters. But tactical shooting worked out for Space Marshals [$3.99], and this looks even more out there than that game is. It's a very intriguing little game, and you'll get to check it out this week on the 14th, when it launches for $2.99. Update: The developer has just confirmed to us that the iOS version of the game has been delayed indefinitely due to some behind-the-scenes issues. You can play a demo version on Android.

  • http://deadjam.co.uk AKA James Bolton

    This look pretty interesting. Might not be my cup of tea as I'm into bullets over tactics but I'll be keeping an eye on the review and user ratings.

  • _the_escape_artist_

    It's like an isometric version of David. Or at least it makes me think of David. (The game in case anyone thinks I'm talking about a person. Haha.)

  • rezn

    Yes this looks fantastic. Something addicting already lurking inside this type of shooter. I feel some Rymdkapsel influence among others. Very cool nonetheless.

  • rezn

    Android users can check out the demo available in the Play store. Looks like it's been there since September.

  • http://twitter.com/slarti slarti

    Wow thanks for the neat article Carter. I'm one of the devs behind this game, unfortunately we recently ran into a couple of issues with our apple account forcing us to postpone the release date a little. We foolishly neglected to inform Carter and the touch arcade community about this. Hopefully we should have a solid release date soon, till then as @toucharcade-ad8cacfa8a47e2779f3c41e9dc1a7aa3:disqus mentioned, you can check out an older demo of The Light Inside Us on android to see if this is up your alley 🙂