Supercell just soft-launched Clash Royale and you must play it right now. I speak from experience: on Monday, I wasn't hooked to any current free-to-play games. On Friday afternoon, I'm checking the game every few hours to collect my free rewards, unlock my chests that are ready, along with communicating and giving cards to my clan (all glory to Para_Digm and his Beard Nation). This game has become a thing in my life. It's that good, and you need to be playing it.

If you're in one of the countries with the game, you're all set already, and can even buy in-app purchases. But it's really not that difficult to do if you're elsewhere. Go to the iTunes App Store on your computer, scroll way down to the bottom and switch countries to, let's say Canada. Go download Clash Royale, and when iTunes prompts you to sign in, choose to register a new account. If you use Gmail, you can do something like put +ca after your email name and before the @. For example: Finish registration, download the game. Then on your device, scroll down to the bottom of the App Store where your Apple ID is. Sign out of your current account and into your new account, where iTunes will switch the country automatically. Go download Clash Royale and you're in. You can't buy any IAP unless you score some iTunes credit for that country somehow, but otherwise you're good.

Clash Royale is real-time strategy meets MOBA meets CCG. You go into battle with a deck of 8 cards, 4 of which are in your hand at any time. Each card has an elixir cost, and to play it, you must have that much elixir, which recharges over time. You can place your units anywhere on your side of the screen, but they will go toward the paths toward the enemy's crown towers, which you must destroy to win. You don't have any control of units once you place them, so you need to know their tendencies. And you need to learn how your enemy's units' tendencies work. It's a quite clever combo, and the game all takes place in battles that are 4 minutes, tops. There are two crown towers and the king's crown tower. Destroy the king tower and win instantly. The game will end after 3 minutes (with the last minute providing double elixir generation) if one player has destroyed more crown towers. But if the crown tower count is even, then there's a one minute sudden-death overtime where the first player to destroy a tower wins. There's a ladder system where you earn and lose points for your performance.

Clash Royale Versus Match

The chief reason to play Clash Royale right now is that it's really, really fun. It does an exceptional job to combine the best parts of CCGs with the best parts of MOBAs. The cards you use to summon your units have a bunch of variety, and you can play to your own strategy as you go and unlock more of the cards. The battles get intense, as it's quite possible for one smart play to change the tide of battle. Counter an opponent's Giant and Mini P.E.K.K.A. with something like a skeleton army, then drop a prince that they can't counter since they ran out of elixir, and it feels great. I prefer playing defensive; if I win 1-0, that's quite fine by me, I'm not all that focused on trying to take out the king's tower. You have to keep track of what your opponent's deck and what you'd expect their elixir count to be. Playing smart in the first 2 minutes is important, but then the game gets crazy in the last minute plus overtime with double elixir.

Clash Royale is quite likely to become a huge phenomenon. The 3-4 minute game structure is perfect for mobile. I thought Call of Champions [Free] had this figured out, but this might be even better. It's super-easy and approachable to get into a game at any moment. Clash Royale's tutorial teaches you how to play, but doesn't keep you locked in for too long before letting you go out and play for real. And the session length is perfect: at one point, I accidentally started a game, and didn't feel bad for playing it because I knew I didn't have a huge commitment. And the game's chest system makes it so that one win often goes a long way, as it's something that will give you a reward...eventually.

Clash Royale Menu Screen

Why should you get in now, though? Well, there's already a good audience going for the game, with a bunch of players and clans set up from all over the globe already. This feels like it's in the nascent stages of being the next phenomenon like Clash of Clans [Free]. If it intrigues you, why wait? The game syncs up progress via cloud-based accounts; you lose nothing when you reinstall on your home account so you can buy IAP later on. The game feels like a finished product, short of whatever gameplay and monetization balance it will receive. The game could release worldwide at any moment.

Another big reason to play now? You can learn how to play with everyone else. Unlike a MOBA, you're likely behind other enthusiasts who are familiar with the genre as a whole. Even a new game can be daunting. Clash Royale uses a lot of familiar elements, but it's a whole new concoction. If you get in now, you can play while people are still learning and discovering the tricks to how everything works and how strategies should work out. It's kind of like playing a fighting game online right at release – you've actually got a shot at doing well! The matchmaking already does a good job at putting you with players around your skill, but hey – get in while the getting's good.

Another reason to get in is that this can convince you that free-to-play games can be fun without paying. I've put in cursory efforts to get Canadian iTunes credit, sure. I wouldn't mind unlocking more chests to get more cards to try out other rare units and get more upgrades, sure. But the matchmaking regardless ensures you're around people of similar skills. You can play this game and contribute to your clan without sinking in any money. Granted, like pretty much any CCG, the people who sink in loads of money are going to be the top tiers of players because they've obtained the most opportunities to get the best stuff. But hey, if you're playing a game and care about it that much, why not pay for it? But when you're playing a game that's free-to-play without even having the ability to pay, you realize just how fun it can actually be. And learning to min-max the game is fun in and of itself. Plus, if you figure out what you are doing with your deck and join a cool clan, they can hook you up with what you need if you're willing to donate back.

But at the end of it all, you need to play this because it's a ton of fun. Everyone's going to be talking about it when it goes global. Do you want to miss this opportunity to be a hipster about the game and say you were playing it before it was cool? No, you don't.

  • xelasnewo

    I agree, this game is epic!

    • veryggyy

      But u need to open chest by gem after slots are full.πŸ˜…

      • meowmel

        Yeah it's soo good I wish they didn't put the chest slots =

      • digitaligor

        Well, with chest slots it has more monetization, so it makes sense. πŸ™‚

    • Ricardo DInano

      Guys who play clash royale try this method:


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  • eventide

    Can this be done on iPad or iPhone?

    • hellscaretaker


  • eventide

    Figured it out. Game is super fun and addictive

  • nestor

    I could not agree more! I've been playing this daily since you guys announced the soft launch, and I can't put it down. Fantastic CCG with RPG-like progression (leveling up cards) packaged into pocket-sized battles with a loot system that keeps you hooked. Honestly, people have complained a lot about the long timers in the chests, but it's actually not that bad. If you expect to play this game for 2 straight hours, then it may not be the game for you... But if you have a few minutes to spare during the day to play a few battles then it's perfect, since the chests will unlock between play sessions.

    • BravadoWaffle

      I think a small amount of gold as a reward when winning a battle would solve the feeling of frustration at the long chest timers. That way even if your slots are full you still feel like you are making some progression.

  • MrThickDick

    More ads from TA disguised as articles.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Why do you even visit our site if you think we are bribed by developers to post about games we like?

      • Modjular

        To uncover your devious plots

      • Von Strubel

        I think the problem is the wording as it really sounds a bit like an ad. "Another big reason to play now? You can learn how to play with everyone else." It's just strange.

      • Steph

        Attention that's why, young kids looking for attention.

      • Brian Depaulo

        i visited the site (singular event) by googling clash royale and was so disappointed to see that this site is clearly a joke where every game gets a good review in my brief looking around. Clash royale most def is going to be good im excited to play but the language is a joke we aren't stupid

      • Brian Depaulo

        Also it's no "bribed" it's "employed by"

    • Jared Nelson

      The only way tiny minds can explain away someone liking a video game they don't personally like.

      • houseofg

        I wish you guys would heed our advice to stay above the fray. You literally are above comments like the one you are swarming here. Though it really says a lot about how personally you take community feedback, and are so far from being a corporate suckup.

      • qwang

        I appreciate that they show some backbone instead of the standard corporate-PR placidity and deference to this kind of thing.

      • YARRRRR

        There is another great way to know a tiny mind: tiny minds always respond to criticism with ad hominems.

      • Jared Nelson

        Guess we're all in the same boat then.

    • colbertj

      Wouldn't it be the other way around, genius?

  • DeuxApex


  • Milotorou

    At first i thought it was a lame attempt by supercell to copy hearthstone.

    Boy have i been ever so wrong, this is a really different concept, i love it, its fresh and fun !

    • PallaZ

      Only thing this has common with hearthstone are the emotes.

      • IncaKola

        Lol very true, this game has nothing in common with hearthstone.

  • houseofg

    Damn you, Carter! That's MY email address!

  • Modjular

    I agree, the game is pretty solid for something that hasn't even launched yet. But I feel like you're just asking for the inevitable "overrated" and "overhyped" comments.

    • nini

      Even looking at it and suggesting it's a good game would pass as overhyping for some.

  • speedyph


  • RJTwo

    Question on switching regions to get access to the App... the game is tied to that Apple ID, yes? You'll always be locked to downloading it from that account in the future if you want to keep your record/standing, I take it?

    • birnbe

      I had the same question. So when this launches in the US and I want to play it on my real iTunes account, I'll have to start over?

      • Steph


    • JayTay

      The game uses Game Center for your progress so it doesn't matter what you use to download so long shot are logged into GC with your "main" account.

    • JayTay

      The game uses Game Center for your progress so it doesn't matter what you use to download so long as you are logged into GC with your "main" account.

  • libtroll

    The info to change country settings in iTunes isn't as easy as you make it sound. You also have to change your billing address to match the country.

    • Jared Nelson

      That's part of the creating a new account process, you just use an address from the same country that you're making an account for.

    • eventide

      It's super easy if my dumb a$$ can figure it out

      • speedyph


  • Para_Digm

    It is been an amazing game to not only build #BeardNation on but to stream as well. With my fast fingers lol and chats knowlegde on what cards fit best into the current meta it makes for a night full of fun and rage! Thanks for the shout out bud! #FearTheBeard

    • Tonk Montana

      Any more spots in beard nation? I have a beard! Lol. IGN is Tonk Montana. (Just started, should be level 3 soon).

  • lokijki

    Having a lot of fun with the game, but I'm a bit frustrated with only being allowed to unlock 1 chest at a time. I'm in Arena 3 at the moment, and have two of my slots basically permanently taken up by Arena 1 chest.

    I'd rather save my gems than open them, and there's always going to be a better chest to open in one of the other two slots.

  • Anova

    Oh man, that is satisfying.

  • Chris Hopewell

    Game is epic, the timers are just brutal

  • profhuggybear

    Well I see the future. I will be buying stock in this company. I can't wait to play this game. πŸ‘

  • Freiteez

    I had to try many accounts and finally found my New Zealand one to download this. Totally worth it. It's so good!

  • DemoEvolved

    This game is dangerously addictive. Super fun. Way more fun than clash. This will be bigger than candy crush. Are there clones yet?

    • eventide

      I think so too. Supercell, as far as I'm concerned, is the king of mobile gaming.

      • Walter JB

        Just concerned whether or not history will repeat itself and Supercell will once again disappoint so many of its gamers. When was the last time you checked the reviews for Clash of Clans on Playstore? Over 100,000 negative reviews in under one month? Not necessarily for the game itself, but for Supercell. This new game may be fun, but trust in Supercell has been shattered globally. Because of that, a huge number of people will not even consider checking out this game.

      • Milotorou

        Which is sad because this game is friggin amazing.

        If people pass out on it its their problem i guess, i see myself playing this game for a LOOOONG time.

      • Walter JB

        Actually I don't see it as their "problem" unless you see the problem as them avoiding another in-app-purchases game that gives you just enough fun to hook you and just enough frustration & impatience to have you going for your wallet. IMO, there are many "pay up front, but then no more" mobile games that are much more fun, better built with far better graphics. And no danger to your wallet or your parent's credit card.

  • radioactive_pal

    Addictive demo; very exciting. Ready to incorporate strategic efforts, maybe every nuance together.

  • Yukari

    On iPhone 5 it crashes on launch.

  • Walter JB

    The game may be good, but many have lost faith in the company itself because of the whole Clash of Clans controversy due to their latest update and Supercell's response to it. Many have quit the game. Negative reviews flood Playstore and the Internet. Not because of the game itself, but because of the company. As a result, a very large number of "clashers" will not even consider this game, no matter how "fun" it may seem to be at this time. Especially those who have spent huge amounts of money on Clash of Clans. Not my opinion. Fact.

    • spader623

      What exactly did they do with the new update? I'm curious

      • Walter JB

        In the TH11 update, one no longer acquires a shield if his/her TH has been destroyed. Now to receive a shield, there has to be a minimum of 30% damage done to your base by a certain number of troops. This not only killed farming, but made it possible for a person to lose MOST of his/her loot in a few hours. However, because of this, less loot is kept and raiding requires stronger troops. So it takes 2 to 3x as long to get anything "if" you can manage not to lose most of it in one or two raids.

        For casual gamers who only wanted to play an hour or two a day, this is unacceptable. Supercell was (in a subtle manner) forcing them to double their play time or "encouraging" them to spend more money on either topping off the loot we require for upgrades or to buy shields. Aparently the millions of dollars they raked in every day wasn't enough to satisfy their greed.

      • Walter JB

        Incidentally, an "argument" was that the multiple raids on one's village was because of a weak base layout, so now there is an ever increasing movement to STOP a raid just short of 30% as often as possible in order to nail as many of these "stronger base" people as possible out of spite.

      • Walter JB

        For example, since the update, I lose from 10, 000 to 20, 000 dark elixer every week. My bases seldom ever get 3 starred in war or home. And I mean less than 5% of the time. However, because I've been trying to save up for enough for a lv 3 golem updrade, I have been high on the dark elixer target list. I am constantly hit with high level gowipe, dragaloon, etc. attacks that are fully intent on getting to my dark elixer. They often lose trophies & everything else, but they manage to get some dark elix each time, no matter how I tweak my base. This is about 10 times the amount I would lose before the update. This is also one of the major complaints that have been flooding the internet.

        Like I said, there is a huge number of people that are not happy with Supercell & want nothing to do with them. They continue to play Clash of Clans because of the time & money they have invested in it. MANY have spent thousands of dollars. Supercell has continued to ignore them and I have even received a response from SC saying that they have no intention to "fix" this, that "some day" we'll get used to it.

        No wonder so many don't even want to consider any other games from that company.

    • eventide

      What are you referring to?

      • Walter JB

        Actually, just read the reviews on Playstore or easily find one of many articles on line regarding the negative responses to the TH11 update.

      • tentonmushi

        I didn't like the update at first either, but now I'm used to it. Funny thing is now the multiplayer has improved because there are more lucrative bases to hit. so if you quit then I guess you miss out. as far as this new one goes it reminds me of hearthstone, it's not tech strategy+timing like clash so i'll probably drop it after playing a few days.

  • j.e3diu

    I would if it wasn't quite impossible to beat opponents. Every single one has waaaaay better "cards" than I do Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

    I could of course use some real money to be able to win. Well, not my cup of tea. Hope people enjoy it!

    • eventide

      Again if my dumb a$$ can beat someone you surely can. Just have to have the right combination of cards, level them up and BE DEFENSIVE. IMO don't play cards until your opponent plays then attack whatever they have summoned. Also, let your elixir fill to 10 before you make your first move.

      • speedyph


  • NetronGaming

    how do i find the game on ipod

  • RichRuzz

    I'm like a crack addicted baby! I need to be able to buy gemssssss. ;( lol!

  • stalfosknight

    I wish this site offered a way to filter out articles about free-to-play games.

    • RichRuzz

      Are you serious? The game is actually pretty great without paying anything at all and is a load of fun. Just pretty addicting and I want to support them.

      • stalfosknight

        I'm sure games can be fun whether you pay for them or not, but I don't much care for annoying ads, invasive data collection, or energy-gating / artificial delays in gameplay that free-to-play developers shovel into their games to generate IAP.

        I just want to pay for my games at upfront for a fair and full price and enjoy a clean unencumbered experience.

      • speedyph

        😧😧😧😧😧😧😧but it's no energy tho Kidd

      • stalfosknight

        I'll take your word for it, but I still vehemently disagree with the cancer on gaming free-to-play represents and I will not be supporting it in any way.

      • eventide

        I'm definitely with you on the F2P (I hate it but it's not going away unfortunately) model but enjoying a game and supporting it are 2 different things. Play it, have fun with it but don't pay $$ if you don't want to 'support it'. Just play it for what it is a few minutes or more out of the day and leave it at that.

      • stalfosknight

        Perhaps I'm somewhat more hardline than most, but in today's data-driven economy, I'm concerned that a mere download could be interpreted as interest or validation, however slight, in this business model.

      • Schpank

        You're not more hardline than most, there's a lot of us. The mobile games industry is doing everything it can to change the face of gaming and make monetized gameplay the new normal. As long as you have the means to purchase your games outright, you can simply sidestep the shitshow and buy from the excellent developers who refuse to turn their game creations into slot machines. It doesn't matter how many rubes bleed money on f2p crap or how much propaganda the industry's media handmaidens churn out. Vote with your wallet.

      • DemoEvolved

        There's no ads

      • DemoEvolved

        You can play an unlimited amount with no interruption afaik.

  • eventide

    Does the fact that they have prices for the American store mean it's coming soon to the States?

  • ffaust

    Going to wait, also got to create the fake gmail account and at that point seems like more hassle than anything.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It will take you less than 5 minutes and will be usable for all sorts of other soft launches, not just this one.

      • ffaust

        Your right, thanks. Got it working!

    • eventide

      You can use your original gmail address. Just type in your gmail address and add +ca before @gmail. Example change to

  • meowmel

    Best supercell game for sure

  • Montanx HS

    It's one of the best games on iOS right now and likely to be the next big think like hearthstone was. It's pay to win but there's also so much strategy and layers of nuance going on. Plus the matchmaking system works so you won't be playing the Asian names with 5k pumped into the game on day 1. What game doesn't have that anyway?

  • blowfish

    I can't find it in both of my App Store accounts (PH and US). Has Supercell removed this from the store?

  • toniariza

    Installed the game. It is very fun. After an hour playing, I have to wait 4 hours to continue playing. Uninstalling...

    Another freemium shit.

    • spsummer

      That's what it is, unfortunately.

    • Walter JB

      Again the strategy is to make it fun and then introduce enough frustration into it so you would be encourage to pay real money "just this once"........ with the psychological structure of the game ever steering you to change that to " just this 437th time! "

      There are far better & more fun games out there with real story lines & less mindless "waiting". Better to pay a few bucks up front and avoid all "in app purchase" games altogether. You will not miss them & you won't go broke either.

  • Hunter Vaught

    Anybody know how to get it early on Android?

  • bcredonk

    Loving it so far! Thanks for the heads up, sometimes I have trouble defeating opponents with better cards than I have but the only thing you lose as of soft launch is trophies. This is a very player friendly f2p game. At arena level one it only costs 1 gold piece to play a game and the only thing stopping you from playing until you run out of gold is chest slots. You can still play but you will only earn trophies instead of cards and gold

  • BravadoWaffle

    Welp, I'm addicted...

    The chest timers are annoying. I wish winning battles when your chest slots were full gave you a little gold or something more to encourage you to keep playing. But other than that I'm thoroughly enjoying the game.

    • RichRuzz

      Yeah, they need to find a way so you feel less guilty about playing with full chest slots. I feel like I should avoid playing until they open.

  • phonecats

    Starcraft custom game Nexus Wars...


  • Zangar

    Downloaded the game, first time having a Canada account. Quick question, I signed back into my "main" App Store account in the USA, how will I know if there is an update to the game? Do I have to sign back in to Canada account every so often to check? Thanks Excited to get my hands on this game

  • Spudboy

    Thanks for the video. Once I see that a game has Cards - I'm out.

  • joel fry

    Can u get this game on play store?

  • powlicious

    you guys should save our times not hyping bullshit games like these. This game mimics competition but doesnt has any.

    Just buy/upgrade stuff to be more powerful, to make a few wins, lose again until being stronger, win again until losing, grind and pay to be winner until youre a loser, until youre a winner until youre a loser. Etc pepe.

    Yeah. What a great game.

    What is this? a pseudo competitive skinnerbox?

    People these days are definitily getting dumber and dumber...

    • Eli Hodapp


  • sniperman

    they need to release it onto android

  • Sovatsem

    Damn Canadians and their messed up postal codes....

  • Alexandrine Martin

    Would love to...but when Clash Royale will be available on Android?

  • bwort110

    So if I get this through Canadian account, is there a problem when it goes global? Can i still use my game account and buy iap?thx for help

  • Umair Aman

    Played ot for an hour and deleted it because i always got higher level troops against me.unbalanced and boring.

  • Farbod Gharehbaghi

    Is clash royale available on the samsung s6 edge?

  • Kellboton

    hi im just asking if you need a mobile connection to play Clash of royale?? I need your reply thax in advance

  • jarv

    hi people πŸ™‚ does anyone know if we are getting clan wars ?

  • Nico2br2

    Alors pour commencΓ© j'ai mis un commentaire sur Google play store je vous ai demander de virer les tricheurs sur votre jeu et a par Γ  ment vous autorisez les tricheurs c'est inadmissible je suis bloquΓ© a l'arΓ¨ne 5 a cause de tricheur qui n'arrΓͺte pas de mettre plusieurs carte a la fois j'espΓ¨re que vous allez faire quelque chose contre ces tricheurs sinon arrete de jouΓ© a votre jeu sur ce bonne journΓ©e😈😈😈😈