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Without further ado…



There was a time when I thought sniper games were just the coolest fit for mobile. iPhones and iPads make perfect little windows for scoping, and the touchscreens actually work very well for dragging around a scene and aiming. I guess I wasn't the only one who felt that way, as sniper games somewhat exploded on the App Store, and it became one of those things I actually got tired of despite liking the genre very much. I figured I'd feel the same when I first saw Lonewolf [Free], a new sniper game from FDG Entertainment and SHD Games, but I was very happy to be proven wrong after finally getting my hands on the game after its launch this week.


First off, Lonewolf has a very cool and cohesive style. It's heavily based on noir, meaning it has very monochromatic, dark, and shadowy visuals. It's simplistic–this isn't a graphically intensive sniper game like Gameloft's recent Sniper Fury–but its simplicity actually works in its favor and especially stands out amongst the many stickman-based sniping games out there. Lonewolf also has a storyline with a very engaging set of characters, which is told via these slick graphic novel-style illustrated cutscenes. I never imagined I'd care about a story in a game like this.

Besides its excellent style and story, the other thing that really stuck out to me about Lonewolf are its creative missions. Sure there's plenty of the "find this particular character and put a bullet in them" missions, but there's also some missions that almost border on puzzles as you have to figure out the right way to approach the situation in order to be successful. Also, breaking up the sniping mission are special handgun segments that play like classic gallery shooting games. They require quick action and good aim, and are incredibly fun. These are an evolution of the segments from Tactical Assassin, a 2013 sniping game also by SHD Games.

What could have been "yet another sniper game" actually has turned out to be something incredibly compelling and unique in the genre. Players in our forums have been going bananas for Lonewolf since its release, and it's easy to see why. It's free to download with typical free to play elements like ads and timed lives, and is entirely playable without ever spending a dime, but these can all be disabled with a single $1.99 IAP, which is nice option. If you're into sniping games or simply enjoy a good noir-style crime story, definitely give Lonewolf a try.

[Disclaimer: FDG Entertainment is currently one of the top contributors to our Patreon campaign. Our editorial coverage is of course in no way influenced by Patreon support, and FDG has long been a publisher and developer of some of the best games on iOS that we've been covering for years, but we'd still like to be upfront about this to our readers.]

  • skylined87

    Love FDG and love this game, although there wasn't much that could compete with this as far as GOTW. I would say "weak week," but this game is enough to satisfy me for this week at least. Congrats FDG on a fine piece of sniper gaming!

    • JudasKain

      Weak week indeed. But let's not take any credit away from lone wolf. Can't help but immerse yourself In the experience. And totally worth it!

      Next chapter puhleeeeeze!

  • Alexythimia23

    Its FDG.... They are pretty much guaranteed GOTW, theses guys dont mess around when making games. One of the Top devs in ios hands down.

  • rtdc98

    Great game. I wanted to love kill shot bravo, liked it, but love this so far. I sprung premium and it was easily worth the couple of bucks.

  • lonestarcarper

    I enjoyed it, I upgraded to premium and beat the story mode in a day - I look forward to chapter 2. If it wasn't for the reviews on here I would have skipped this free to play title

  • debaser626

    Love the "feel" of the game over the non-stories found in most sniper titles. Deleted after tutorial and first mission, though. App keeps crashing after every mission and menu click on 6S plus on 9.2. Will wait for update and download again.

    • lonestarcarper

      We are on the same device and I didn't have any issues at all.

  • aced411

    I gave it a shot based on this write up. I generally don't care for these types of touch games but I was pleasantly surprised! They did a great job. I am also very impressed that they offer the option to change it from freemium to a normal game for only $2.

  • SHD Games

    This is a fantastic review and it said everything I had hoped for!
    I put a lot of love into this game, and was disheartened by the trend of Sniper games on the mobiles, so I am very happy to hear that my efforts to stand out were noticed!

    Thank you guys so much and I can't wait until I get you more games 🙂

  • bobcorrigan

    There's an impossible-to-beat level in chapter 2, very frustrating.