Anybody that knows me even a little bit knows that I love me some cats. Sure, the Internet has kind of made the whole cat thing feel played out the last few years, but even given that do you ever NOT watch those cat videos your friends are always posting? Of course you watch them. Now, cats are combining with perhaps my favorite gaming genre, the platformer, in an upcoming iOS game called Felis. In Felis, the goal is pretty simple: Rescue cats from various types of traps and make it to the end of the level with them alive and in tow, all while fending off the crazy monsters who are trying to stop you. Ah, rescuing cats, humanity's most noble endeavor. Check out the trailer.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not in the world of mobile, Felis is the two-year project of a single developer, which makes the really luscious graphics and sharp character design all the more impressive. The video for Felis reminds me of a mixture of Leo's Fortune [$4.99] with its dream-like fuzzy edges and lighting, but starring a male version of the punk Giana Sister from Giana Sisters [$1.99]. Basically it looks awesome!

According to the developer's post in our forums, Felis has around a couple of months left of work before it's finished, so not too long to wait now. There's even more screens and info in that forum thread so be sure to check it out and we'll let you know when Felis gets a release date.

  • cymsdale

    Wasn't there some cat lady simulator that was supposed to come out like a year ago?

    • ValentiaLyra

      I'd beta test that in a heartbeat! 🤗

    • curtneedsaride

      Yeah, I remember reading about that and the crazy cat lady in me shrieked. Whatever happened to that?!

  • Felis Game

    OMG, I swear a friend called me on the phone, and by friend I actually mean my mom, telling me that you've written an article about Felis! Can you believe that?? I'm so thankful, you're awesome!
    I love the way you've captured the nature of Felis game's spirit in this article, so hilarious!
    Will keep working hard on this game, things are coming together nicely!

    • nini

      Hi, dev's mom!

      • Felis Game

        I will tell her you said hello! :-3

    • speedyph

      Awesome looking game man 😻👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

      • Felis Game

        Thank you, speedy! 😀

    • JudasKain

      It's plain to see how much love was Kneaded into this game. Can't wait to jump in it's furry arms!

      • Felis Game

        Hey. Thank you! This is what motivates me. Really gave my best so the game looks and plays nice.

  • djstout

    The game looks so good!

    • Felis Game

      Hey djstout, haha! Thanks again! <3

  • curtneedsaride

    Definitely looking forward to saving some cats. Do we get to name them, by any chance? Yup, I asked that. That's the crazy cat lady in me. What has my wife done to me?! 😉

    PS. We need MAGLOR on this one so much.

    • Felis Game

      Man, now I want to add that feature. Could be like an extra game ingredient, hehe!

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    the cats are so precious <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Gamer_Kev

    I'm a cat person myself and have been since childhood. Being also a night owl, I'd be pretty lonely without my two wegies keeping me company. I'm also a 2D platformer fan, so I'll be looking forward to this.

  • boydstr

    Looks really nice especially the graphics,great UI b.t.w
    Pic is of my friend Tiger.

  • thiagovscoelho

    seems to use the Trine aesthetic of "everything is glowy", but less excessively. it looks good.

  • Flora Miles

    It is on Steam for now, soon it will be on iOS