fieldrunnershhiconJust perusing our forums for stuff that happened over the holidays and I come across a forum thread for Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes which is currently soft-launched in the Canadian App Store. I hear you saying "A new Fieldrunners game, hooray!" but hold your horses there my friend, this isn't your typical Fieldrunners game. In fact, the easiest way to describe it is it's a Clash of Clans game set in the Fieldrunners universe. Depending on how you feel about base-building, attacking/defending social strategy games like Clash of Clans, this is either great news or the worst thing to ever happen ever.

I don't really play Clash of Clans, and I love the previous Fieldrunners games, but this development actually doesn't bother me. I think the characters and settings in Fieldrunners are perfect for this sort of game, and heck, maybe it'll finally be the CoC-style game that gets me into CoC-style games. Interestingly, the developer listed in the App Store isn't Fieldrunners' Subatomic Studios, but rather Flaregames who you most likely know from the Royal Revolt! games. Also, according to the App Store Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes has been launched in Canada since early November, though it didn't get posted to our forums until just last week.


At any rate, it's an interesting development for the legendary Fieldrunners series and the ultra-hot social strategy game genre. If you have a Canadian App Store account, you can grab Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes with the link below, and check out some impressions in the forum thread. We'll let you know when we get word of a worldwide release.

Canadian App Store Link: Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes, Free (Universal)

  • Taeles

    Everyone else has done it, I've no problem with these guys trying the genre out. -shrugs-

    • speedyph


  • DOOM

    Not even a week into 2016 and there's nothing but rehashes of tired genres and cash grabs flooding the app store. Pass.

  • Chris Hopewell

    This seems cool so far. You control your guys in battle. You can create workers and choose which resources for them to gather. The animation is also really well done.

    • fearlesskk

      Sweet downloading now

  • ste86uk

    Pictures look good and I've played a lot of CoC style games some I've done really well in and stuck with but at the end of the day they all end up feeling like a chore. I'll try it though but id prefer a new filed runners! It's been a while

  • Alyce Kat

    I'm going to pass on this game as well. I saw the video on YouTube before this article and I have to say, I was excited at first because like I saw Firldrunners in the title. Then there was the Clash of Clans and my mind went "Nope."