It's been a while since we talked about the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG Albion Online, but with the closed beta starting early next week and new videos being released it feels like a good time for an update. Our first post on Albion Online was more than a year ago when we took a look at a lengthy video of an early version of the game. This past June another new video was released and details on alpha testing emerged. This week, developer Sandbox Interactive has sent over their latest video which details the "classless combat" in Albion Online.

If you liked that video there are plenty more on the Albion Online YouTube channel which Sandbox has been posting during the course of the game's development, including quite a few new ones since we last looked at the game. The closed beta for Albion Online is also kicking off this coming Monday, and if you're keen to get in on that there's still time. You can find out details on their website, but be aware it does cost money to join. Albion Online is heading to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

  • fearlesskk

    Paying a founder pack for a f2p game and have access to a game that as been running for over 1 1/2 year... Such scam

    • kjg81

      It hasn't been running continuously for a year and a half. They've had schedule alpha tests since 2014 that would each last around 4 weeks with players encouraged to push the game to its limits and see what worked and what didn't.

      I participated in 1 this past winter and the game is a lot of fun and has huge potential. If you're into the pre aos ultima online style mmo, risk vs reward etc then you'd probably like ao.

      • JohnnyB82

        False. It's nothing like uo pre trammel. It's got a bunch of large safe zones, private dungeons, instances and a bunch of other stuff. It's a mishmash of mods now. The developers got people hyped by saying it was the second coming of pre trammel uo. But they sold founder packs and then changed their vision based upon people who has no interest in uo.

      • JohnnyB82

        Also want to point out that they also do housing differently. Houses are also instanced now. You get your own private island. Totally safe from everyone. Not very UO like.

      • kjg81

        Where did I say it was like uo? I stated if you enjoyed that time period of uo you would probably also enjoy this game.

        Of course the game is structured differently, it's being released 17 years later to a audience comprised of many different types of mmo players. Besides the game is not intended to simply be about pvp although admittedly the pvp aspect is weak. The farming/agricultural soft of the game is cool though if thats your thing and when I participated in the alpha test thee was a real need for guild dedicated farmers.

      • JohnnyB82

        False. Two different games altogether. Nothing like uo. It lacks the open world and freedom.

        The game WAS meant to be about pvp. But as mentioned the Devs sold founders packs which gave inexperienced mmo players a voice. They made it a generic mmo. As a person who actually played uo (most of you who claim you did, actually didn't), this is not a game that will attract uo players. Uo was an open world where you did EVERYTHING in that world. Open pvp, housing, dungeons... No safe zones (just city guards).

        The Developers used to have it on their own site how it was being built for uo players. If you look all those references are removed as it is no longer a uo type game.

        Oh and I'm one of those suckers who bought a founders pack when it was advertised and somewhat resembled uo. I've been in every beta too. It's not a game for uo players.

      • kjg81

        1. My statement was a matter of opinion and therefore can not be false since I did not state it as a fact.

        2. I played uo from '99-2010 in very familiar with the game.

        3. It's clear you're not interested in the game, it's not for everyone but that doesn't mean others who played uo or other games in the mmo genre won't enjoy it.

        ^ that's also my opinion not a statement of fact and therefore can't be false.

      • JohnnyB82

        You stated that uo players may be drawn to this game. That is no longer true as the game has next to nothing in common with uo.

      • garbui

        Maybe it's just the spirit of UO then? I never played UO but I'm drawn to this game, and I attribute that to my knowledge of what UO was or at least what it's known for nowadays by someone who's aware of its importance but didn't play it.

      • JohnnyB82

        I don't feel you should be making statements towards UO players such as myself when you yourself haven't played it.

      • garbui

        I get the same way when people talk about Diablo. "Diablo-like" "Diablo-clone". None of them resembling Diablo. So, yeah, I get you.

      • Electrical Llama

        Johnny is an idiot, the game does cater to Ultima fans and resembles Ultima in many ways. I've played Ultima from 97-2015 in all pre-trammel servers, OSI, Demise, Hybrid, UoForver and many sphere servers. Kid needs to stfu if he has no idea what he is talking about. This is a open class game that forces you into full loot zones come Tier 6. This game also resembles Mortal Online, Shadowbane, and Diablo. If you disagree you're a fucking moron and obviously haven't gamed enough.

    • garbui

      Wow, lots of controversy about this game. I was going to pick up a Founder's Pack, I just want to know that the game isn't going to fail or that the iOS version isn't going to be scrapped. You never know these days. Lots of hype and hot air (here's looking at you, Spirit Lords).

  • Bloodangel

    Please go back to your original decision and bring it to iPhones again please 🙂

  • ahfusim

    hope they won't give up on ios.

    the close beta will reset before open beta, so there wont be any disadvantage for f2p players

    • JohnnyB82

      They aren't. Why would they? They have stated numerous times that apples store policy is what keeps them from doing the alphas on iOS and that's it.

      • garbui

        A TestFlight would still be nice. Since they are supporting so many platforms it's hard to see them being able to ship fully functional, native versions at launch.

    • aSlightDrizzle

      They're not giving up on iOS, just that AppStore restrictions won't allow for the alphas through the AppStore. However, it will only be coming to iPad initially, they're still trying to figure out how to work the UI for the iPhone.

  • garbui

    Calling all TAers, can someone give me a hype check on this please?

  • lordsofskulls

    I think of this game as a Runescape killer more than UO... which made me buy funder pack likely to buy it cause of that than it be another UO. (Didnt like UO) i like the risk vs reward in farming higher tiers also. Dev announced claiming land in pvp zones will lead to unique crafting from those structures.