We know that redstone, the powerful element from the desktop version of Minecraft, is coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] very soon, as it has arrived in the beta version of 0.13 on Android. But what exactly can you do with the element on the mobile version of the game? Well, let a couple of Mojang developers show you the power of redstone in this video, which is made in the Windows 10 Beta version of Minecraft, but should function the same in the iOS and Android version of the game.

Redstone promises to bring huge changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition, as many of the more complex creations in the desktop Java version of the game are powered by redstone. And players have been able to make things like machines, and even playable guitars:

Now you put that big mobile playerbase to work on making redstone creations on the go, and who knows what they'll be doing once update 0.13 is out...

  • Taeles

    Say what you will about microsoft owning this franchise now, but there's no denying it... sure am enjoying the speed of updates to this game under microsoft's ownership 🙂