I am only a human being, and a child of the era when pixel art ruled the day. So, Dizzy Knight is looking pretty darn cool to me It's a game where you control a constantly spinning knight – and you can play as a man or woman knight, always a welcome choice – who spins around constantly, trying to defeat their many, many enemies, across 40 levels. And developer MegaSweet is promising that the game is going to be brutally hard. Good thing there's gonna be controller support along with tilt and virtual d-pad options, to help you spin into glorious victory.

While there are plenty of ex-AAA devs going indie and mobile, and MegaSweet boasts an ex-Bethesda and 343 Industries veteran working on the game, there's a cool mobile pedigree here too, with an ex-Nitrome artist in Giuseppe Longo doing the art, and the Slayin [$0.99] composer, Matt Creamer, doing the music for the game. This one is definitely piquing my interest, and y'all should get in on the forum thread, because this one looks really cool and needs more people talking about it. Plus, there's a potential beta testing opportunity to be had.

  • Billy Ocean

    Dang that is some pedigree.

    • Gavin C

      Thanks Billy! I can tell you that DK has little in common with my previous work in terms of design, but I definitely want to keep my quality standards high.

  • JTN07

    Loving the soundtrack! Hope it will be released!

  • Cameron Patel

    Hey Gavin, i tried to find a website of you guys, but couldn't find anything. Anyway, I work for another website call GameSkinny. Would you mind doing an interview with me about this game? It looks pretty damn cool!

  • phonecats

    Hey we heard you like whirlwinding.