LogoThis weekend is PAX in Seattle, and this podcast was recorded live from my hotel room, using my headphones' in-line microphone sooo... Audio quality is just alright at best. Either way, we talk about the phenomenon that is PAX pin trading, another Oculus Rift demo, yet another Apple TV gaming rumor, and a few iOS games. Those games specifically were Sage Solitaire [Free], Lara Croft GO [$4.99] and Ski Safari 2 [$0.99]. Also, no Mobcrush stream (or YouTube archive) this week as... Well, hotel internet.

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  • Zach Gage

    Whoa thanks for all the love on the podcast you guys ! (and the game of the week!) I wanted to elaborate on some of your questions about the game ! Specifically the hint button and the multiple row requirement.

    The reason I made the hint button infinite is because the hints aren't always super good (they don't take bonus or position into account), and they're really meant as an aide for when you're stuck or are learning the hands.

    I definitely didn't realize people would cyborg their games with it (term borrowed from raigan of N++ fame for teaming up with the hint button).

    Best case though if you just go with the button it wont tend to get you scores outside the curve of 800-1100. Which I know sounds like a highscore at first, but the more time you spend with the game you can learn strategies to often get scores outside that range.

    The multiple row thing is sort of the lynchpin of the game, even though at first it might seem arbitrary. It's the key to making the location of the cards you're using up super important. As they've been saying on the forums, running out of cards in a pile has some downsides about limiting your choice later — that's all basically enabled because of the multiple-row requirement. It also does some interesting things for making some hands into tools for clearing pairs on a single line (like you can use a fullhouse to clear a stuck pair, or a 5 card straight to clear a stuck 3 card straight. Basically it turns the game from random find the best hand into a game with little puzzles to solve.

    Anyway, I am just so glad that you and everyone else is enjoying the game. It's been a long while since I've released anything and I would have felt pretty bad if I came back after all this time with a game that nobody liked. That and I have so many updates planned for this game, including one inspired by some posts in the forum, and it's really rad that I'll get to spend the time and put them in 🙂

    • Zach Gage

      haha disquis auto-formatted my spoiler-alert tags in a weird way. whoops

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