Last week, SoMoGa's iOS versions of vintage SEGA-CD RPG Vay [$0.99] and the classic Lunar: Silver Star Story [$6.99] vanished from the App Store. At the same time, SoMoGa's web page was down, and it looked pretty bad for the overall prospects of both apps. A week can sometimes make all the difference, friends, because both games are now back on the App Store. Vay reappeared several hours after our original story, while Lunar came back by the end of the week. SoMoGa's website also made a comeback, and may have actually been the source of the problem.

While I'm personally waiting on a reply from SoMoGa as to what happened, some TouchArcade readers have received replies indicating that there was a web server issue. How that results in the games getting pulled, I don't know, but I'm neither Apple nor a developer. Whatever the reasons, the important thing is that both games are once again available. Regardless of your opinion of the games themselves, they both have their parts in gaming history, and neither one is exactly readily available on other platforms. You can get the PSP remake of Lunar on PSN, but it's a pretty different game from the Complete version that Touch is based on. Vay, on the other hand, has never been sold in any form besides its original SEGA-CD release.


So let's celebrate these two games coming back, and hope that SoMoGa can bring us more vintage RPG goodness in the future. If you're interested in either game, feel free to check out my RPG Reload articles on Lunar and Vay, and if you've been holding out on either, now might be a good time to pick them up. Happy endings are great, aren't they?


  • Retro Nug

    Here's to hoping for Eternal Blue someday!

    • dingdongfootball

      Fingers crossed, eyes crossed, everything crossed.

    • Pivi


  • defunct32

    Sweet mother of God, will purchase that Lunar before it disappears again!

    • Tallgeese

      There you go! It was "marketing issues!"

      • defunct32

        More like marketing tactics, right?

      • Tallgeese


  • Jake7905

    Lunar, Vay, yay

  • Shiro

    Just like SoMoGa said. It was definitely a issue with Website as far as vanishing site goes. Will try to clear up the whole mess.

  • curtisrshideler


  • macatron

    I'm not sure if SoMoGa made Shining the Holy Ark, but I've ALWAYS wanted to see that on iOS. Hell, I'd be happy with Shining in the Darkness. 🙂

  • korossyl

    Yaaaaaay yay yay yay yay!!

    • bigred447uk

      * Vay, Vay, Vay, Vay

  • Dragontears969

    Wait this one is a port of the complete version with the SSSC voices and songs? Crap if that is true I should have gotten this years ago. SSSC was my favorite game of all time and I hated what the PSP port did to it. I can still sing the whole original boat song by heart and just couldn't stand the new one.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      It's a port of the Complete version but with the XSEED translations and voices. And yeah, I miss the old cast and songs, too, but Gungho/XSEED/Vic Ireland couldn't come to a mutual agreement, so this is where we're at.

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    let's hope they don't get removed again from the appstore

  • elthesensai

    I didn't know there was a difference between the iOS version of the game and he PSN/psp version. So.... what's the difference?

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      Quite a few differences, actually. The PSP Silver Star Harmony version is a ground-up remake. It features a new prologue (which is good) and completely redone graphics. I've no problem with either of those things. However, they also significantly reduced the size of every dungeon, sometimes to an absurd extent. Bosses have been completely nerfed, losing entire abilities and behaviors to make the game less challenging.

      The Arts Gauge introduced in the GBA version returns in SSH, giving characters access to extremely powerful moves. Item drop rates are significantly higher, such that you'll probably accumulate a ton of the best healing items easily, and the cap on each item was increased to 99. The way you use items in battles changed, too. Before, you had to equip items if you wanted to use them in battle, but in the PSP version, you can just access your full bag at any time.

      Basically, the PSP version of the game is completely toothless. If you're only in it for the story, it's fine, excellent even because of the prologue, but I found actually playing the thing to be a bit boring. Any *one* of those difficulty nerfs would have been fine, but taken altogether? Ehn.

      • elthesensai

        So the iOS version is better than the psp version? Is the graphics improved from the ps1 edition? Is the iOS version easier or the same as the ps1 version? I want to replay the games but don't know which version to start. (I have all three versions.)

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        The iOS version is exactly the PS1 version, except with the voices/songs/translation of the PSP version. If you have all three, I would recommend the PS1 version simply because I preferred the voice cast, but if you're more in it for the story, by all means go for the PSP version. It's gorgeous, has extra narrative content, and honestly, it's not like Lunar is famed for its superb gameplay.

  • Design by Adrian

    Lunar Silver Star Story crashed and got a corrupted save file. I couldn't find a Twitter page that looked valid, and the web site was nowhere to be seen, so I contacted SEGA that just told me to find Somoga on Twitter - without a proper link.

    This was two months ago 🙁