Apparently, Mr. White, aka the one who knocks, might be visiting our mobile devices soon. According to reports, Sony has filed a trademark application for its product, the TV show Breaking Bad, at the office of Harmonization in the Internal Market. For those not familiar with the show (truly a pity if you aren't), Breaking Bad debuted on AMC in 2008 and ran for five incredible seasons, becoming one of the most respected and admired shows of the last few years and spawning a spinoff, Better Call Saul. The show has spawned thousands of youtube videos and, in general, has become a pop culture talking point. Breaking Bad stars a chemistry teacher who is "pushed" to extreme actions after learning he has cancer (I'm avoiding spoilers here) and had amazing performances by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (the rest of the cast is also fantastic).

Breaking Bad

The wording on the Breaking Bad trademark filing has, of course, created all kinds of speculations regarding the series' future as a gaming experience. The filing mentions that Sony intends to make a "downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for playing games," so I think it's pretty clear that Sony intends to make a mobile game. The main question, though, is what kind of game will it be? It could be a meth lab builder, a virtual chemistry set, a hat-making game, a door-knocking simulator, a serious look at the effects of cancer on society, a choose-your-own adventure game, a match-3 game where you match hat icons and awful-looking cars, a pizza-throwing minigame; the possibilities are endless. Do you have any suggestions we should throw Sony's way?

  • iamnotpretending

    Suggestion for Sony number one: let Telltale make the game.

  • hincy89

    A telltale game would be awesome.

    • Jake7905

      And ruin the perfect story of Breaking Bad? Nah, a Telltale type of game will just pale in comparison to the real thing. This isn't the Walking Dead, it takes place in a compact universe with a finite amount of characters, and uses very tight plotting. If you want a real Breaking Bad spinoff, try Better Call Saul. Any video game that tries to expand on the Breaking Bad story will just be a knockoff that diminishes the brand. Unless they somehow convince Vince Gilligan to write and supervise the project......

  • Anonomation

    Wuts breaking bad? How do u break a word? do I break mah phone screen?

  • sweiss

    Should be GTA like

    • Michael Graham Jr

      Now that would be brilliant

  • iDakota

    Hopefully it isn't as bad as the Dexter games were.

  • Drexiel

    It should be a word game.

    How many times a minute you can type the word bitch and it's different uses in the series

  • Anotherkellydown


  • Jake7905

    "I'm the one who plays!"- Heisenberg

    • DeNappa

      "I am the one who pays" -- anonymous whale

  • RvrUndead

    Or it could be a more interactive kind of "Her Story" game where we watch various interviews with the different characters from the series (and maybe some new ones), as well as inspect documents and other items, to solve a whole new mystery that cleverly uses established plot points in a way that makes it feel like it was there all along.

  • Ravenheart

    You had me at "meth lab builder," though it was admittedly toward the end.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    You can check basement game on steam

  • geoelectric

    This so needs to be a tycoon game.

  • Blodia

    So Apple frowns on Civil War games, but games starring drug dealers are OK?