We launched our Patreon yesterday, and so far the support has been incredible. In less than 24 hours, we're over 1/3 of the way to our goal. The best part about all this has been the massive swell of community support. I figured the Patreon would do, at minimum, alright with the support of iOS developers- What I wasn't expecting is just how many readers would pitch in and support us. It's an awesome feeling to have so many people quite literally voting with their wallet and saying "TouchArcade is awesome and we want you guys to stick around."

As part of the plan of launching our Patreon, I reached out to a bunch of different iOS developers we've been in contact with over the years to ask them what TouchArcade has meant to them. It's a cool opportunity both to get some real, first-hand accounts of the importance of web sites like TouchArcade to exist, and it gives us all an excuse to reminisce about the awesome early games and developers that made the iOS gaming ecosystem what it is today.

First up, for no particular reason other than it's the first (of many) email responses I clicked, is Rocketcat Games' Kepa Auwae. He's been around here forever, and has been a staple of the TouchArcade forum community. Most recently, his team is working on Dad By The Sword. It's being released to PC "and more," and we've got our fingers crossed that the "and more" eventually means iOS. Either way, you must take time to watch the above teaser trailer. This all is doubly amusing because I was 99% sure Dad By The Sword was a weird joke I didn't understand the first time Kepa told us about it.

Anyway, here's what Kepa has to say about TouchArcade:

555369_largerMy name is Kepa Auwae, I run Rocketcat Games. I registered on the TouchArcade forums in May 2009. Our first major game was Hook Champ [$2.99] in October 2009. Since then we've made games like Punch Quest [Free] and Wayward Souls [$6.99]. We generally make difficult, complex games that don't really fit the usual idea of what you'd find on mobile.

We started making games on a whim, with no experience in game design. We were complete outsiders, with our only contacts being people on the TouchArcade forums. 5 months after getting on the TA forum, Hook Champ came out to a very positive review from TouchArcade. From the forums I also met other game developers for the first time, including Timo Vihola of Minigore [$0.99] fame, who really helped early on with getting other people to play Hook Champ. From all the help from TouchArcade and members of its forums, Hook Champ was successful enough for the three of us at Rocketcat Games to start working part-time at our real jobs. Before that, we were sneaking time to make our games on weekends.

In June 2010 Super Quickhook [$2.99] came out. Once again, the TouchArcade site and community really helped boost the game up. We hit #4 on the paid charts. Also around this time, we noticed that Apple also reads TouchArcade. All the positive coverage from the review and the forums got notice from Apple, and we got featured. Over the years we noticed this was pretty consistent: If a game shows up on TouchArcade, it's pretty likely that Apple will see it.

Each game after that was similar. Good reviews, and then tons of positive feedback and interesting discussion about the design from the forum. Sometimes the thread for a game would be very active for months. There's definitely a big audience on TA that want something different in their games on mobile, and it's supported us all this time.

I'm not really sure what would have happened to our games without the support of Toucharcade and its community. If not for TA we'd have pretty much had to depend on the charts. We don't really make widely mass-market games, and that's the sort of games that charts very strongly favor. I don't think games like Mage Gauntlet [$2.99] or Hook Champ would have found the initial spark they needed to survive without TA and the people on the TouchArcade forums. I probably would have failed early on until I couldn't try anymore, if not for lucky things happening like this site and the forums welcoming my games.

Now that I've talked about the good qualities of this site, it's time for me to talk about the HORRIBLE PARTS OF TOUCHARCADE:

(I'll continue this later it's super late.)

We're going to be sharing the stories of many other developers in the coming weeks, who, like Kepa, really got their initial push out the door through the help of our community. We want these kind of stories to continue to occur in the wild world of the App Store, and if you do too, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

  • Rocketcat Games

    Oh crap I forgot to finish my email to talk about the terrible parts of Toucharcade.


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      Yeah, what's the deal with all the shorts anyways? Put some pants on already, no one wants to see those knobby knees.

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        Yeah you said it

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        He needs more hats

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      Can't wait to meet his long lost sister, Michelle Capris. She probably goes by her adopted parents' name.

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      I spit my coffee out when I saw the Regan/Bush shirt... that is a phenomenally good trailer @rocketcatgames:disqus.

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    I love you, TouchArcade!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • pillzhereish

    If you support TA, I support you by buying one of your games!
    Buying Wayward Souls today.

    • Dailon Huskey

      You will be very glad you bought it too! Very challenging and very fun one of the best dungeon games ever made in my opinion the best but we all like diff stuff etc so don't Expect everyone to agree but no one who's played it that's in their right mind would say it's not a great game.

      • pillzhereish

        Just bought it! It's not my type of games but why not try it, everyone seems to like it.

      • ValentiaLyra

        It's such a good game! Good for you for buying it and supporting the dev. I hope you enjoy it even if it isn't your usual type of game!

    • Zerol3onheart

      It's totally worth it.

    • garbul

      Congrats, sir, you just bought the best game on mobile.

      • Quazonk

        Honestly, Wayward Souls is my favourite video game of the past 10 years, for any platform. This is coming from someone who has been a hardcore gamer for over 30 years, and probably has around 1,000 video games for about a dozen systems in the room at this moment. If you have an iPhone and haven't tried Wayward Souls, I want to come over to your house and smash your iPhone in front of you for being such a jerk. Buy it now, or I'll be mad at you.

      • garbul

        I will forever attempt to be the next person to reach 999 levels... but first, I have to beat the Catacombs. 😀

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    • Dailon Huskey

      Hoping bad that comes to mobile but either way got to play that game!

      • Rocketcat Games

        It'll come to mobile if we can figure out good FPS controls. We'd be the first I think.

      • Dailon Huskey

        Someone is going to figure out the best way might as well be you guys! I think there are a couple out there that if you combine their styles it might be fine.

  • TrencH

    Punch Quest and Wayward Souls is still on my iPhone. Nothing has beaten that particular gameplay or style. Nice to see them supporting this site so strongly.

    • SonixManix

      Yeah, I am never deleting either of those games. They are the best games on mobile by far.

  • Dailon Huskey

    It was on this site I found out about wayward souls. I went to the forum to see more and found very intelligent conversation about the game and looked over responses and bought the game. I have been a dungeon game fan since Gauntlet on NES and this one is my all time favorite and so thanks TA for helping me discover this gem. That was if I am not mistaken the game that made sign up to the forums anyways thanks guys for the great work and it's also great to have a community that gives great feedback on games so we know what we are getting.

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    God damn i was in stitches...without a doubt single handedly best trailer for any ios game period ROFL rocket cat rock like m##a f####rs!! Lol ✌️✌

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    Great article! Love reading posts from good devs.

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    WTF is with the Reagan/Bush shirt?

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    Amazing trailer!

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    So I assume Rocketcat will be contributing substantially to TA's Patreon?

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    Very cool article! Looking forward to more like it.
    I've been playing WS again lately. That game is so awesome, got my vote for GotY 2014. Soooo much replay value. Don't even want to know how many hours I've put into it. =)

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    i would pay £25 per month to have super quickhook to be widescreen and to have game center support.

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    I'm still going to donate even though I've been banned for asking a question lol.

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    That was hilarious! (Looking forward to the game, too!)

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    C'mon... Are you kidding..? You made Wayward Souls!! It's one of the best games for iOs!!! This one and BH:Legacy made my goty for my iPad and really helped me passing the hours on the rest time while taking care of my mother when she was treated of cancer. So, thank you guys/gals.

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    Just waiting for Super Quickhook, my favourite mobile game, to finally be ported to Android. Hopefully untouched, of course. 5 years and waiting.

  • drmad

    Wow....the trailer is super good
    Will it came to mobile??

    • Rocketcat Games

      Most likely, we just need to figure out a good control scheme for it.

      • Alexythimia23

        Please make it mfi controller support if at all possible! ✌️✌✌✌ p.s you guys are awesome ✌️✌✌✌

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    That trailer is super amazing! The creatures look dope too! Thanks, RocketCatDad!

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    Pledged the Tier VI pledge. Although it'd be better if one could pledge a one time bigger pledge (not all are fine with recurring payments). Keep doing great content TA =)