Are you a die-hard Android hater? Well, good news, you get to stick it in the craw of Android gamers, as Radiation Island [$2.99] is an iOS exclusive. Why are the developers, Atypical Games, sticking with iOS only? Because Android owners don't pay for stuff. According to Atypical Games CEO Andrei Lopata, after a release of Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders [$4.99] on Android was disappointing after being in the top 10 paid games on Google Play: "For the moment, it's quite clear that Android users don't pay for premium content. Google is also not pushing premium content either."

Ouch. Well, they're not wrong – iOS has historically done better for paid games. Monument Valley's [$3.99] iOS sales have far outpaced Android sales. Piracy is also a problem on Android just from a technical aspect, where any Android device can theoretically pirate a game. But it might also be because a lot of Android users are in countries that don't really pay for apps, or even lack the ability to do so. For example, I talked with Sebastian Gosztyla, developer of DUAL [Free], recently. He said that downloads of the game on Android were far outpacing the iOS downloads, though the actual number of in-app purchases were about the same on both platforms.

Still, this is kind of why free-to-play and ad-supported models are rising in prominence. Android has so many users – twice as many as iOS in 2014 – so targeting them is key. But for developers that want to do paid games? iOS still is the top dog.

  • Anonomation

    Games aside, android has its own ups that kinda of overrun this down.

    • zergslayer69

      There are apps that are (to me) superior on android like mxplayer and poweramp which lets you browse and listen to music by folder. I have yet to find anything close on AppStore. But that aside android is really laggy (responsiveness and web browsing experience) even on my note 4 in comparison to iOS on my iPad air 2.

      • bhayes444

        Yeah, some apps on Android are far better just because of the access the OS allows them. If you want a non-laggy Android experience, never buy Samsung devices; even though the hardware is top notch. People say they've gotten better with their lag, but I never believe that. The best experience is a stock experience, although Google seriously screwed up their 5.0 release and it can be quite laggy at times. Hopefully 5.1.1 will fix their issues, but it will take OEMs months to push it.

      • unlimitedfury

        iTunes smart playlists are better, putting music in folders sounds archaic to me.

      • zergslayer69

        If everything is correct ID3 tagged and such, then yea sorting by folder is such a 90s thing to do. However when you got a mish mash of songs from different albums, and some stuff that's not even tagged at all, it's a HUGE pain to fix all that so that itunes can read it correctly.

  • Cerxop65

    I really hate android those fuckbois

    • bhayes444

      And there's plenty of Android users that show an equal amount of undeserved hate towards you and iOS. I'll still never understand why the tension really exists.

      • DoctorFedora

        because video game consoles are effectively equivalent to each other nowadays, mainly

    • nitej

      ios is for noobs bitch. android is for technical people. for those who really know about phones

  • Based Xatu

    If Apple allowed more freedom it would be the same situation.

    • Themostunclean

      I'm not completely sure but don't you need to root Android to run many pirated/cracked games? It's just as easy to jailbreak an iPhone so is it really a question of freedom?

      • drewpoc

        You just download and install the .apk file and move the data to obb folder...very easy to run pirated games without root access on android

      • Hitokage Tamashi

        License checks can mess this up (some games have them, some dont). With root, Lucky Patcher can get around those though

      • sbnewsom

        Some of us would rather spend time developing games instead of focusing on license gateways. 😉

      • Themostunclean

        OK. I thought quite a few apps used GLV these days that does require rooting to create a workaround, not just changing your security settings to allow unknown source instalation of .apk files. I don't own an Android device though so that's all just second hand knowledge.

      • Endscrypt

        Don't need to jailbreak, to run cracked apps.

      • apolloa

        No, but you do have to download them from in official sites which is easy, however when you install the game like all apps from unknown sourcea, you will be asked if you want to turn off the security option blocking installation from untrusted and unknown sites with a warning, the setting to block this is in by default on all devices, so you know you are pirating a game. And the risk is the game could contain a virus.

  • mrktrx

    But once you get to the second island it just gets boring

  • XperimentalZ Games

    Well a few months ago we launched a freemium version of Don't Run With a Plasma Sword on Android, because the premium version had only sold a few thousand copies and figured that the market was more freemium oriented (and that a 750k-downloads iOS title had still a decent potential on Android). The freemium launch was a complete failure, way worst than the premium launch.

    We're still totally eluded by the Android market.

    • Jake7905

      That's because the Android market completely sucks, and as developers, you guys are awesome. It's a compatibility issue.

      • XperimentalZ Games


      • anabolicMike

        This is why I don't play man games on my android tablet though bugger and better then my mini..... The quality is just not there. So much stupid little crap that is just infested crap that doesn't run or directs you to some site thay give you malware.... Yes malware.... I have had viruses and malware on that thing... :/. Never on this iPad though.

    • ducksFANjason

      I have a few theories as to why Android has been so much more difficult to break through for you. The first and most influential IMO is that the Play Store is atrocious at letting users browse new apps. Every week there are roughly 20 new apps that they "highlight" but short of being on that page (or already maintaining a position on the top grossing lists) you really don't get much exposure. The next reason may have to do with delayed release between Android and iOS. I have an Android phone and it does frustrate and upset me when a game comes to iOS and then Android as an afterthought. I know most devs have their reasons for it but it doesn't make it less upsetting. I have completely ignored apps in the past because of delays like that.

      • XperimentalZ Games

        People can be annoyed by delayed releases, with reason, but I don't think it affects launches on a global scale. Pixel Boat Rush was released on Android and iOS roughly at the same times and the results were similar to our delayed launches.

        I think that it is just harder to connect with the Android community because there's no such place as TA. It's also harder for indies to be featured on Android. Most of the time you need to already have a huge popularity in order to attract attention, so it's a vicious circle.

      • Nob Studio

        I engage and interact the players by replying to the reviews on GooglePlay.

        TA is probably the best community 🙂

      • Nob Studio

        the main reason for delay is $. Normally games don't make as much on iOS.

        Personally I think GooglePlay did a better job in app discovery than iOS. If the game is not featured by iOS, game over. For googlePlay there is a slight hope of getting on the TOP New Paid/Free chart only for apps that are 30 days or less on store.

      • XperimentalZ Games

        Yeah it's easier to appear on that list, but the effect is nowhere near exclusive features.

        About delays, on our side it took several years before having access to a porting technology (Apportable) relatively easy to use. Rewriting the code from scratch was simply suicidal. It can take up to as much time to port from scratch than to make the game itself. So if it takes a couple of years to make a game, you need the game to be a big success to support you during that porting time. It's easier for those using a built-in portable engine, like Unity.

  • Alexythimia23

    I think thats great news, ios is way more stable and runs better, so devs coming to our shores is only a plus. We might have a few hurt fanboys cuz of this article. Lol in reality there are some great android devices out there, but the cream of the crop will stay at ios for a long time, and personally i hope it stays that way ( obviously for selfish reasons lol)

  • Bool Zero

    I don't know why the writer is trying to spin this as a FTP positive. The statistics are out there; while Android enjoys roughly 70% of the market share of devices and Apple sitting at somewhere around 25% approximately, Apples AppStore makes 6-7x the revenue that the Android store does. This has nothing to do with FTP being the best thing for all of gaming as the article implies and all to do with the fact that Android owners just don't spend as much money on apps in general, period. It doesn't matter if it's premium, FTP with IAP or anything in between...

    • Bliquid

      I don't think the point of the article was that.
      I think he's saying that due to easier piracy on Android, developers are more willing to be on iOS, and that should be good news for iOS gamers.
      At least that's how i read it.

      • bhayes444

        No, he's saying there are a number of reasons for poor premium game performance on Android. From piracy, to no pushing of premium content, to not allowing paid downloads in some countries that have a large number of Android users.

  • drewpoc

    I'm a huge fan of mobile gaming but clearly the easy access to "free" premium games is killing android game launches. But with that being said I'm not sure it's putting Google in a panic, they market gaming very well on they're play store and play games app. I prefer to purchase iOS premium games just for the fact that they are released sooner and receive updates much more promptly. But a lot is due to the over saturated device models, it much easier to program for Apple devices that have much smaller amount of devices.

  • r4in

    They can always publish it on Windows Phone.

    • robotnyk

      top kek m8

  • Der-Kleine

    Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders has "50.000 - 100.00 downloads" on the PlayStore (meaning that many people actually payed for it) and was released over 2 years after it came out on iOS.

    I've got to ask: How much does it really cost to port such a game, and how well did they expect a rerelease of a 2 year old game to sell?

    Sure, release dates don't seem to matter quite as much in the mobile market where I'd say people generally seem to be less informed about games, but come on.

  • Quietstorm121

    Let's face it. The entire PC system is outdated and backwards and not even close to being user-friendly. In the next 10 years we will see Apple overtake PC as the dominant tech in all industries. It's actually already happening.

    I can't imagine any company's employees getting excited when their work hardware gets updated with a brand new Dell, HP or Toshiba.... where as if you walked into your office the next day and a shiny brand new 27" iMac w/ retina display is sitting on your desk... well... the rest is shall we say history.

    I feel bad for PC users - knowing that the same company that made their desktop also "specializes" fridges and laundry machines.

  • DemoEvolved

    I have both platforms. The play experience of the same game on iOS is much better than android.

  • Tallgeese

    Well I did read a online study that said that iphone users tended to be more intelligent (the results of which can be found on CNN and IGN). But it also found that iphone users tended to be wealthier. Although the author of this study said that intelligent = wealthy was redundant because college grads make more, I think it has more to do with richer = (in addition to being able to afford a better education and more opportunities with a generally-stabler and more supportive home environment) also equals iphone. Android users simply don't have as much disposable income as we do and the iphone is more of a higher tier status symbol marketing-wise. Cue my usual rant against the wealth gap and how in a macro view everyone is being squeezed to all our eventual disadvantage (buyers trying to spend what they can't and sellers unable to find someone who will pay in a freemium age) except for the tippy top (whales). None of this news surprises me and I don't think it should be a surprise to developers who are at periscope depth with the rest of the world.

    • Jake7905

      I love politics, but c'mon man, you're posting on TA. The Huffington Post is awaiting your arrival.

      • Tallgeese

        Thanks, I guess. I don't love politics and I don't like talking like this. I'd rather just talk about video games (you can see what I'd rather do in the recent Terra Battle story comments) and movies and stay immersed in those worlds, but when I see articles like this, I feel compelled to explain the trend that is happening and why, in the best and most informative way I know how. I'm sorry to keep saying the same thing. I'd love to spend 7 dollars on The Journey Down Chapter 2 or throw some money on a stupid gold crown for Om Nom that no one else in the world will ever see that I have, but... As much as I want to support the little ones (Om Nom is obviously not within this category), my ability to do so is insufficient.

    • apolloa

      So does that mean you become stupid and poor when you move to Android from iOS then and if in 2 or 3 years you move back to iOS you are rich again and become more intelligent? What a stupid pathetic utterly utterly flawed article, the only people that are stupid are the ones who made that report and the ones who believe it!

  • tahzblade

    Looks like I will no longer be supporting this dev ^.^

    • Alexythimia23

      Will if you only got an android device i don't think you got much choice kid, its them not supporting you unfortunately......

      • tahzblade

        I also have an apple device ^.^

      • tahzblade

        So it's me not supporting them. I have bought 3 of their previous games on my iDevice but will no longer be buying them since they won't support Android. I now prefer to game on my phone (Android phone) because it is a stronger device and can run games much better then my iDevice runs games.

  • muttso1o

    the Android market has 2 big problems that are both it strong sides to.
    First is diversity in devices lots to choose from, downside is this makes it harder to develop a stable gaming experience. Due to the fact that every manufacturer has it's own shell around the stock Android. 2nd is the open character of Android. And Googles stance on self regulation of the market. I'm all for openess but the one thing Apple does correctly is it's policy to keep the App store closed. I got an nexus 4 and games run as smooth on it ( or lately beter) as they do on my iPad 2. So for those still thinking Android is buggy, no it is not most of the time it is the shell of the manufacturer.

    • apolloa

      Great post, it's not the devices diversity that's the issue, its more likely the CPU and GPU diversity, screen sizes are a moot point as Android will auto scale. But their have been several types of internals from Nvidia to Snapdragon to Intel to Samsung..
      Developers need to have a fair few Android devices to test on. I personally dislike what Nvidia did with its games, making some exclusive to the Tegra platform and now its pulling out if the market.

  • Eseres

    I really liked Radiation Island a lot, but to be honest, it has some room for improvement. I like the first person view, the crafting and the survival aspect about it. Graphic wise (if that would be the right word), the game look beautiful. But the dynamics, or the "life" within the game could be touched up a bit in my opinion. More wildlife and over all enemy variations. I also see a lot of potential for the game. The devs did really great at making a "core-game", which has the potential of going many ways on mobile platforms. But as it stands right now, it feels and plays like a "good idea" which isn't fully complete yet. But Im sure updates in the future will improve and expand the game.

    Thanks to the devs for a fantastic job so far though!

  • Terry Boxer

    Why all the hate? I just typed in android game in Google because idk why there's a lack of games in playstore and almost found this page instantly to find I'm hated for having a Sony xperia Z3 android (more powerful than any iPhone), and apparently we android users don't buy games. I have bought at least 100 different apps and games for android but because of people like you hating android for NO REASON OTHER THAN SHARED HATE, good developers like this guy don't want to make games for us in case you guys hate them for no reason too! Fucking weirdos.

    • Alexythimia23

      Woah woah woah lmfao i think you let your emotions get the better of you! No hate, they are just stating the fact android is an unreliable resource for gaming, well more so then ios. Apple created their own format and are now reaping the benefits of not having an open source policy. I understand its not nice having a great android device and they are not rewarded as much like ios, but look closer and see who is to blame. Apple were more innovative then anyone else, and even if your specs are power-fuller then the iphones, why does it run games not as good? That should raise alarm bells for you?

    • henrycupcake

      apparently Fandroids are bunch of low life losers like you that scared off game developers away , lol

  • gregoreos

    ALERT: The invert Y update doesn't work on MFi controllers.. It "accidentally" inverts left/right... Stupid mistake ruins my chance to play Radiation Island !

  • Supermarioooo

    Not every Android phone is capable of running these kind of top end games, we all know about the Galaxy S6 etc, but the vast bulk of Android phones sold aren't top end Samsungs or HTCs, even the Nexus 6 comes in at a premium point, but lower priced devices, which would also partly explain lower sales for premium games, obviously piracy is an issue too . Even as an iPhone 6 owner, I'm glad Android exists as it gives people access to the internet, information, email etc at a much lower price point which ultimately is a good thing

  • Nob Studio

    I myself has a better GooglePlay sales than iOS for Prison Life RPG. The first month of GooglePlay sales surpassed 2 months sales on iOS.

    I update GooglePlay version much more frequently, as it was easy and doesn't affect user rating/stars.

    1. How much you expect to make? A good Paid game on Android can sell around 50,000 to 100,000 copies. Best/Top premium games probably make 500,000 copies. Yes much less than iOS, but 50,000 copies is great for small developers like me.

    2. How easy to port to Android? Most game engines supports easy porting, so it is easy money for developers.

    3. IAP and game length. Games with longer gameplay seems to do better on GooglePlay. The buyers are more picky and careful when buying games on GooglePlay, the value has to be high.

    For Atypical Games, probably it is difficult to port to Android, and the earning is not that great(for them). They probably can make more $ by being featured in iOS only category.

  • apolloa

    I would smack this Andrei round the face! Considering the ridiculous amount for 'freemium' crap Apple has on its store, how they are always in nearly all the top 10 highest grossing apps and apps in general.
    I would also like to ask the author of this article exactly where in the world can you use an Android device and not pay for any games or in apps purchases on it because of the country your in? I've never heard that one before.. You may as well throw the theory in that Apple pay developers on the quiet for exclusivity of games, but the deva can't tell anyone so they make this sort of excuse up.

    Thankfully people with these closed and untrue views are few and far between and both stores have a great selection of apps and games. Google is getting much better at organising its store and if your using a tablet it highlights tablet optimised apps first in your search results.

  • Dave Hamilton

    Moaning ass developers, complain no one buys there game, as they where late into the market, and already a choice of 15-20 very similar games on android. Before the Apple fan base start kicking off like a bunch of 5 years old, i own Android and Apple (Iphone, Ipad, Mac) so i enjoy the use of both devices.

  • John McNichol

    It sounds like sour grapes coming from a developer who isn't getting enough uptake on their flight sim. So rather than take any responsibility for the failure they shift all the responsibility to the players and the Android market. Ignoring the success from other android premium developers is just that easy isn't it? Android is a more competitive market place than apple but that does not mean you cannot be successful premium developer on Android. To generalise the whole premium scene on Android based off their own flight sim not selling is just ridiculous and alienates them from potential android customers in the future.

  • Tallgeese

    I applaud your attempt at tribal marketing ATypical games. The move is hardly atypical in today's climate but your games certainly are. Please keep up the good work.

  • Tallgeese


  • Max Reinhardt

    That's because iOS users have more money than sense. But developers shouldn't let greed and short-sightedness prevent users who want to play their games from playing their games.

  • Ganga Mobileapptelligence

    Android being one of the most popular mobile platforms of modern times, Android game development has shot to popularity within no time. MobileAPPtelligence is a leading game development company, developing games for Android devices including phones, tablet and phablets in genres like action, strategy, RPG, sports among others.

  • NightFalcon_

    Well if you were to put this game on Android I'll be in a rush to buy it

  • YoBroGaming

    So, the funny thing is... this entire page should be scrapped because Radiation Island is on android now.

    And yes, I've bought both (Android and IOS) versions LEGITIMATELY