The name is super-generic, but Dragon of Legends is looking like quite the promising game. This promises to be a cross-platform MMORPG that's aiming to be playable on iOS and Android, as well as desktops and consoles. The game is heavily inspired by Irish and Norse mythology, where players will choose their side between the Norse and the Celts and complete to rule the world. Check out the pixel-art-filled teaser:

This is certainly a tall task to pull off, in creating a cross-platform game like this, with a heavy storytelling element to boot. But hey, the technology exists. Spacetime Games has released several desktop and mobile MMOs, we've seen other games that work and operate between the myriad platforms. It'll just be about delivering on the promises. We'll see how this one turns out, if it does – these kinds of things can always fall through. But hey, life is too short to be all that pessimistic. If you're curious, Thrive Games are accepting applications to beta test Dragon of Legends on their website.


  • Baracus

    Congrats Carter, on using the word "myriad" correctly!
    Game does look intriguing indeed. If it plays like one can imagine then it's gonna be pretty neat.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Hm, Gauntlet meets Castle Crashers? Cute graphics but I hope the gameplay is more than it appears to be. These piñata games literally put me to sleep.

  • Goggles789

    The ads on this website are blocking the headlines, just a heads up.

  • Ivan Kolev

    Even a game named TibiaMe cross platform over java phone.

  • Design by Adrian

    My Norse heritage compels me to get this.

  • farrand

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    • Carlos Fagundes

      Cool for you dude!

  • Montanx HS

    This gameplay looks terrible.

  • hyperthyme

    Finally! A new game for my Sega Game Gear!