Industrial Toy's Midnight Star [Free], the F2P first-person shooter from Alex Seropian, one of Bungie's founders, Paul Bertonethe, one of Halo's designers, and with a story written by John Scalzi, is getting a big 1.1 update soon that will mainly focus on improving the game's multiplayer experience. For those who aren't familiar with the game, it's a first-person on-rails shooter with a multiplayer component focused around a variety of challenges where players go for highest score, most headshots, quickest time, etc. The devs have said that among other features, this update will add new weapons, sharing of video highlights, and giving more Challenge timer options.

midnight star 1

The most important change, though, is already live, and it really alters the way multiplayer challenges are played. Originally, a player's best score was determined by his or her last attempt (usually there are three attempts to complete a challenge). The result of that rule was that most players wouldn't use up all of their three attempts, fearing that a bad run would diminish the good work they'd already done. Although this rule allowed for some strategy in the way a player took on the challenge, the most common result was that most players would stop at one or two attempts. The developers felt that players should be free to go all out throughout the challenge, so the victor of a challenge will now be determined by the best rather than last score. I'm glad they've changed the rule, because I often found myself hesitating to use all of my attempts in fear of messing up an earlier good run.

It's good to see the developers willing to continue fine-tuning an already well-designed game to improve the player experience. Work on the update is well under way and 1.1 should be coming out soon (no date announced yet). In the meantime, be sure to read our original review of Midnight Star.

  • Jim Dandy

    This game is as boring as dirt. Way to take three years to make a weak ass Halo knockoff without all the good stuff. Good to see the "Halo Guys" falling back to what they "think" still works. WEAK SAUCE

  • Anonomation

    I'm not agreeing any way with the rude comment above me, but I wish this game as not a gallery shooter, then I would have considered looking into into it more. Q

  • hourglass

    I looked forward to this game for years, pretty much since it was first announced.

    'Halo on mobile devices!' 'Absolutely amazing!' 'Stunning game, well built!'

    The game I see before me is not even close to Halo. It's boring. Might be well built, but I don't play games for the code.

  • Martymcsmartie


    Watched Star Wars instead. With Chocolate Orange. Plus a Wham Bar

  • Moo

    As a person who was never into shooters before playing M* I gotta do Industrial Toys some justice. It's one of the most underrated mobile games IMHO. I was always bored of the genre, but the intuitive touch controls are a game changer to me. If you're like me who used to find the genre boring with clunky and unnatural controls, give M* a try. Unlock the Pro modes and you'd be amazed by how intense the game actually is 🙂