There's a lot of Clash of Clans [Free] out there, and there's tons of collectible-card games, your Hearthstone [Free] games and the like. But one that blends elements of both? That's kind of new. Compass Point: West [Free] does just that, being all about base-building, attacking enemies, and raiding other players. The twist is that all your units are based off of cards you collect from packs, with units, items, and powerups of different rarities in different packs. You can also merge duplicate cards in order to get stronger versions of them. You get a free pack every two hours, and completing missions actually can speed up that timer, and you can buy higher-quality card packs later on as well.

The game is definitely treading down a familiar path, but the card twist on raiding strategy games is a neat one, at least. And the game has some good production values, along with support for both portrait and landscape devices, which is always a welcome feature. Ari Pulkkinen, the creator of the Angry Birds theme, did the soundtrack for the game, This one is the debut title in a franchise of games based on each cardinal direction, and an IDW comic book is available for Compass Point: West on iBooks if you're interested.

  • klink

    Looks like it could have taken place in the Space Marshals universe.

  • lefthighkick

    I see they're going after the insanely lucrative "Wild West" video game market. Very clever of them!

    I mean seriously, when you think "Clash of Clans" meets "HearthStone," the first things that jump in your head are six-shooters, hicks and tumbleweeds. Am I right?

  • Amin

    Wow wow woooooooow. GREAT!

  • Zap Rowsdower

    That actually looks pretty cool

  • Taeles

    Definitely a card collector meets CoC but with Boom Beach / Plunder Pirates world map full of things to do 'other' than pester other players. And on that subject, I haven't actually seen any pvp mechanic in this game so far.

  • 1 AlaskanAssassin

    What an awful, misleading title. CPW is nothing like clash of clans.
    -You can control troop's movement on the battlefield
    -You can immediately reuse troops that are deployed but not killed
    -You can only upgrade 1 building at a time
    -Card system
    -No walls or wall breakers to deal with
    And the list goes on. Not even close.

  • Dixon Cider

    Come join Furious Posse.