Some of the best games on the App Store take existing popular genres and mash them up in fun ways. Asynchronous multiplayer, CCG elements, and chess-like strategic gameplay seems like a winning combination. Conquest: Heroes of Galandria is pretty complicated, but this hands-on with the developer will walk you through everything you do in game:

Conquest: Heroes of Galandria is still in development, and I'm stoked to give it a try once it's available worldwide. If you like what you see here, be sure to watch list this game.

  • RinShirika

    Neat. I love games that mixes genres.

  • gsspzcw

    Kinda like cards and castles???

    It's a great game that reminds me of Hero Academy mixed with Hearthstone.

  • Scape211

    I've played this in early beta on the PC and its an awesome game. Ive gotten away from it a bit since i mainly play mobile, but once this hits mobile devices I'm all over it. Its like Hero Academy, but with way more depth.

    And for those that might know it; its from the original creators of Poxnora (before SOE took it over) so they are a really good group of developers.