The Wild, the survival-crafting game being made by a two-person indie team from Vermont, is still in the works. The developers at Toonuva Games have just shared a piece of the soundtrack that the game will have, created by a fan of the game, apparently. You can click here to listen to the track on composer JC Dirks' SoundCloud page. Meanwhile, in order to help simulate the winter survival skills one will need to succeed in The Wild, the developers have ventured out into the Vermont wilderness for inspiration:

The Wild in Vermont Wilderness

The Wild is easily the most-hyped game on our forums, with a thread that has stretched to over 310 pages since the game's first reveal. The developers are taking public beta testers in the forum as well, with the second Testflight build for the game going out soon. This is a popular genre that's underrepresented on iOS, albeit one that's not easy to make games in! The Wild has a tough climb ahead of it, but it'll be interesting to see if it can live up to the hype.

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  • IAP-king

    *hype intensifies*

    • Eseres


      • IAP-king


      • garbul

        It's super-effective!

      • _mean.13

        "And the crowd goes wild!!

      • mattreeder

        What is this game we are playing?

  • Seth

    So Excited!!!!

    • FootSoldier

      Damn! This game seems like it will be so good. Cant wait.

  • AlexMilo

    Beautiful score. Reminds me of 'Lake', the soundtrack to The Forest, which I guess The Wild is inspired of. Can't wait to play it!

    • loophole

      The instrumentation in the soundtrack is way cool!

  • JCho133

    Has Forgotten Memories been forgotten? Aha

    • Brrobotix

      Took the words right out of my mouth

  • Alexythimia23

    Hope this does not bomb! Like god fire or exiles, i really hope its a aaa console quality game, fingers and toes crossed!

  • Ultima12



    What a gimmick. Instead of camping in Vermont they should be working on the multiplayer portion of the game.

    • GGiosGod

      Yo they sometimes camp out to get inspiration and they do it with the gear... It's always great to see game developers do what their game does because they know from first hand experience what to implement...and co-op is better of when the game releases due to this game not fully tested and all

      • GGiosGod

        *after the game is released*

  • GGiosGod

    Devs seemed to have switched winter to this seasons, and may I say this is one hell of an insta buy!!!

  • rewind

    Whoa, those graphics look so real. ----- Oh wait, it is real. I'll add this to my watchlist though.

  • edool14

    Been waiting for ages whens the release date SOO EXCITED!