Baldur's Gate is an undeniable classic, from an age where it was totally A-OK to release a game with a manual so thick it could function adequately as a doorstop for the heaviest of doors. The iOS port, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition [$9.99] is in a league of its own (Well, I guess Baldur's Gate II [$9.99] is in there too) when it comes to depth and complexity in the role playing game arena on iOS.

I'm not joking, if you're not fully committed to learning how to play this game the tutorial will likely scare you off, but once you're in... Well, you probably won't need another game on your iPad.


Speaking of iPads, while the game is universal and compatible with the iPhone, you've got to be really dedicated to enjoy yourself on the smaller screen. Baldur's Gate really requires the screen space of the iPad, and while it's admirable that they released a universal update, it's definitely not my preferred way to play the game. So, fair warning! But, still, for five bucks, this is an amazing deal considering just how much content is in the game.

  • Brendan Charles

    I agree about the iphone screen- I bought Baldur's Gate when it went universal but didn't get far because there was just too much for the iPhone 5 screen. 6 Plus owners might do fine.

  • zeratulo

    They still haven't patched the disappearing hud problem.

  • scottsoapbox

    I'm not sure I have the time to read a huge tome just start playing a game. Maybe if I didn't have a backlog so big it no longer fits on my 128GB iPad...

  • rasputinreturns

    Please don't buy this game.

    We should support developers that take the time to fix bugs. This game has a game-breaking bug where the sidebars disappear rendering the game unplayable. It's been a problem for months.

    I'd also like to encourage TouchArcade to avoid promoting sales for games like this. If it's broken, let's not promote it. We certainly can't depend on the developers to do the same.

    • speetz

      I have heard from numerous people though that in actuality you can bring them back up if you zoom in and press the button I do so. I mean yeah it's an issue, but saying it's unplayable is a little much. Plenty of people obviously enjoy the game in it's current form still and I myself really wish to buy it, but I only have an iPhone and am wary of the screen size.

      • speetz

        My bad, didn't read the comments below

  • Edwin Ramirez

    Sadly it looks like this game isn't on sale for Android.
    Although BG:ED, BG2 and Icewind Dale:ED for Android all seem to have been developed by "Beamdog".
    Is it really the same game?

  • rasputinreturns

    Thanks for the tip but what you've described is a workaround, not a fix. If it were a fix, there wouldn't be dozens of App Store reviews complaining about the same longstanding bug.

    At some point, we have to start demand a certain commitment to quality from companies that develop digitally distributed games. If your game is broken, fix it. That's not too much to ask.

    • macka

      Ok so is that a yay or nay?

      • rasputinreturns

        You know what, I say "yay". I wish a workaround weren't necessary but it sounds like it alleviates the problem. That said, I hope Overhaul will issue a proper fix at some point.

      • prodcharger

        Using an iPhone 6, the zoom trick does not work. Game is still broken as far as I can see... Sad.

      • prodcharger

        I take it back! Set the Zoom to full screen and not Window. Awesome I can finally play the damn game!

  • musicalmac

    Great value, but the low resolution HUD assets disappointed me. It's so muddy.

  • himuradrew

    Has anyone tried playing this on a 6+? How does it look?

  • Dantrag

    Probably the best value game that i have bought for the ipad, I've also bought bg2 and icewind dale and they all work fine.

  • Sonny Whitaker

    I purchased it last night. Haven't had a single problem in the couple of hours I've played so far. Touch screen controls are fairly intuitive. I almost missed getting off my trolley stop because I was so absorbed by it.