From the "Wait, no one's done this already?" files, comes Bust-a-Move Islands [Free]. This is a free-to-play version of the popular bubble-popping platformer also known as Puzzle Bobble, a pun on the arcade game Bubble Bobble which the series is a spinoff of. The game has a heavy King influence, which I suppose is ironic considering that they have their own take on Bust-a-Move with Bubble Witch Saga [Free] and Bubble Witch 2 [Free] being out there.

This is a level-based affair on a winding map, where you have to take on fixed puzzles of varying size and complexity, launching bubbles from the bottom of the screen, trying to complete objectives like saving the characters trapped in bubbles by popping three of the same color at once. You have a limited number of bubbles, you lose hearts for failing levels, and can get more by waiting or asking friends for lives. There are powerups which can be bought with gems, the game's hard currency. The game's apparently got 345 total levels in it right now, so there's a lot to do. It's definitely a proven formula, both in its core gameplay but also the "free-to-play match-3" model, so you probably know what to expect here. That may seem cynical, but hey, there's a million just like it. Might as well have the originator of this gameplay get a slice of the pie, too?

  • Breinstein

    Hmm it is not available in the Dutch appstore.

  • EvilAbdy

    they are giving out stuff to people who download during a release window. So far I like it and am reallly happy they made this.

  • Annii

    Not available in UK app store

  • mrlukemyoung

    Still not available in uk App Store, What's going on????

  • ema_confusion

    Its not available in singapore store

    • t4e1

      Is this the same as Puzzle Bobble by Line? Its in Singapore Appstore. The video looks the same? but i am not sure.

  • Adan

    Is it available ANYWHERE?

    • evilabdy

      Us lol

  • Truffled

    I only wish they'd have the ability to shoot like Bubble Witch, aiming from below the shooter. It's the one reason I play that one over all the other bubble pop games.

    • evilabdy

      There is a b type control scheme that lets you aim before shooting

  • Railgun


  • JCat_NY

    Had to actually skip 3/4 of the video just to see the game being played. Damn year long intros.


    Sucks. What's up with all the constant loading.