Finnish developer Supercell is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the App Store with Hay Day [Free], Boom Beach [Free], and of course Clash of Clans [Free], and as the folks over at Gamezebo have picked up on, the company is adding a new title to their catalog called Spooky Pop. It looks quite a bit different from their other games, as this is a straight up puzzler. You'll make matches on a game board on the bottom of the screen, which in turn charge up the attacks of your fighters who are defending against monsters on the top of the screen.

spookypop spookypop1

Spooky Pop just soft-launched in the Canadian App Store earlier today, and there's been no official word from Supercell on the existence of the game. That means there's no telling how long they plan to test out the game in the Canadian App Store, or if there are plans to push it out to further regions down the road. Whatever the case, I actually like the look of Spooky Pop so I'll be anxious to hear when its worldwide launch is planned. In the meantime you can discuss Spooky Pop in our forums or grab it from the link below if you have a Canadian App Store account.

Canadian App Store Link: Spooky Pop, Free (Universal)


  • robotnyk

    It reminds of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. That's a good thing. Mixed with Candy Crush. Made by the gods of IAP games. Pass.

  • rewind

    Hmm... exciting. I'm definitely trying this out.

  • Modjular

    Why is this the only game Supercell has released since coc? As far as I'm aware, they've had other groups working on games besides Clash, but this doesn't seem like the effort of a large studio like Supercell. With more and more studios working towards making the next big hit, I feel like they should be trying to stay on top.