heavenstrikeiconProlific RPG creators Square Enix and Mediatonic, developers of Amateur Surgeon 3 [Free] and the recent remake of the pigeon-dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, have announced Heavenstrike Rivals, an upcoming strategy-RPG coming soon to iOS, and currently available in a soft launch in Canada and Australia. The game has players commanding a team of heroes into battle on 7x3 grid, summoning heroes from their deck, and sending them across the battlefield to attack the enemy hero.

While the game definitely recalls Hero Academy [Free] in terms of its setup, this is a bit easier to get into, as units feature simple HP/damage indicators, much like Hearthstone [Free] cards. As well, units will travel forward automatically, but before each turn, it's possible to shift their lanes to change where they're attacking. Units can level up and get better stats over time, with a number of different classes to use.

The game boasts character design from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's Ryoma Ito, and music from Ryo Yamazaki. There's over 200 units, a singleplayer campaign, and PVP multiplayer. The game is currently available in Australia and Canada, and you can chat about the game with other early players on our forums here.

  • cabuckn

    As a LONG time fan of Hero Academy, a new take on this is refreshing. I'm excited to see what SE can do with this!

    • Evolution888

      I'm also a long time FFTA and A2 for DS fan as well as Hero Academy ... Can't wait to try it out

      • Evolution888

        Initial impressions are ok. I'm close to the end of the tutorial. I'm used to these f2p gacha games so it doesn't bother me that much but it may be a turn off for a lot of people.

  • JK

    Looks like Hero Academy with pay to win built in.

    • armilla

      I sure hope not!

    • bobehm

      Yeah, part of the appeal of HA is the balance teams. The collecting of units with different rarities might ruin this game.

  • Gamera Love

    i really like this game. it's really fun.