Normally I don't put a whole lot of thought in to divining the meaning of the weird iOS press packets that get mailed to me on the reg', but when Blizzard sends you something... Well, that seems noteworthy. When they send you something UPS overnight and that something is quite literally two pieces of paper... That seems even more noteworthy, right? Maybe?

Blizzcon is next weekend, and it seems like we're nearing 100% certainty that there will be some kind of cool Hearthstone announcement. I would've said that before UPS came today, but, now I think it's all but guaranteed. Here's what I got-


Is a new demolisher going to be featured in the new card set? Is Blizzard sending other plans to other people, teasing out additional cards or things they're going to do? Speculation is the name of the game, at least until next weekend when the doors of Blizzcon open.

  • cyrax

    Demolisher is already in Hearthstone. >_>

    • Eli Hodapp

      Re-releasing slightly tweaked versions of old cards in new sets happens all the time. Hell, I couldnt even guess the number of Lightning Bolt derivatives in Magic.

  • sakara214ever

    Wowwww. Excited!!!!!! Really excited!!!!!

  • prljevics

    Probably something tied to goblins since card back for November is goblin based and there is no other connection between goblins and November.

  • Speedster117

    Iphone release date???

    • Evolution888

      They already said Q1 2015

  • Simon Sage

    I got one with the Alarm-o-bot on it. Make of it what you will.

    • Slothwerks

      Interesting that some of them are different. Maybe the actual graphic isn't important, and they're just playing off of the 'invention' aspect. You could read into 'invention' and assume some sort of gnome/goblin themed expansion, but I'm a bit skeptical. Seems like they'd hit an area with some more oomph first. That said, the November card back is somewhat goblin themed.

      • Rawk GWJ

        I think you nailed it. Think about it. Naxxramas was all about deathrattle mechanics. If the theme of the next expansion is inventions, it just makes perfect sense.

  • Beric Holt

    Ulduar Expansion perhaps?

  • runesnatcher

    Could be that they are adding a new type of crafting?

  • loox

    Ben Brode and is entire team all independently stated that a new expansion set at slightly under 100 cards will be coming soon. They said this in August.

    So that's generally what is expected.

    • Nycteris

      I think he also said no new mechanics :-/

  • Nycteris

    The next 100 cards: all Gnomes.

    And chickens.