It's been just over a month since Epic and Chair released the Kingdom Come update for Infinity Blade III [$0.99], a blockbuster content update and the last major addition to close out the trilogy of games. However, a few bugs snuck their way into the Kingdom Come update, and Chair has announced on the Infinity Blade blog that they're rectifying those in a 1.4.1 patch which has just been submitted to Apple.

The biggest fix is making sure the Dragoor quest appears for everybody, which it hadn't been for some people, but Chair also took this opportunity to ask their community what other things they'd like to see fixed and have managed to cram quite a bit into the version 1.4.1 update. The full change log can be found at that blog post if you're curious about the details. Chair is hoping to have the new update available this week, but it'll depend on Apple's approval time. We'll let you know once it goes live.

  • Living Legend

    What about metal support?

    • garbul

      Chair can't be bothered after the game stops making money. The original IB is still not widescreen, but they have no problem including it in an app bundle!

  • defunct32

    I forgot this game existed, lol.

  • mr_bez

    Incoming bug fixes is really worth a news story?

    On a related note, is there any chance that the TA app is ever going to get a bug fix update? I've been seeing Badge App notifications for news stories for two years now, even though my preferences are set to only notify PMs and Watch List updates.

    The number of News Stories frequently doesn't update when I view them either. Wouldn't be quite so annoying if it wasn't for Bug #1!

    • Amenbrother

      Also I have been getting notified twice for the same story.

    • garbul

      TA app is sorely in need of an update. Guys, iOS 6 called, they want their interface back.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Did iOS 6 say which lottery numbers to play to pay for it?

      • garbul

        I would happily donate to TA if you did this! Not kidding.

      • JBRUU

        How about our ad revenue?

  • nkdekker

    Chair, please, puuuuuurrrrrrrleaaaaaase give us Shadow Complex 2!!!!!

  • Morgan Leecy

    Ever since that update last year that wiped out a load of player progress, one of whom was myself, I forgot all about it. One of the worst handled issues I have seen for a long time.

    • curtneedsaride

      Yeah, it really ticked me off for a while. But, thankfully, I wasn't too far into my progression. And the huge load of in-game money and stuff was added incentive to try and keep playing. Still fun to open occasionally. But it is eating up almost 3GB.

      • Morgan Leecy

        About 30+ hours for me. They did release that easy xp and huge money patch but it was like cheating and I just couldn't be bothered