32182_1351923833182239bqvmI've had my eye on Albion Online since it first got posted to our forums in early 2013 for two reasons: I totally dig the art style, and it's making a bunch of promises on being the first true cross-platform MMORPG with aspirations beyond being some kind of watered down Facebook game. As someone who still plays World of Warcraft for some reason, the idea of being able to scratch my MMO itch laying in bed on my iPad is pretty compelling.

The game is going to run on Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and iOS. They just started an alpha test (Which I believe is PC-only currently?) and a few YouTubers have got their hands on the game. In particular, Force just posted a video walking viewers through the game for over a half hour. I'm really liking what I see:

There's still a lot of unanswered questions, like how much of the great visuals will make its way down to iOS. Additionally, it's a free to play MMORPG which always cools my enthusiasm some, as it's not hard to imagine how annoying games like classic Ultima Online would've been if you could just flop Origin a $50 bill to get a 7x GM character or something. But, I'm still very cautiously optimistic about Albion Online- I'll choose to look forward to this game with a glass half full mentality.

For (way) more information on the game, check out the Albion Online web site.

  • SteveWD40

    Did my forum post just inspire an article? 😉

  • leehomf

    Finally! Some O&C competitor; can't wait

  • Bloodangel

    iPhone too?
    Mmorpg are my fave games

  • pkmaximum

    Seeing this just makes me wonder why Runescape hasn't made its way to Tablets as of yet. Jagex where are you at?

  • IAP-king

    Finally a new mmorpg on ios, arcane heroes was getting repetitive and order and chaos turn freemium a week after I brought it.

  • Ultima12

    @Eli Hodapp

    The most important question, obviously, is: Horde or Alliance? 🙂

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp
      • Ultima12

        Oh! You're serious. Nice work! I just started playing again. It's been a couple years. Starting fresh with a new toon. That game is still great! Feels good to be back! Awesome guild name by the way!!! :).

  • Ultima12

    I'm definitely cautiously optimistic about this game too. We'll see.

  • br4nd0n

    Reminds me so much of Runescape.

  • Anders Spælling

    Greatest disappointment in a game in 20 years of gaming. I strongly suggest NOT to buy the founders pack as they are not refundable once redeemed.

    One-dimensional combat. Crafting is a tedious grind. Graphics are obviously shitty, but that is acceptable if the gameplay was good. It's not.

    Can't find the source, but saw a post by one of the developers stating that iOS is not exactly on top of their todo list.

  • Woopin

    The guy posted above was in the last pre alpha I am guessing. I have been following this game a while last alpha was not played much by myself. I just wanted to see how the game felt as the core features are not implemented till winter alpha.

    That out the way what they have planned is awesome. It is one of few games I am looking forward to. The features they have and are adding for next alpha seem really solid.

    I knew what I was getting into last alpha I knew it was only 2% feature complete unlike the guy posting above. I would not buy into the alpha until there is more features myself. Unless of course people want to support the game.

    That being said if you want to play a true cross platform mmo with Diablo style combat and sieges and land ownership action style mmo this is one to look out for.